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  1. I’m taking finasteride since two years now, my crown was thining and scalp was getting visible in crown, verter and midscalp, basically Mohawk region but after 6 to 8 months of finasteride did wonders for me and covered the entire region. I was hoping it would get back my entire native hair but it didn’t since finasteride only works for follicles which are there even if its miniaturised . Now i have 2 Cm receded hairline with 50% density in MPB region and hairloss is stable. But finasteride lowered my libido and that rocky firmness was gone. I had experienced mild side effect. First I was in denial but then my little brother was never fully awake so I tried the blue pill just to wake him up completely and within 30 mins he was up! Then I did some research for alternative and came across yarchagumba ( Cordycep sinensis) and after consuming it within two months it started showing results and in 3 months i was better then before which was extremely surprising . It is so effective that it boosted my libido with a rock solid firmness , increased my semen and stamina like its an overall performance package. Now I’m always fresh and energetic like I can sprint for 100 meters and my heartbeat wont even go up. My breathing has changed and improved drastically. My dosage is 2 pieces in a day for 3 days then 4 days nothing , then again 2 pieces per day for 3 days then 4 days nothing. This dosage was recommended to me by a trader in Kathmandu Nepal .Since I live in India I visited Nepal . This yarchagumba is so potent that you wont imagine that something like this really exist. It has so many other benefits as well like it cures lung diseases, anti cancer and a dozen of other things read it online. It is only found in the Himalayan region and that too at 14000 feet. Only wildly harvested yarchagumba (cordyceps sinensis) is potent rest everything is shit. You can buy it from Beijing market in China , Singapore , Japan , Nepal , India and nowhere else . In China its for 100000 usd per kg , 130000 usd in Singapore and Japan , in Nepal its for 35000 to 55000 usd and in India its illegal to sell, you can also find it in Bhutan buts its not worth the quality. The best quality and most potent yarchagumba is found in Dolpa region of Nepal and the entire thing is exported to China , Singapore and Japan by wholesaler’s who source it from traders and they buy it from farmers in dirt cheap prices like 5000 to 8000 usd per kg. It is so expensive cuz supply is very limited and it is only available for 2 months of the year which is June July which is also the harvest season. In August its out of stock everywhere. I went to Kathmandu met a few traders they showed me different varieties , medium sized are best its bigger then a match stick and around 350 pieces are there in 100 gm which is more then enough for a year. Don’t order from websites they insert metallic wires inside to increase the weight and u cant catch them. Visit China Singapore Japan and visit a shop and buy from there or ask them to deliver . Don’t try to take it from Nepal u will get busted since it can only be exported from Nepal .I could have got it from farmers for 1000 usd but i didnt wanted to take a chance , people keep on getting busted in India also . I got it for 3500 usd for 100 gm from a reputed trader in Kathmandu and it was delivered to me by a local herb retail company in India . Please do not share this information to General people who are not using finasteride since they will abuse it and eventually we will have to pay much higher price in the future