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  1. Thanks! Yours look pretty good also. Super natural! And when I watch to your videos, I agree with absolutely everything you say about the Dr. Bruno and the staff. They were amazing!
  2. Hi everyone! I haven't said anything for a few months but I'm sharing now the photos from the 7th month (29/12/2020). I'm very happy with the result so far as it is super natural! The hair is darker than my original tone but I think it is normal and should lighten with the sun over the years. Two days ago I did the second phase of the surgery (mid-scalp and crown): 2980 grafts (after this 2nd surgery, Dr. Bruno Ferreira believes that I still have over 2000 grafts that could be used in a possible third surgery for potential touch-ups). Dr. Bruno Ferreira did not touch anything in
  3. Will do my second surgery on January (mid-scalp and crown). The plan is to do another one of c. 7000 grafts, lets see!
  4. Yes, I’m having finasteride again. This was agreed with Dr. Bruno, before decided to proceed with the surgery.
  5. Hi guys, sorry I haven't posted before. Let me share with you some updated photos. With 3 months, I realized that a fungus appeared right on the border of the mid-scalp (in the photo below it is not very clear). As the skin has been fallen, I've been losing some grafts - I hope I'll be able to recover all the grafts or most of them. I took an antifungal for 15 days and washed my hair with a proper shampoo during a month. Apparently, I no longer have the fungus. Right now I'm with 4 months and started to see some transplanted hair. I'm happy with the results for now! Wi
  6. I saw your post before going to Dr. BF and at the time I thought “for the first time I see a case similar to mine, with very thin hair” eheh
  7. Hi everyone, I'm going to tell you a little bit of my story, because I believe it can help some of you guys! Started to feel more baldness in September 2014 and so, started taking finasteride (1gr / day), but since then I have had two interruptions (3 months in 2015 and 15 months in 2018/2019, because I wanted to cleanse my body before trying being a father - this last time, I felt shock loss and probably looked just like I never took finasteride). For that reason - and since I had some friends who made hair transplants and encouraged me to do it -, in the beginning of 2019, I s
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