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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. Super happy yes. I shave it to a no guard at back and sides once a week and my GF has not said a thing, and I had 4100 FUE grafts removed over two FUE there so I am convinced it is scar less at least to the eyes of the others. As for the front/hairline, growing fine no issues at all. I shave the rest of my head to a 9 mm guard as it looks better while still limiting the amount of topical hair meds required to maintain. The difference in density with native hair is barely noticeable at that length, but not so if I cut shorter
  2. I started oral minox 5mg - cheap pills from Thailand - a week after the HT. it works as well or even better than topical, and is far cheaper and more convenient. I do have a rather low blood pressure but I did not experience any particular side effects, beside the "face skin" effect.
  3. minox alone does notwork well for long thats true, the best is to use it with stemoxydine as it reduce shedding - acts on the hair cycles , and use it with an anti androgen as well
  4. take fin all the time, and start oral minox a week after the HT, then switch to topical minox a month or so later once its ok to apply it on scalp I took 5mg a day and had no major side effects
  5. not really, if you are a good responder to minox you will see the same hair getting thicker at the base of the shaft as they grow, and less hair shedding, faster growth so perhaps a month or so to see results
  6. maybe try a hard work hat, but one size larger so that the touching edges come lower than the recipient zones
  7. I wore a baseball cap in a way that the cap edges did not touch the recipient zone. I did spray the cap interior with ethanol on a regular basis to avoid infections
  8. You need to add minox, this thicken hair shafts nicely. Also add Stemoxydine (neogenic), helps reduce future hair loss by lenthening the growth phase, this works well with minox. The issue with the HT in your case, is that its going to be hard to make it look dense enough with your thin hair caliber..its going to look like a very thin sparse, unnatural zone in front of a thicker one, and you may need more than one procedure to make it even decent looking. Why not try a very short 1 guard cut and see the feedback you get
  9. Guys, here is a pic of the donor after 14 months, but It also includes the FUE I had done in 2014 , total 3700 grafts for both surgeries. I shaved with no guard on my shaver, this is as short a the shaver can do and I usually don't go that short but wanted to see how it looks. The pics were taken by my GF, who does not know I ever had HT, and the most important part is that she did not notice anything particular at the donor, while taking these shots and in normal life. This is the proof that FUE can be scar less, at least in the eye of others.
  10. @yesplease Not quite. Although blood supply is not the cause of genetic androgenic alopecia, once the follicle starts to shrink due to androgens, the blood supply is also reduced and its getting hard to reverse the process as it accelerates, and once the hair follicles dies its hard to bring it back to life with meds. Bad scalp vascularization are known factors where HT results can lead to poor growth, such as in men smoking, or packing too much grafts in one area transplanted. If your goal is to maintain hair with an anti androgenic regimen, having a good blow flow will help, to a certain extent at least. See this study on MPB and PRP https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4134641/ It is hypothesised that growth factors released from platelets may act on stem cells in the bulge area of the follicles, stimulating the development of new follicles and promoting neovascularisation.
  11. I think that the odds that the native hair would thin behind a transplanted area a smaller than if you don't have any HT. The new blood supply coming to the tranplanted hair is strong as these are large follicles producing strong hair, so the thinning native hair behind and around are getting a better blood supply overall go for the HT, but make sure that you go for FUE which gives you more options
  12. Hi guys - take a look at this FUE result and try to find all those 5000 FUE scars
  13. minox will really help thicken each hair shaft, and improve overall perceived density at the hairline I use it and without it it will look thinner as HT cannot implant hair to native density, maybe half that at best Also to help hair growth/thickness besides biotin : MSM is a good addition, I take 4 gram a day split in two doses
  14. are you not taking any meds ? I would start FIN and MINOX asap then whatever the doc suggest for PRP if its not too expensive, then re-consider in one year. IF the meds can stop further loss you will be able to decide how many grafts and where..without the ability to stop further hairloss you take a big risk with any HT with this kind of aggressive loss. a HT takes 12 month to fully mature and by then you may lose the same amount of native follicles behind the hairline if you are unlucky, plus have permanent shock loss due to the surgery as well
  15. good job given the level of hair loss . Implanter pen is the way to go. Are you using hair meds ?