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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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  1. It shows when skilled docs use the implanter pen - the results are often much better than the lateral slit in terms of packing and less scaring This is the method that top docs use such as Dr Couto in Spain when they do most of the implantation themselves and the techs only separate and load the grafts onto the pens
  2. did the doc use an implanter pen or was it the lateral slit method?
  3. very clean work this is going to be a great result
  4. https://www.hairlosstalk.com/interact/threads/rahal-doesnt-do-high-density-packing-anymore.109121/
  5. I read that after that much publicized necrosis case from one of the forum members, they decided to lower density to avoid such risks
  6. 3 months after surgery 200 grafts per side The placement is based on what I asked for - my idea I how it should look like. Very pleased with results
  7. had my eyebrows done by dr Laorwong in Thailand very happy with results so far. Unlike my head grafts, the eyebrows did not shed much or produced the same level of redness of the skin underneath. Basically had brows the minute I left the clinic and it pretty much stayed that way, and started to grow longer 2 months after the surgery
  8. Why is shock loss an issues? all the hair grows back regardless I would think starting oral minox a week later after surgery will help hair grown back earlier and stronger. ..that's what I did and I see hair growing back at 2 months + 5 days.
  9. elduterino

    1700 Grafts with Dr. Diep

    My Fue doc in thaliand gave me 2 different antibiotic acne creams in case of pimples Used it on one and it vanshied in 2 days Didnt the doc give you anything?
  10. elduterino

    2500 grafts DHI

    I think DHI means direct hair implant FUE using the implanter pen
  11. elduterino

    Wearing a hat

    I think he means being required to wear a hard protective helmet at work by company regulations If this is the case - I would get a medical certificate to be exempt from wearing this for at least a month or more you don't want to risk loosing grafts after all you go through at the ht
  12. elduterino

    Wearing a hat

    I wore a loosely fitted cap 3 days after the HT but for a hard hat I would wait for the hair to shed first to prevent accidental pulling and graft removal so that's one month maybe
  13. I think that a top surgeon will a great job so you will be in good hands and yes no Fut for sure If I were in your shoes I'd definitely get those temples filled in and lower the hairline or even create a new one with a different shape, more pointed and lower to suit a new look No one needs a HT - but you did the right thing you went on fin and stabilized it Also you have enough hair in the front and on top to be able to do a comb over and avoid the long and not fun ugly duckling 6 month period which I find is the only major drawback of such procedure. Grow your hair on top to the max until the procedure you only need to shave the back and sides
  14. elduterino

    1700 Grafts with Dr. Diep

    I used Oral minoxidil 5mg per day, starting a week after the HT There was a scientific paper showing that alcohol prevents the connection between new blood vessels and the new grafts but I cannot find the link anymore Also PG can be irritating Minox will help with growth for sure It will strengthen the hair follicles and I would not worry about a shed this is due to the change in hair cycles similar to a shed after a HT
  15. You wrote this Hello! Thank you for you answer first of all. I hadn't even really considered the meds because i hadn't showed any type of hairloss, and my doctors just said for me to ignore it for now, only to care about meds when and if i show hairloss, so i didn't research it sorry. BUT I have Receded hairlines since i was little -10 years old, Why do you believe you don't have hairloss ? This looks like regular Androgenic alopecia to me..