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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. @yesplease Not quite. Although blood supply is not the cause of genetic androgenic alopecia, once the follicle starts to shrink due to androgens, the blood supply is also reduced and its getting hard to reverse the process as it accelerates, and once the hair follicles dies its hard to bring it back to life with meds. Bad scalp vascularization are known factors where HT results can lead to poor growth, such as in men smoking, or packing too much grafts in one area transplanted. If your goal is to maintain hair with an anti androgenic regimen, having a good blow flow will help, to a certain extent at least. See this study on MPB and PRP https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4134641/ It is hypothesised that growth factors released from platelets may act on stem cells in the bulge area of the follicles, stimulating the development of new follicles and promoting neovascularisation.
  2. I think that the odds that the native hair would thin behind a transplanted area a smaller than if you don't have any HT. The new blood supply coming to the tranplanted hair is strong as these are large follicles producing strong hair, so the thinning native hair behind and around are getting a better blood supply overall go for the HT, but make sure that you go for FUE which gives you more options
  3. Hi guys - take a look at this FUE result and try to find all those 5000 FUE scars
  4. minox will really help thicken each hair shaft, and improve overall perceived density at the hairline I use it and without it it will look thinner as HT cannot implant hair to native density, maybe half that at best Also to help hair growth/thickness besides biotin : MSM is a good addition, I take 4 gram a day split in two doses
  5. are you not taking any meds ? I would start FIN and MINOX asap then whatever the doc suggest for PRP if its not too expensive, then re-consider in one year. IF the meds can stop further loss you will be able to decide how many grafts and where..without the ability to stop further hairloss you take a big risk with any HT with this kind of aggressive loss. a HT takes 12 month to fully mature and by then you may lose the same amount of native follicles behind the hairline if you are unlucky, plus have permanent shock loss due to the surgery as well
  6. good job given the level of hair loss . Implanter pen is the way to go. Are you using hair meds ?
  7. Very good point.Now that I had 2 FUE and more experience, I would strongly suggest a place were they are experienced in using the LION implanter pen even if the techs are doing some of it, provided it is under the direct doc supervision all the time. This implanter is the best method to limit grafts damage and provide a good angle control, good density., as per independent study which I posted here before.
  8. what meds did you take and how much/for how long. Why do you think those did not work ?
  9. I would not worry about the shape of the hairline, everyone seems to have a different one and in the real world, 99% of people will not even notice you had a HT or even think that a hairline looks feminine, too low or whatever..that's because everyone is so obsessed with their own life and issues and do not care about others, apart from your family members and maybe partner/gf/wife. Life is short and you should get the hairline you like Only people in these forums are going scrutinize and judge hairlines, so you are asking the wrong group to start with. But a HT without meds is really risky, and there will be better options soon besides FIN. If I were you I would start FIN and MINOX ASAP, protect what you have now and see in one year if you were able to maintain, before even thinking about any HT. The shape of the hairline will be linked to how well you can maintain hair on meds You will not need to take FIN all your life as we have much better options coming in 2-3 years, in terms of side effects and effectiveness, but you will need to use meds all your life. Every hair follicle counts so start saving them now
  10. You would also be left with a fringe on hair around the perimeter of the FUE safe zone, or are you suggesting that is extracted too? You would be looking at 50,000+ extractions. Expensive. No. You would only need to shave it regularly, just like many bald guys do everyday. If you are fine with this, then you can transplant far more head grafts from FUE than FUT overall. FUE always leaves dot scars, at least the size of pinhead. That is not true. The photos you have seen are the ones posted by guys not too long ago after the HT. It may take a year but over time the pigmentation of the skin returns to normal, provided it is low in melanin, and the skin levels off. And even if the skin did not level, you still have the viable laser ablation option which can not be used for a FUT scar. Why are we seeing all these threads on FUT scar revision, FUE into FUT scar, SMP into FUT scar etc.. and none related to FUE scars ?
  11. Not sure you understand what this means, it means you cannot FUE out all of the upper shaded region below, otherwise you would be left with a patch of bare scalp. FUT allows the highest proprotion of this to be removed with the edges joined together to form a linear scar: Provided your skin type heals well and the doc used a small punch - Yes you can FUE out all of the safe zone , then shave around it and end up with the military hair cut like I posted the pic, with bare scalp at the side and back. This will maximize the grafts. And with FUT, no you cannot strip out all the safe area because you still would need sufficient hair left over to cover the scar, then enough hair left around it to match the hair density which covers the scar, and such a large area strip cut would create an even larger and far uglier scar. I am not saying that FUE is always scarless, my point is that it CAN BE scarless. And even if you still are unlucky and end up having tiny scars, you are still left with good options such as laser resurfacing which works well for smoothing out moderate acne scars. These acne scars are far deeper and larger than 0.9mm punch marks.
  12. This statement from Bernstein Medical is not relevant today. The transection rate is not an issue these days, and since they do not perform manual FUE at all, they traditionally like to sell patients the idea of FUT as they have been doing FUT all these years. There is not such thing as inability to fully access the mid-portion of the permanent zone. In 2011, Bernstein Medical – Center for Hair Restoration began offering FUE hair transplants using the ARTAS® robotic system, developed by Restoration Robotics, for the extraction of follicular unit grafts. We are now performing all of our FUE transplant procedures using this technology. The main advantage of FUT is for the doc, and is motivated by money and workload. In the US legally only docs can do cuts to the skin of patients. All they have to do is spend 15 minutes cutting a strip of skin then come back and do the incisions. Maybe spend 1 hour in total for one HT and get the full revenues as all the rest of the work is handed to techs. And if the patient really does not want the linear scar, send him to the robot... Most docs don't want to spend hours doing the extractions manually and then using a manual implanter pen . Only the top docs like Couto with constant excellent results do it, and have in a waiting list of 3 years.
  13. Why would FUT maximize donor hair ? this statement does not make any sense. If it would be true, no one would advocate having a FUE after a FUT. In the past FUE was not able to achieve similar yield/survival rates, but these days with better tools such as the new extraction tools and implanter pens, the rates is similar to FUT so there isn't any magic graft maximization. Plus, if you don't mind having a thin back of the head sporting a very short hair cut in the donor areas, you can potentially extract even more grafts with FUE from there because you won't need to cover any linear scars, provided of course you have the type of skin which heals with no scars, or even use Laser resurfacing if needed. This isn't even an option with FUT.
  14. I had two FUE and there is no dotted scarring at all. I have a fair skin which heals well and the docs used a smaller punch. Maybe if I shave my head to a zero guard with razors, and someone came from behind with a magnifying glass they may notice something slightly different, perhaps, but in the real world this does not matter as it will never happen. If you don't mind being a bit bald at the back/side of your head and have a great hairline in return .. you will be able to get more grafts with FUE. You cannot do this with FUT as you would need sufficient hair to cover a large visible scar.
  15. go for FUE as you can potentially use more grafts overall, if don't mind a thin back of the head, since you won't need hair to cover the scar The scars will depend on the type of skin and punch size used, and FUE can be scarless if both factors are in your favor. FUT is never scarless