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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. yes - based on studies the implanter pen will produce less damage to grafts and also give better angle control I posted a link in another thread I had 2 Fue one was the lateral slit and the second was with the lion pen and based on my experience the pen is much better Worth the extra cost No dark side! The pen can only be used by docs or techs under close supervision as the incision and implantation is done in one operation hence the extra cost - the doc is less able to run procedures in parallel Top docs use the pen and do the work themselves and techs just load and pass the pens
  2. The hairline looks too straight I would personally preferred a middle hair patch and a bit of arc on each sides but in practice 99 percent of people looking at him aren't going to think anything or dont care Besides the actor Frank Vincent - aging man hairline benchmark, look at the hairline of Zaynk Malik for good clues on a natural looking kick ass hairline
  3. I would load on calcium supplements and leafy vegetables 2 days before the surgery Drop all the other supplements, don't eat fatty fish either for a week before as it has fish oil which thins blood If course no alcohol either Only finasteride is fine all the time This is what I did and got almost no bleeding and zero scabs Restarted oral minox a week after the HT and the usual supplements such as biotin msm and chondroitin sulfate etc Didnt you just had a HT with Asmed?
  4. The benchmark for the ideal hairline is the actor Frank Vincent
  5. the temple work is what makes it look natural, keeping the balance with the lowered hairline
  6. Whatever you decide do not go for FUT Not worth the scar I had 2 Fue and a total of 3700 grafts The growth yield has been very Good and the donor looks like nothing happened at all to my eyes In fact you can extract more grafts from Fue than Fut since you don't need to have long hair to cover the scar
  7. Top docs like Dr Couto - booked 3 years in advance - are using the implanter pen with top notch results The tech driven mills are using the older lateral slit method since the doc can only do a very small portion due to time constraints, as they need to rotate patients on the same day, so that is usually only the incisions job
  8. https://www.swisshairdoctor.ch/fileadmin/content/newsblog-haarverpflanzung-vonalbertini/2017-05-fue-haartransplantation-implanters/Hair-Transplant-Forum-Implanter-FUE-Artikel-Juni-2017.pdf According to this study, the implanter pen method is superior
  9. Not much of a change imo He could have gone for a much lower hairline and more aggressive temples with such great hair thickness and donor
  10. no I used it its weak and expensive minoxidi and stemoxydine are much better when used together
  11. I started with oral minox for the first 3 months then switched to foam alcohol and pg may bad on the hair graft which have not yet a strong blood supply that is why i used oral at first I believe Minox helped me getting fast growth by month 4