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Hair Loss Overview

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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    10 years +
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    Norwood II
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    Maintain Existing Hair
    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Dr. Sanusi Umar
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    Rogaine Foam

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  1. Might want to consider Dr Laorwong as well He did a stellar job on my hairline
  2. I used to use RU for 9 years, this new drug Clascoterone is replacing RU and yes it will be the ingredient in the upcomimg breezula and acne cream winlevi which will be released earlier at lower concentration
  3. 2 grams of msm twice per day total 4g 1.8g of chondroitin 5mg of biotin twice a day total 10mg For hair maintenance - only topicals Clascoterone 50mg a a day in a vehicle of half neogenic and half 95%pure ethanol - Polmos rectfied spirit Neogenic is one of the product which has stemoxydine, this helps increase the growth cycles Minox foam once a day I don't use fin or dut since 2010 but of course would recommend it, it saved my hair for the first 6 years
  4. That wasn't mentionned but looking at my hairline it's mostly 1 from what I can see, not sure if this even matter as long as looks good. The first lines are clearly singles This being said I am a great responder to minox and take supplements which make hair shafts thicker. I had to stop minox for 2 weeks before the HT and my hair caliber overall definitely decreased at the end of the two weeks. The supplements which make hair thicker in my experience are msm, biotin 10mg a day and chondroitin sulfate
  5. Hi Melvin Thank you for having suggested this doc to be added to your recommended list I would not have known of him otherwise. The hairline is entirely my design in fact I grabbed the pen, drew it and asked to be implemented that way and he very kindly accepted even though he said it may be a bit too low - I said that it's going to look great nevertheless . I spent a lot of time painting on my forehand various hairline designs at home before the HT so this was the final iteration which looks the most desirable to me and is definitely immature! I am on various hair meds since 1998 and was able to stabilize it since then., that's why I felt confident doing it that way.
  6. I bought mine when I was physically in Thailand - not online Perhaps you can try buying loniten online that's minox and dilute to 5mg a day instead of the larger dosage which may be dangerous over time due to the effect on heart rate, blood pressure drop and water retention etc
  7. Actually I have some white hairs - the secret is to cut it real short so that it does not stand out too much
  8. Not really - I am a good responder to topical but someone who isn't may see better results perhaps Much cheaper and easier to use oral too
  9. The Pic was taken today so it's the 8 months yes. Results came fast and strong I would say 95% at month 5 then not much change from there Digital cameras tend to make contrast more pronounced, in reality wiht the naked eye it looks even better No one ever noticed anything in terms of work done at the hair line or donor Donor is shaved to 3mm regularly and looks fine will post pics
  10. Cut my hair short again It's dense enough to look natural and good on a guard 1 - 3mm short summer cut With longer hair it looks even better but I like short hair, easier to apply topicals for hair maintenance
  11. Side effects from fin is a valid concern Maybe only minox then Another topical which helps reduce the any FUTURE hair loss is called stemoxydine - or neogenic Together with minox in Combo this will help delay the loss
  12. You definitely have some miniaturization at the temples going on Crown looks fine though But If hair feels thinner at the mpb zones then it's the earlier signs of future hair loss Knowing how hard it is to restore hair wiht meds alone, I would strongly suggest to start fin and minox right away and save yourself from a hair transplant in the future, which with your thin hair characteristics is going to be a challenge in terms of density appearance Dont wait - fin and minox are for hair loss prevention, before hair loss happens to the extent that most other people can see and then it's too late to get it back for the majority of guys
  13. Apparently, based on secret documents leaked, this stands for "Bionic man" FUE for those old enough to remember the TV show during the 1970's