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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. elduterino

    1700 Grafts with Dr. Diep

    Isn't this doc doing Fut? Makes sense for fut you don't need one scar on each side but for Fue this is just very poor donor management
  2. why FUT ? why would you want a scar ? My FUE donor looked like nothing happened - shaved to a zero guard - 10 days post op, when I went back to work recipient is another story. I suggest you take the time from now until the surgery to grow your top hair a lot and be able to do a comb over the front to hide the ugly part
  3. I had my 2600 FUE with dr Laorwong in Bangkok based on the good reviews in this site. He uses the stick and place method which gives high density that is needed if you have finer hair, also had much less cobblestone/bumps than the FUE I had first Much better than my first FUE in the USA overall and at less than half the price. I made a post 2 weeks ago with post op pics and will update on month 6
  4. very nice hairline who as the surgeon ?
  5. elduterino


    Spaceman : Are you basing your opinions off Google searches or from personal experience
  6. elduterino


    I did and could only see ONE image of a bad - probably using very large punchez - pic, the rest are all pics shortly after surgery not a year later There are thousands of pics with horrible Fut scars Bottom line if the doc uses a 0.9mm punch or less the scars are invisible after a few weeks
  7. elduterino


    show us a Pic of a guy With horrible Fue scars! I had 2 fue with 2 separate docs total 4200 gr- in both cases you cannot see anything after 2 weeks even if you know where to look
  8. elduterino


    The worst case with Fue is a large scar that looks bad The worst case with Fue are tiny dots that you cannot see unless you look close - id like to see the above guy on year later I bet you cannot see anything cosmetically bad from his donor site
  9. I would not worry about a shed the best method to judge if your hair are heading to a positive outcome in the near future is to use you fingers to feel how the root of the hair resists bending on light pressing- feeling how thick it is - in various area and compare the safe vs balding zones If there is not not too much difference then your good..
  10. I m 50 and the first HT was in 2013 I started loosing hair around 1992..no internet..no FIN I learned about Propecia on the Regrowth forum around 1996 and was eager to get on it asap... flew to USA in 1998 to get it as it was not available in my country of residence back then. Best decision ever..! this kept my hair for the next 6 years then I switched to DUT, RU etc..
  11. First surgeon was Dr. Umar Never had issues importing chemicals in Asia or bringing those to the USA on trips as powder in bags. Those are not illegal and in very small amounts for personal use. I got questioned a few times but always cleared eventually. I mentioned my HT in this thread https://www.hairlosstalk.com/interact/threads/how-much-does-my-doctor-matter-american-local-corporate-or-turkey.119417/
  12. Yes its me - I use CB aka Clascoterone now, better than RU for side effects and safer. I am back on the good old FIN now as I am not using alcohol topicals for a while due to the HT. And oral minox This HT is to cover the loss I had from age 22 to 30 before Propecia was available...that was a long time ago...no internet back then ! I have not lost more hair after starting those various meds I discussed on the 2 forums for years... No idea about Tacomaworld though
  13. Hi Guys Here are my 14 days post op. pics. Top pic was taken 5 months ago. No shedding yet. So far extremely pleased with results, and lack of pain as well. Overall it was a very good experience and when I compare this to my first FUE in 2013 in Los Angeles... Back then I got low density right off the surgery, and redness for 3 months with "avocado skin". The doc was using the lateral slit method I believe. Much less redness and bumpiness this time. I am now oral Minox since 7 days ago - 5mg a day, also FIN for much longer, and MSM 4 grams day. As a side note, in Thailand you can buy oral Minox in drugstores and it cost 100 baht for a small bottle with 100 pills of 5mg - that is about 3 USD per bottle ! I was using a can of Rogaine foam every 10 days so this alone more than covered my plane and hotel fare, since I got a 2 year supply of Minox for less than 30 USD. No side effects to report so far. 5mg is very effective.. I noticed native hair darkening and thickening after a week with usual shedding down to zero.. I did grow my hair for 5 month pre op in order to do a massive comb over and hide the recipient , dreading the redness and avocado skin from my past experience...hence the weird hairstyle.
  14. Good Stuff Just had my HT yesterday with Dr Laorwong and I am extremely pleased with the results so far Much better density than the previous fue I had and for less than half the price per grafts Did 2600 grafts in total with 200 each for eyebrows Will post pics in a few days Yes scalp being numb takes months it's by far the last piece to heal after scalp redness but eventually nerves will reconnect