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  1. https://thebaldchampion.com/minoxidil-wrinkles-dark-eye-circles-facial-bloating-deal-side-effects-minoxidil/ depends on dosage, but at high levels it can have an impact. I had these on 5mg oral
  2. Because of the side effect profile of the drug. 5% topical used twice a day gives about the equivalent to 2-3 mg oral minox a day in terms of systemic absorption, and that is not sufficient to cause androgenic side effects in most men, you would need a lot more Minox to reach the DHT reduction equivalent of 1mg of FIN, and by then you would run into potentially dangerous blood pressure issues, heart issues, water retention, and also cosmetic skin issues etc..which will make it unsafe and not suited as a lifelong hair maintenance drug. The main mode of action of Minox at the regular t
  3. In fact, while it may not be its main mode of action, Minox does have DHT blocking (anti androgenic) properties as per several studies Minoxidil Acts as an Antiandrogen: A Study of 5α-reductase Type 2 Gene Expression in a Human Keratinocyte Cell Line https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30064598/
  4. Here are two videos illustrating the two methods, notice how fast the docs can do the incisions at 0:47 At the bottom is DHI by another top worldwide doc, Dr Lorenzo. In this video, the doc is doing the implantation and each slit/graft stick is taking more time, plus he has to switch tools each time It looks like the doc from the top video can easily do 3 incisions during the time it takes to do just 1 implanter pen graft placement, so multiply this by 2000 or 3000 and you can quickly see why a single doc will not be able to use DHI as method to operate on
  5. When we started looking into RU back in 2008, the assumption based on the then available studies and Bryan Shelton numerous posts, was that RU has a such a short serum half that it is side effects free. Once I noticed the first side effects, I made sure to inform everyone on the forum that it is not side effects free, but that the effects quickly go away after a day or two, and these posts were written years ago not sure why you always dig into the old history, we learn as we go with these experimental drugs... RU was the best we had back then even though it was far from being perfec
  6. The study on DHI highlights some valid advantages over the lateral slit method The issue with North American clinics, is that by Law only doctors can do the cuts on human skins, so in the case of using the implanter pens the doctor would have to do all implantation work himself because slit and implantation is done manually by the pen in one step. This is how Dr Couto in Spain works, he uses implanter pens and he has world class results, but a long waiting list as he does most of the work himself. A large clinic like H&W runs several surgeries in parallel and the docs only do the
  7. RU give side effects, although it does not affect androgen levels. We know that already, from studies. I used RU for 9 years, everyday, on myself, that Youtube guy should stick to bodybuilding advice. RU or CB bind to the androgen receptor (AR) so that DHT or testosteone cannot bind and cause hair loss. But RU has a serum half life of 1 hour which is sufficient to circulate in the blood stream once its inside the dermis, then bind to other AR in the body and cause androgenic side effects due to the lack of androgen biding to the AR, regardless of the serum level of DHT/T, whic
  8. I had two FUE, one with the traditional lateral slit method and one with the implanter pens aka DHI. In my experience DHI was much better, angle control at the side of the temples was much better, density was better and cobblestone/avocado skin was diminished, healing better Here is a good study to read https://www.ishrs-htforum.org/content/27/3/96
  9. Rogaine foam, rogaine liquid, genuine merck propecia pills, proscar pills cut in 4, dutasteride capsules.. all of these I stored in the fridge over the years since I started meds in 1998 and those worked fine over extended periods. Nothing is going degrades faster than room temp if its below 25c and above 2c, it may be overkill or unnecessary at most, but its not going to make meds loose potency if stored in the fridge. There is zero science behind meds loosing potency if stored too cool, in a dry stable temp environment above freezing temperature.
  10. The manufacturer wants to make money selling drugs, they often rely on expiry dates for that. Therefore drug manufacturer will never advise on the best way to store drugs, only the acceptable and convenient way to store until the expiry date Research drugs sold as raw powder , are often frozen at -20c at the manufacturing site and can be effective for years. I stored my RU, airtight , in the freezer for 5 years and the powder still worked fine. I stored all my meds, mostly in the fridge since 1998 without issues in terms of effectiveness, but I live in a hot and humid climate for hal
  11. the foam dries fast I do rub it quite thoroughly because it won't penetrate once its dry. I do use nitrile gloves to do that though, because it does reduce systemic absorption. Minox does affect/reduces collagen production. I use larger size "mechanic" gloves which are thicker than regular ones and those can be used many times over
  12. Very satisfied, but I had realistic expectations and went for FUE both times starting as a Nw 2.5 only... I also make full use of hair meds so I don't have to rely on HT alone
  13. What would be the point of going on forums to ask advice from other members, just be told "read the package"..I'm pretty sure he is aware of this option. And yes, I also did store my Flutagel, - which was the topical flutamide in a gel, to reduce systemic absorption - in the fridge back then as well, around 2008 .and it did work for hair , but gave me strong sexual side effects after a while, which I also documented on the forums. We have better options now.
  14. I always stored all my meds in the fridge - steady, low temp cannot hurt drug molecules. Still have my native hair so it must be ok
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