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  1. FUE can be totally scar less if the doc is using smaller caliber punches and the patient has skin which heals well Mine is totally scar less and I had two FUE with 2 different docs Nothing to do with luck FUT is NEVER scar less Patchy means that donor area was not well managed, but with a good surgeon taking equal grafts from a wide area this is a non-issue. And these FUE patients are often complaining soon after the HT, not 2 years later when its all healed eventually If you are ok with the type of extreme case hair cut like in the pic I posted, you can potentially get a lot more with FUE than FUT
  2. @Greg_Swanson You get more grafts as you can maximize the donor area, and extract more - it may look sparse at the end but still way better than any scar even dr Konior's. No one with a FUT can shave it to a zero, but most dudes with a FUE can Look at the many threads under "scar revision/FUE into scar/SMP into scar" as a result of FUT , and compare it with the number of people posting with FUE scar issues, which are almost inexistant
  3. @jj51702 I only wrote on stuff that I used or did on myself flutamide and later RU saved my hair. I used RU for 9 years and kept my hair I also used FIN for 6 years We have new options now, so yes its not 2007 anymore what did YOU do to save your hair ?
  4. with FUE you can get more grafts in total as you wont need much hair to hide the scar in the back, as there is none I would never have FUT nowadays, the FUE techniques and tools have improved a lot and survival rates are the same I had 2 FUE total 3700 grafts and can buzz it to zero and no one can see anything out of the ordinary at the back, no dotting or mini scars. I have very fair skin which heals well though. For the surgery preparation I suggest you grow hair on top real long for 6 months at least and buzz the sides and back so to cover the recipient area with a combover during the ugly duckling 4 + months phase which is the biggest pain in the whole HT process This is what I did and even dated new chicks during the ugly duckling as no one noticed anything even though I had full redness and of course shedding and shock loss going on "undercover"
  5. You can still scratch your head with those or unconsciously remove those during sleep The rope tied to the wrists is a must for any HT until 10days IMHO so I one can relax and not worry about it
  6. I am not a surgeon However I did my homeworks by reading various hairloss forums for the last 23 years and had two Fue myself
  7. 4500 isn't much for the area to cover I'd say go for another FUE to beef things up Always better to do it in two step to gradually increase blood supply routes and minimize necrosis risks
  8. I don't think grafts haven't grown If you look at the post op you can see Asmed packing the front but decreasing density behind, and if you aren't using meds you will loose more of the native hair around these spots which combined with the low density makes it look sparse
  9. that's pretty lame mate Just use fin We are all slaves to a bunch of things in life this isn't such a big deal if you value hair and a youthful look
  10. Finasteride gave me acne I switched to dutasteride and skin cleared very well Try duta
  11. i did and it works fine - 5mg a day same as topical in terms of effect
  12. After 10 days the grafts are fully secured so it does not matter how you wash the hair imo
  13. I had both lateral slit and forceps implant FUE then another FUE with the lion pen which is DHI and I would strongly recommend DHI I posted a study which shows that DHI will minimize damage to the grafts and provide very good angle control which I can attest looking at my own head Worth the extra cost