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  1. I have a small additional question , from pics attached , Is my hair loss considered a diffused hair loss .?
  2. @gillenator i actually have low blood pressure , not high .. stemoxydine was causing me dizziness that's why i distributed the dose through the day .. minoxidil as i understand lower blood pressure . I found that link https://www.belgraviacentre.com/blog/can-i-use-minoxidil-if-i-have-low-blood-pressure/ it mention that low blood pressure users can use minoxidil with cut-off point of 90/60 ... so i know it's going to cause dizziness in my case as i'm usually 100/70
  3. Thanks all for your answers . so does Nanoxidil or minoxidil help with that ? the only issue is that my blood pressure is normally around 100/70 , that's why i'm hesitant to use it .
  4. Hi , I have low blood pressure normally .. it's basically around 100/70 , rarely it become lower .. Is it safe to use Minoxidil .. ? also when you stop using it , do you lose the benefits you gained with it only , or lose more hair compared to your status when you start using it ?
  5. Hi All , I just want to know the proper way to use stemoxydine . - As i know it should be used for 3 months then off , but how long shall i stop to use it before starting back again ? - I had some side effects like teeth pain , pain around ear canal .. so i had to lower and distribute the dosage "I take 1.5 pipette twice daily" , anyone had similar side effects ? - i didn't notice extreme shed after stop using it , but i feel that hair loss rate started to bounce back to the rate it was at before using stemoxydine .. can other people share their experience as well ?
  6. Thanks for your input , what i meant with multiple sessions is that some surgeon do the surgery on 2 or 3 consecutive days .. i was under the impression that miniaturized hairs have more change of permeant damage , either way it's clear to me now that either way those follicles is going to be lost in near future "unless finasteride is used" , I believe that Minoxidil is useless in this case as well . I guess also , it's useless to wait further as it's hard to predict when hair loss will stabilize , so probably i will proceed with a conservative/Medium operation 2000-2600 grafts a
  7. I mean isn't shock loss more possible when hair is transplanted in area where there's still existing weak/miniaturized follicles ? Anyway of minimizing risk of permanent shock loss "not including using finasteride" , does having multiple smaller sessions which some surgeons do increase or decrease shock loss possibility ?
  8. The Estimations for consultations i did is at the beginning of the thread .. i believe that long/curly hair kinda mask the full real situation , that's why they go to a higher grafts estimations , 2 surgeons including Dr keser "advised not to work on crown for now" . currently i can't use any product even a light one like sea salt spray as it will show the bald spots and i can't style my hair hair because low density makes it more curly . so i really stuck between having the HT now and risk permanent shock loss of weak follicles , or live with current situation "maybe until br
  9. I attached Old photo to show original hair line and density , in addition to new photos from different angels , i have big forehead , which make hair recession look far worth than it's actually is .. To be clear , i'm NOT concerned about Temporarily shock loss that may affect "New transplanted , EXISTING strong/terminal hair" .. i'm concerned about PERMENANT shock loss that may affect Weak/miniaturized follicles .. Besides my additional concerns are : - Shall i proceed with HT at Age of 36 or postpone "i'm not willing to use finasteride , but open to use breezula which ma
  10. Hi , i was planning to have HT soon , i had multiple consolations with below doctors "grafts estimations highlighted" kesser "2200 grafts" , HLC "2200" , bicher "2600 grafts",pikner "3000 grafts" , ASMED "3500 grafts" , Acar "1800 grafts" , dr Kul "advised to wait as hair shed usually continue at age 36-38 and then slow down" I'm NW3 , 36 years , don't use minoxidil or finasteride , my original hair line is flat , my hair line is receding but in irregular pattern , also i have bald spots in randomly distributed fashion behind the hair line , i believe donor area is good ,
  11. @MachoVatoi'm on the other side of the earth , from Egypt .. Hope to visit Colombia sometime though.. @Melvin-Moderator .. I totally agree with you on this point , i won't proceed with HT unless i've enough budget for a good DR . The reason why i allocated this budget is that i had an impression that 95% of clinics in turkey range 2000-5500 EUR with few exceptions like ASMED,Keser,Pekiner .. As i'm still doing my research , ignore that budget i allocated , or misconceptions i may have , feel free to suggest any additions or removal for short list below .. Kese
  12. well , i don't mind go to as high as 5500$ , frequent comment that ~5k is a low budget in turkey confuses me ... I mean apart from kesser , ASMED .. most offers are ranging from 2500 to 4000 EUR . HLC around 5.5 k .. so who are the other top surgeons in Turkey are we talking about here ?
  13. guys , appreciate your thoughts regarding dr. resul yaman also ? i saw some feedbacks , i'm a bit worries about healing of donor area in some posts , also worries about large amount of grafts he suggested "3800" which is significantly higher that other consultations ranging 2000-3000 grafts ..
  14. @egy so regarding packages that Dr. Cinik provide , he only get involved in FUE exclusive package , as per his co-coordinator , Sapphire is better for crown area to have the follicles deeply implanted "i have minimal loss in crown area" .. he won't engage in DHI package , or "FUE+DHI" package (except in surgery plan_follow-up) ... that's the only downside that encourage me from having the procedure there ... i'm not sure which package he'd recommend in live consultation .. btw , I saw your post about your surgery , i believe you've reached a great result by now Do you have
  15. Hope you the best really , Thanks for helping other people and being a valuable member in this forum ..
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