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  1. Hi, Can anyone recommend what vitamins I should be taking to promote healthy hair? My hair is very fine and a bit brittle from styling etc My Facebook is spammed by it really works hair Vitamins which isn't cheap but all in one vitamin is ideal I know they wont regrow any hair or anything like that Cheers
  2. Thanks hjb1990, yours looks awesome mate congratulations! Thank you chevenowner! I made him keep the hairline quite high and inline with my existing hair (he did try and lower it) as I'm not too far off 36 now! I'm just taking biotin and MSM, not really sure if they have helped or not! It does need more density but it's still early days so fingers crossed it will get thicker! Surgery in April is still very early, plenty more time for it to kick in! Cheers
  3. I'm now 5 months so more pictures attached (same light but this time with better resolution camera). My hair had just been washed with baby shampoo and towell tried only. It does look better hair dryed and with styling products, happy to post pictures that way if anyone wants them. I would appreciate some feedback as to how things are looking, some days I'm very happy and optimistic and then some days it's the opposite! I feel I didn't shed that much so maybe that's way I'm not seeing that much new growth but I could be wrong and possibly I just can't see it. Thank you
  4. Thanks, I will! Hope yours goes well and your happy with the result!
  5. Thanks Bill. I'm definitely happy with the progress of the front and left hand side but still a but worried about the right side and mid portion but I guess it's still too early to be concerned? They put less grafts and less density in the mid section so guess this but may take longer to come through.
  6. Some more pictures I've only shaved the sides so not touched the top as yet
  7. Thank you, I'm just my result it at least average! I've attached my 4 months update, things seem to be improving which is a good sign! My front tuft is definitely thicker and my left hand side (which had no hair at all) is my pretty good but the other side hasn't improved much as far as I can tell. It's the same with the mid portion, it's difficult to tell if any improvements as yet as had existing hair there. I never used to be able to towell dry my hair, always had to use a hairdryer and products to make it look it. I can get away without them on a day to day basis so again think that's a good sign! Should I expect more at four months?
  8. Haha thank you! It's just a hair product called evo salty dog spray, it gives my hair a nice texture!
  9. Hi, As the title really, is it ok for occasional use (weekends) of salt spray and hair spray when I'm 4 months post op without causing any damage to newly growing hairs? Cheers
  10. No problem, I'm 4 months in 5 days so will post another update soon!
  11. Hi, I had surgery with Dr Resul Yaman on 20th January 2017 I'm 35 years old I had 3150 grafts; 640 single 1730 double 780 multiple Pre Op Photos Below