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  1. I am looking to add a topical aa to my regimen. What are peoples experiences with these. I don't want to be spending loads so looking towards cheaper easy to obtain ones in the UK please
  2. Thankyou. I want to add a topically anti androgen to my regimen, but looking for a cheap and easy to obtain one. Any ideas?
  3. Is topical dutasteride more effective than oral? Or is it simply because of the sides of taking orally
  4. This is an update 10 months on. Would my best bet be to get another transplant? Current regimen 1mg fin daily Dut 0.5mg 3×a week 10% minox axelaic acid once in evening. 5% minox once in morning. 1.5mm needling once a week.
  5. Microneedling is becoming quite popular, along side minoxidil is supposed to work very well. Only a month into it myself. I'm interested in that ru minox mix also!
  6. Might be a stupid question but can someone explain to me how niz shampoo helps the hair and how it's part of the big 3?
  7. About 6 weeks ago I added an additional 5% minox ontop of my usual 10% dose. I also added microneedling once a week. Since then I have had the worse shed I can ever remember. Is this something I should worry about? How long will it last
  8. Thankyou, just me being paranoid i think!
  9. Hello, would appreciate any advice on this. Been on finasteride for 2 years, at the age of 16 my hairline was reeceded, temples completely gone with a weak bridge and crown. Had a transplant 2 years ago aswell. 1st photo is from start of July and the following 2 are today currently. Seem to be losing ground or perhaps I'm paranoid. Treatment is 1mg finasteride daily, 10% minox with acelaic acid 1 tablet of dutasteride on a Saturday. Since July, ( the first photo) I added microneedling at 1.5mm once a week and also added an extra 5% minoxodil in the mornings to go alongside the 10% I take in the evenings . Might be paranoid but this is what mpb does 😂😂. Would appreciate any advice. Maybe ditch the fin all together and take dut daily ?
  10. Does anyone know where I could buy this in the UK please? Or any other AA
  11. Has anyone used saw palmetto topically? Maybe alongside stinger meds but as a booster is what I'm thinking of doing. Anyone done this and thoughts please?
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