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  1. I worry about minoxodil because of hair shedding though? I'm taking 1mg fin and 12,000 ug biotin at the moment
  2. What's a good treatment regime to maintain current hair, slow/halt further loss and thicken hair please
  3. Would you reccomend minoxodil along with finasteride? I might get a shorter trim so it's not as noticeable
  4. Do you think it could thicken in them thin areas by month 12? What treatment would you recommend also?
  5. 3000 grafts. Them thin areas will thicken over the next few months would you say? The hairs grown there just still thin. It can take between 12-18 months? Also I'm taking finasteride and biotin
  6. Is this my final result after 9 months?? It's still looking thin in areas shown in photo. Also is it normal for transplanted hair to go curly
  7. This is before and after 9 months. Would this likely be my final result? I think I need a 2nd transplant, seem to be lacking real density in areas shown. Also is it normal for hair to be curly after transplant?
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