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  1. @California I don't know if you understand what I told you via phone, or even what I'm trying to explain here, or what another patient of Dr.Bhatti said in his post above. What you shared above is the normal practice which most clinic share during consultation to their patients. The whole issue here, some of the patients had different experiences during their hair transplant with Dr.Bhatti. #2. I was given a medicine to take before the surgery night. Few tablets, according to the clinic this would help me during the surgery next day and I was told not to have anything for meal as there would be a break in between. Now, there was no any break in between the surgery at all. #3. After I received an intravenous dose, I wasn't aware of what my surrounding, who was there during procedure, or who was actually doing the whole procedure. Nothing. #4. Lol, I don't even remember if I had local anaesthesia. Like many other HT surgery, there would a break, I did not had any break in between or know when the slits are made. #7. Why did not Dr.Bhatti informed me before procedure if I would be injected with Midazolam 1mg if he did? In his language he called this an antibiotic? If this was needed, and it is part of his practice, WHY DID HE NOT INFORM UPFRONT? Don't you as a doctor who going to perform a surgery on you, he should inform you upfront and ask if you are ok with it? Also, using Midazolam is not something you have to. Most of other doctors don't use it, I was never given this when I had my first surgery, which is why I clearly remember the whole surgery. Uses. Midazolam is used before surgery or a procedure. It helps to cause drowsiness, decrease anxiety, and to decrease your memory of the surgery or procedure. This medication may also be used to help with anesthesia or to sedate people who need a tube or machine to help with breathing. Now my point on the statement below you made from your previous post. I don't know which part of my explanation that you are confused or don't want to understand. I mention clearly, I don't want to discuss the whole issue on that post, whether that person owe $200 to Bhatti, or how Dr.Bhatti openly share the patient details on this forum until it got deleted. My intend was to show you how the patient was given 'an antibiotic' in Dr. Bhatti language for Midazolam and I can clearly say this is without our consent. Really?! Did you read through this entire thread (that you have posted here?). All the ranting about $200 or so being charged for a hotel stay? NO pictures to show anything! You really find this whole thing credible? I don't. My point is simple, why did not Dr.Bhatti inform before giving Midazolam or tell that there is possibility that I would be asleep during surgery. Why did his team have to mention its an antibiotic? Why wasn't the clinic honest and clear in communicating?
  2. Ok I hope you get your results and it doesn’t turn out to be like mine. @California This patient of Dr.Bhatti was given the same full anaesthesia as what I told you. When I told you how a general anaesthesia was given to me, you told me Dr. Bhatti would have never done this and he is sticking to what he said, so myself and this patient is lying? Also I came across the link below where another patient mentioned that he was given the antibiotics which turned out to be general anaesthesia. I would not want to discuss on the other part of that conversation but you can take a look yourself at what the patient told.
  3. It looks like they gave us something to put us to sleep. I had the same experience as you had, pizza and water. I don’t know who did the extraction and who made the opening slits, and how many tech team was there. Only when I woke up they was trying to finish the whole procedure ASAP. That is what I remember. In a real medical world, a doctor would have to inform you what they going to do and how would the procedure take place. It is even more important to inform anyone that they would be given a full anaesthesia because some people would not tolerate this and things could go other way around, even if they have the heart monitor there, it’s completely irresponsible act from a doctor who has been in practice for long. Also, you mentioned that there was another doctor there, do you know who was it? Was it a lady doctor? @Shakib
  4. Damn, that’s a very good results. You look 10 years younger man
  5. Yes that is exactly what happened to me as well. It was one of his assistant who gave me the general anaesthesia saying it’s an antibiotic. This is something he did not inform me or even told me. I have never heard where a full anaesthesia is needed for HT unless a patient request for it and it is completely illegal for doctor to do that without getting the patient consent. @Shakib I hope you get a success from your surgery as I don’t wish anyone to go through what I went through with Bhatti and you can see the results here. However there is no way I would want to go back to to the same doctor where the clinic rep black mails you, and the doctor could not explain the cause of his own failed job and now we see where he gives full anaesthesia to patients and they don’t know exactly what went wrong or if the procedure fails they can somehow know something wasn’t done right. @California this is what I told you what I went through. It’s amazing still somehow this doctor can keep denying that he does this.
  6. @California Thanks for trying your best to resolve this. However as what I told you I can never let @Dr Tejinder Bhatti touch me, forget even a re-do of surgeries. As what I told you, there’s many flip flop stories from DR. Bhatti like he don’t even remember where I am from when he said he would usually delegate the patient case to the patient rep. Logically, I am from Malaysia and how can Bhatti delegate my case to Shera who is based in UK? This is why I said Bhatti is 100% responsible for leaking out my personal details. Shera was just a scapegoat. And for the rest of the members here, I would file a police report in India once the global pandemic is over or cooled down.
  7. And he thinks that 800 grafts could fix this. If you look at the way some of the grafts which grew, it grows in a very wrong direction, not all hair is growing in the same position or direction. If the implantation was done with right direction the hair won’t grow as how it is now. maybe your guess is just right.
  8. Your results seems to be good based on ur pre surgery look
  9. @Yake exactly, this is what I am saying. First, this result is just horrible. He love to criticises the turkey clinics or unknown doctors clinic in his video and keep posting all the videos of his testimonial trying to justify his cost. Then you have his patient representative is saying how good everyone he know when to Bhatti got the results. When it comes other doctor he ask go get refund and expose their bad job, the doctors should refund every patient. However when it comes to his horrible Job, he couldn't answer why is it so bad.. and forget about being accountable. Oh and Shera controversy is just another hallmark of Dr.Bhatti.
  10. Yes, honestly if this is only bad results, and no black mailing, I won't be going to consult legal. It's common that some surgery fails. I hope to get this sorted soon and then I will think about having getting my hair fixed.