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  1. @Nebulosity Everything you mention what happened with you and your experience is spot on. I agree with you 100% as I've experience the same. The only difference is that he did not communicate through Skype with me. When I used to ask him more questions when I realize his surgery is not working, hairline way lower, and there is no density at all he just stop replying and when i push for answer he ask come for repair if you can travel with 2 months notice. My question here is to all the other Doctors why are you allowing Bhatti and his representative to be here still? Don't you think that you should start creating a topic with Doctors with high risk of failures in this blog so future patient who come here with hope to get best results can really get the help they are looking for? The purpose of this site is to help patients get the best service and results, not to promote doctors with no ethic like Darling Buds and Bhatti! Anyway I would be posting my results in few other blogs, and sending my experience to Youtubers.
  2. Question, why are you on Dutastride when you’re already on finestride?
  3. Hello @Monet do see my results from Darling Buds Dr. Bhatti, and you might think 10 times if you even want to consider him. You can check my post on the other side of forum, under patient review and results topic. Hope you make a wise decision. Good luck in your HT
  4. I fully agree with you on finestride. I agree with Bhatti , hoping that I would I get the result as what he promised knowing if I did not follow what he told he would turn around and put the whole blame on me. However the Dr Bhatti has been a major let down for me.
  5. Hi @Looking for HT, yes I was prescribe finestride, for 6 months. However I’m still taking it now. What Bhatti said was with finestride and minoxidil, they hair growth would be up to 90% success and without it would only be 50%. Logically, hair transplant shouldn’t be dependent on finestride, but that’s what the doctor said.
  6. Hi @Looking for HT unfortunately the doctor @darlingbuds, @bhatti and @Shera has been quiet as you can see from the blog and post here. Well, what can you expect from them other than keeping quiet? Anyone who reads this and come here should really think twice if they want to go Darling Buds and Tejinder Bhatti. Before procedure they would “promise heaven and earth” after surgery they go quiet.
  7. Thank you. This is why I feel there is no sense of responsibility and ethic from Darling Buds and Dr.Bhatti team. Instead of being responsible, find the cause of bad result, he’s attacking me and claim that I’m making him look bad. I’m still curious how @Shera came to this conclusion.
  8. I had the procedure with the Same doctor few months earlier than yours. August 2018 to be exact. And you can see my results on my post. Im not sure what has he been communicating to you but I think you shouldn’t jump on the repair with him if he suggest you to do so until he really explain to you what went wrong.
  9. Well it is obviously he is trying to avoid more question being raised which eventually other prospect of his client would read this. Basically trying to hide away and would only response in private. I understand why is he doing so. But I would not stop anyone going to Darling Buds with Dr Bhatti,but be cautious of their over promises, criticizing other doctors job, claiming that he would 100% deliver the results and when things go other way he only replies with one liner email.
  10. Shera, I'm not sure if I should be replying this to you since you have already make it clear that you not be responding to any other post again after your last post. I'm from Malaysia. I had my first surgery in June 2016 with 2000 grafts of FUE procedure, done locally. Before meeting Dr Bhatti, I did not know about this blog or any other blogs on hair transplant. After my first unsuccessful procedure, i tried looking up to online, mainly on youtube with sample of surgeons work and that's when i came across Dr Bhatti. I would say I got it wrong with my choice with Dr Bhatti with his ''misleading videos'' and over promises through emails. When I met Dr Bhatti in Chandigargh, he is the one who gave this blog details and few other blogs where I should post up my failed first procedure story online. He claim the doctor did not do the right job and he is not qualified therefore he should be responsible to give me full refund. After my surgery, I contacted the first doctor and we had few discussion and he agreed to fully compensate me. We went into chronological check on how the procedure was. He took more than 12 hours for my procedure for only 2000 grafts. My first graft extraction was done at 9.30 and completed at 12.30. However only at 4.30 - 5pm the planting started and lasted for untill 11.45pm. Most likely the graft did not survive and I did tell this to Bhatti before my procedure. He is also known for having few procedure at same time which I learned latter. After agreeing to compensate he wanted me to sign a non disclosure agreement that I would not disclose anything more and he would pay me fully. Now I would reply all our points below. I think you are trying so hard to defend your doctor, which I understand as you being his patient advisory and it would hit him and yourself from a potential patient from UK or North America read this. Badresults, firstly can I ask where you had your first surgery? As mentioned above it was done locally in Malaysia. What made you choose that particular surgeon? I had one of my friend who was also experimenting hair loss had a procedure done with him. He had a decent results knowing his hair loss was more severe than mine.Only different on his part that his surgery was completed in 5.5 hours and he was the only patient that day, which all this I found out later. What were the reasons given for the failure of your first surgery? The doctor initially said he don't know. After my surgery with Bhatti I went back and explain to him that I had a repair and there could be on how the surgery went and how long it took cause the surgery to fail. He admitted that and refunded me fully Why did you not feel the need to name and shame that particular doctor and clinic? I have explain this earlier as per above. Also to get a clearer overall picture of your case, can you post clear pictures before and immediately after this first surgery clearly showing the implanted area and your donor area post surgery. This will help determine whether a pattern of bad growth exists with both surgeries and the donor that Dr Bhatti had at his disposal. Unfortunately i do not have the first procedure picture with me, because the doctor refused to share with me. However my condition before the surgery with him was the same as how my surgery before Bhatti. The picture is on the first post. His coverage is the same as what Bhatti did, the only difference is that Bhatti lowered my hairline slightly, which now looks horrible due to the lack of growth. Also, I'm not trying to be clever here; it clearly is another procedure where your implanted grafts have not grown out, that is not questionable. - I'm not the doctor here. Dr Bhatti as a doctor and as how he claim he is the specialist he should know that I had the first failed surgery, and he should have done a proper due diligence before accepting my case. I was very transparent with him that what I went through. All he's feedback was he can deliver the full density result with 2200 graft (which later he claimed he extracted more) It is a good move to see a dermatologist and I'm a little surprised that you did not see one after your first failed surgery where any issues with your scalp could have been identified and addressed. - Amazing you are asking me this. So who is the doctor and patient here? Isn't this the doctor's responsibility that he should perform a proper check before accepting my case? Or he could have asked me to go to a dermatologist before going for a 2nd surgery? Why did he not think on to this? And why he's patient advisory is asking me to see a dermatologist and not himself? Or was he more interested to close the sale? Have you even considered that your first surgery could be to blame for your subsequent failure? - I'm not sure because i'm not the doctor here. Which doctor would ask their patient what could be the reason of their own failed job? Isn't that what doctor's suppose to do before taking the case and operating them? Why didn't the doctor do a proper case study before accepting a repair job? Or you are saying that patient should check on themselves before going for a repair? If that is so doctors should shut down the consultation part, right? Your implantation area certainly would have been in a worse condition than in your first surgery, this is why it’s important to see clear pictures of that surgery immediately post op so this theory can be discarded. My implantation area is the same before and after surgery from first surgery as how my picture above . Basically what was planted did not grow. You should have allied your expectations with the evidence clearly in front of you. One failure doesn't guarantee success in a second surgery regardless of the doctor, no surgery is guaranteed to work as you clearly now know. - first of all, I was not expecting a miracle from Bhatti. I told him himself that I would be happy with 50% of gowth, i'm not hoping to have a full dense hair because i understand results can be different. If one failure doesn't guarantee a success, then why din't Bhatti tell me this earlier? Why did he tell that he can fix it? Did you even speak to him before you raise this point? Also, it could be that you are just not a good candidate due to your physiological make up. Maybe your scalp just won't take new grafts or is damaged from the first surgery. These are all ifs and buts but the reality is there is no straight forward answer to a transplant failure. Name a surgeon who has a 100% success rate on a virgin scalp never mind one that is in for repair. - I would expect the doctor to tell me if i'm the right or wrong candidate, he should have known this as he was made aware of my history but why did he commit that he could repair me? Why did he not advise me that the result could be otherwise? I agree that no surgeons would ever have 100% success rate, but if the surgeon has some responsibility he would admit his mistake and take the responsibility. Before posting this post, i have been asking Dr. Bhatti what are the cause etc and he can only tell me he don't know, each human body work differently and ask to come for a repair and hope for the best. Now let me ask you, if a surgeons tell you this would you even let him touch you? Another reason could be the technique and the surgery itself. I know some of you will be delighted that I've finally come to this point but if that is the case then how do you explain the temple points growing out just fine. That would clearly point to a problem with your scalp. - This is something which I have asked Bhatti, and he was so sure the FUE was the right technique. He claims his approach of FUE has always been a success, which now i doubt so. Also, i came across other cases over here which had same failure case, and it is not only me here. The doctors reply in this case is pretty accurate, seriously what more can you do apart from go to another doctor and document your story from the start so we can follow it and if it doesn't work this time I guess you owe Dr Bhatti a massive apology. - How can I owe Bhatti an apology? So if I had another failed job i should owe him one? Also what is funny that you mention that he's reply is pretty accurate, let me remind you again he has been telling me he don't know what is the cause of my failed procedure, each human body works differently and he can only hope for the best if i go for a repair with him.. so is this a good a accurate reply? On the other hand if it does work you have a strong case for at least a partial refund from Dr Bhatti. I would be more than happy to take this up for you. - I think he should compensate me fully now itself. For what he commit and delivered just proves that it's failed job. He should man up and have some ethic to compensate me, which I know he won't. He has not even called me once to speak of my results when he know it's a failed job. What kind of responsible doctor is that? And again, he's right; if it fails a 3rd time from another doc then there's no point in going on. Words I'm sure you don't want to hear but you should. - I would not jump into another surgery now. Dr Bhatti admitted that his job failed, and he ask me to come for a complementary repair. However he seems to be not interested to investigate more and understand the cause of failure, just wants to shut me down by trying one more round. This is not an exchange of goods where we can just go on and allow anyone to experiment on yourself. To round off, if the surgery was your first surgery with Dr Bhatti then you would have a strong case, but as it's a total failure and a repair from a previous unknown doctor's surgery then it was always going to be uncertain. Seeing all the successful repairs Dr Bhatti had previously completed and documented you mitigated the risk by going to him but it didn't work and you should have at least had that thought at the back of your mind. -Back of my mind for what now? Actually Dr Bhatti should have thought that this is a repair case and he should have known what need to be done for the repair? Never once he suggested me to go a biopsy before surgery when he know that i had a failure from first procedure. Funny that you are asking me to do the biopsy test when the doctor did not even this. Also you say you did your correspondence all through email, the fact is you had direct personal contact with Dr Bhatti throughout and no third party. You were also free to skype him as many patients do. I'm not really sure what else you expected. You have tried to twist this to make Dr Bhatti look bad. It will be interesting what your thoughts will be when your "elite" surgeon talks to you through one of his many secretaries. - Never once he told me that I can contact him through skype or introduce him to his advisory or secretary to arrange a call. How can i twist this to make him look bad? In what way? You should start being more neutral and not trying so hard to defend him. I'm still curious how am I making him to look bad. To conclude you should go to that "elite" surgeon but you should be aware there are no guarantees. Prior to any surgery you should visit a few dermatologists and see whether they can find any underlying issue for the failure of nearly 4000 grafts to grow in 2 separate attempts from 2 differing techniques. - Isn't this what Bhatti should have thought before he operates me? Why are you suggesting this and not the doctor? I do understand your upset and I really hope it works out for you the next time.
  11. This is the exact expectations I had from him to at least give me a realistic explanation, and not with a reply where he’s actually not interested to do so, and tell me repair with hope to have good result only. I would be consulting a dermatologist here before deciding to go for repair and I would definitely go for a reputable doctor now: