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  1. @Shakib from your last picture; I guess your middle hair is your native hair? And did you get your hairline lowered?
  2. @Shakib you should share your latest progress whether the doctor is suspended or not. This would help others suggest you whether you are on right track or not.
  3. Hi @Liverpool123 you can see others post first before you consider this doctor. Perhaps check my post and what I went through with this doctor and how was my results. No one is trying to influence your decision and your decision should be only yours. However we only hope you make a wise one as it not only involves money but the trauma, the hope of finally getting the results you desire. Good luck!
  4. Then I think you should really start putting a ratting on all the doctors here. I know some of the doctors are doing really good job and it’s not fair for them when you have one doctor or any other doctor who has been delivering bad results and with the way the clinic behave with their patient. This would help future patients who come here to seek for guidances before selecting the doctor.
  5. No mate, he would not. As per my experience dealing with this doctor and from all other post from his patient you can see majority of his recent patients having failed results. Perhaps 7/10 times. If you compare the charges he charge and the results he deliver there is so many other options in India who can deliver better results than his, even those clinics in Turkey where they do few surgeries in a day, with all tech team performing most of surgeries delivers better results than Dr.Bhatti. And for international patients, he doesn’t really care much as he know some of them would not bother coming back for repair and if they comes back he will charge them further.
  6. As what you said, I agree almost all the clinics pay to stay on this forum under recommended list of surgeons. That is completely fine, as most of the blogs works that way. However there’s a limit until when a doctor with poor results and poor ethic can stay on as recommended doctors. With more and more patient comes out with horrible results, plus bullying raps and poor follow up service from doctor would only warn future patients if they are going to consider Dr.Bhatti.
  7. @Shakib If you notice on your last picture here, there is a space on your mid left side where no grafts being planted. Also, on right side, some space is being left out, the gap of grafts being planted is big. Any reason why?
  8. For some reason they are still recommending him here. It defeats the purpose where future patients could come here and get an idea of consulting a doctor with positive tract record and how the doctors deliver the results. Also, when you tell the patient rep, that you would lodge a report for criminal case, they can even suggest you its not a good idea, because in India it is known that everyone can get away by paying money to the authorities. If the clinic practice such mindset, it only shows what kind of level of professionalism they practice in their work and surgery. I feel sad for other doctors in India who really go all out to help their patients, because Darling buds is setting the standard so so low for someone to consider India as hair transplant destination.
  9. Honestly, I see a procedure where it's being done with poor planning, laziness and untrained tech team. I know it might sound harsh to you but this is what I see. First, how could he forgot the space to implant the graft, and continue to crown area? Was he trying to finish up the surgery quickly? Second, how can he says that he ran out of graft when he is going to do the crown with another 1100 grafts? What logic is that? Third, his answer that if you take finestride and the fair will grow is unacceptable answer for a doctor! If your hair could grow with finestride alone, why do you have to do the surgery? And on the placement of grafts, for 3500 that looks really bad. I'm a patient of Dr Bhatti and I know how he space up the graft placement and when you argue with him on this his patient rep would show you some old videos of his case where the density was there.. What they don't do is take the responsibility. I would suggest you to consult with some better surgeon who will stand by their patient side. Good luck!
  10. @JayLDD I 100% agree with you. If you look at this forum, Dr.Bhatti has more bad results from his procedure than any other recommended doctor on this forum. Speaking from my results and experiences dealing with this doctor, typically he shows lack of interest in his post op follow up, and when things don't go right, he would not take the blame or try to put the blame on the patient. If you look at his patient rep Shera reply on my first post here, he was trying to tell that I wasn't a right candidate for HT and I was trying to slander the image of this lousy doctor. And the behaviour of his clinic, where they would try to shut you down when you speak against them just show what kind of ethic do this clinic practice. When they got caught, his reply was he did not know what his patient rep did just like when you ask him what went wrong on his procedure, he would only say he don't know and he can't answer. This shows what kind of doctor is Tejinder Bhatti. Looking at the link below you can see how lightly he takes his job. His poor planning, his answers seems to be uninterested in replying to the patient. And how could he say that taking finestride will grow the hair!!!!??? LMAO this is probably the worst answer I have heard from a so called top surgeon. Just as how you are amazed, I'm still amazed how this doctor is a recommended doctor here on this forum. When you see the reply from their patient rep, they often talk how great human he is, how their entire neighbourhood had surgery with him etc and choose to ignore the real serious problem. The longer he is the recommended doctor here, the more patients will get results like this.
  11. @California I don't know if you understand what I told you via phone, or even what I'm trying to explain here, or what another patient of Dr.Bhatti said in his post above. What you shared above is the normal practice which most clinic share during consultation to their patients. The whole issue here, some of the patients had different experiences during their hair transplant with Dr.Bhatti. #2. I was given a medicine to take before the surgery night. Few tablets, according to the clinic this would help me during the surgery next day and I was told not to have anything for meal as there would be a break in between. Now, there was no any break in between the surgery at all. #3. After I received an intravenous dose, I wasn't aware of what my surrounding, who was there during procedure, or who was actually doing the whole procedure. Nothing. #4. Lol, I don't even remember if I had local anaesthesia. Like many other HT surgery, there would a break, I did not had any break in between or know when the slits are made. #7. Why did not Dr.Bhatti informed me before procedure if I would be injected with Midazolam 1mg if he did? In his language he called this an antibiotic? If this was needed, and it is part of his practice, WHY DID HE NOT INFORM UPFRONT? Don't you as a doctor who going to perform a surgery on you, he should inform you upfront and ask if you are ok with it? Also, using Midazolam is not something you have to. Most of other doctors don't use it, I was never given this when I had my first surgery, which is why I clearly remember the whole surgery. Uses. Midazolam is used before surgery or a procedure. It helps to cause drowsiness, decrease anxiety, and to decrease your memory of the surgery or procedure. This medication may also be used to help with anesthesia or to sedate people who need a tube or machine to help with breathing. Now my point on the statement below you made from your previous post. I don't know which part of my explanation that you are confused or don't want to understand. I mention clearly, I don't want to discuss the whole issue on that post, whether that person owe $200 to Bhatti, or how Dr.Bhatti openly share the patient details on this forum until it got deleted. My intend was to show you how the patient was given 'an antibiotic' in Dr. Bhatti language for Midazolam and I can clearly say this is without our consent. Really?! Did you read through this entire thread (that you have posted here?). All the ranting about $200 or so being charged for a hotel stay? NO pictures to show anything! You really find this whole thing credible? I don't. My point is simple, why did not Dr.Bhatti inform before giving Midazolam or tell that there is possibility that I would be asleep during surgery. Why did his team have to mention its an antibiotic? Why wasn't the clinic honest and clear in communicating?
  12. Ok I hope you get your results and it doesn’t turn out to be like mine. @California This patient of Dr.Bhatti was given the same full anaesthesia as what I told you. When I told you how a general anaesthesia was given to me, you told me Dr. Bhatti would have never done this and he is sticking to what he said, so myself and this patient is lying? Also I came across the link below where another patient mentioned that he was given the antibiotics which turned out to be general anaesthesia. I would not want to discuss on the other part of that conversation but you can take a look yourself at what the patient told.
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