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  1. Seems you have quite thick asian hair, should be a great result. Wow your donor looks amazing after the procedure as well barely noticeable. Also do you mind answering a few questions? How long was the waiting list? How much did it cost? Does bisanga still use manual punch?
  2. I wore a fairly loose baseball cap in the first week and on the plane ride home.
  3. Yeah I've been thinking about my second HT a lot and have been taking an obsessive amount of pictures. The issue is that I'm not sure if my recession is caused by MPB or the medication i'm taking.
  4. Dr. Reddy but he's extremely expensive. You're better off going abroad.
  5. Yeah ignore him, it's definitely not psychological. This ain't first time Asmed has produced subpar yields either, sorry to see those results and i hope you get a successful repair.
  6. I would probably go with Reddy out of those two but i heard he charges per hair which is a bit strange. Are you open to having your operation abroad? This is because there are doctors who have a greater track record than UK doctors and also charge a lot less. A few examples are Lorenzo, Maras, Bisanga, Feriduni. Thick hair is a bonus when it comes to hair transplants, you won't have a "blocky effect" if the doctor knows what he's doing.
  7. My grandad is the same, he's not even grey at 90. My parents told me i have his personality, shame i didn't get his hair genes.
  8. I used to wake up depressed af and when i went out i got even more stressed because i couldn't style my hair the way i wanted. I would avoid any pictures because my hair would just look like shit. The best solution is probably a hair transplant, after i had my transplant i simply stopped caring and it was one thing less for me to worry about. If you're waiting for your transplant you can do 2 different things. Buzzcut or style your hair to hide the recession. I went with a buzz cut because my hair isn't as thick as yours and i'm a bit of perfectionist, my hair just didnt look right when i trie
  9. Heres a pic of me around 2 years ago as well. It's not that clear but you can see that i was receding badly on the sides which made my hair very difficult to style. (thats not how i wore it btw lol)
  10. Sorry for the very late response, ive been really busy recently. I saw your message a while back but I was prescribed drugs that caused my hair to fall out so i couldn't really show you an accurate representation of my hair. It's now grown back and now i can show you some updated pics. Again sorry for the late response, i remember a few years back i was always eager to see peoples pictures therefore I'll try my best to answer your questions quicker this time. @Sow no i didn't ask the clinic as i thought it would fill in over time as it has done. Here's my 11 month update.
  11. They are trialing a pill version at the moment but i highly doubt the price would be significantly lower for any than they are charging for eczema. I'm no scientist but i'm sure it would also be quite difficult for them to make a biologic into a topical and be as effective. This would also be based on your assumption that you would need a lower dose which isn't exactly clear as it only worked on the girl who was on the dosage for severe eczema . There's also the opposite side of the spectrum where I have read on reddit that it can also cause hair loss. Other side effects also include pink eye
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