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  1. hi ive had a look on spanish forums too... is it a maybe case that there are no bad reviews because he brings people back for touch ups and most people are happy ? the spanish forums all do say he is very attentive and takes a lot of pride in getting it right ... i would really like to hear from someone who has been to him though !
  2. wow amazing result looks great ! if you were doing it again would do fut first and then fue ? or would you do two fue ?
  3. hi there - looking for some advice on the number of grafts needed and to know what norwood i am? i think i’m a V and ’ve had varying views anywhere from 3k to 5500... diffuse thinning in middle and fine but good volume all around sides and donor. front hairline is ok. im trying to get advice 1 on how many grafts needed 2 what procedure . i’ve been told i can do fue or fut . i do not want to go fut because of scar but i need a long term plan - 3k fut now and 2-3k fue later or 4k now fue and have 1-2k for fue down the road . i like the idea of fue because i can keep it shor
  4. hey everyone i know this has been covered before but it’s a tough one to decide on... if you needed 3-4000 grafts which procedure would you use ? i know it depends on the surgeon too. fue has become very popular for mega sessions now but some say fut grafts are more robust etc long term linear scar with fut but no ugly duckling stage etc some people say fut is the old way but does that mean it’s fue all the way ? would anyone have a recommendation on one over the other ? thanks!
  5. thanks everyone, i’m looking at 4000 grafts and i’d expect redness for a few weeks...i’ve seen pics where recipient is still red / pink up to about week 12 so i just wanted to check on when i could practically go back to work without it being too obvious. i would probably shave it and cut recipient down after a few weeks or else use fibers
  6. hi and just to say this is an incredibly helpful forum i am seriously considering fue over fut but am concerned about the ugly duckling stage and going back to the office and meeting people for work etc and am trying to plan it out i see some clinics say that from 2 weeks you can go back but there is still redness, other testimonials appear to have redness in recipient area and two phases of growth between native and transplanted until 10-12 weeks at the least so is very obvious i don’t want to do fut but it does seem more discreet my question is does it make sense to g
  7. many thanks will do. have been looking at fuexpert and youtube results look amazing but hard to find many patient reports bar some spanish forums
  8. thanks JohnBoy 71 more generally is a fue HT obvious until about 3- 4 months when it starts growing back or would you get away with taking a few weeks off work before going back to the office ? thanks
  9. hi i am new and just wondering if anyone has any experience of HT with fuexpert ? thank you
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