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  1. No, he was bit old. Wearing a turban. At the beginning of the procedure, Dr bhatti came. He told me not to worry. He injected Anathesia in the donor area. And after that he started harvesting. But I do thing that a patient should know who is doing what. But when you're unconscious it can be 50-50. Dr and his supportive staff can utilize it in both ways. It can be beneficial for the patient. On the other hand, it can be beneficial for the clinic If the doctor is honest, he will do that for the betterment of his patient. I am assuming that Dr bhatti did that for the betterment of the patient and the whole procedure itself. I can only wait, and see how it comes. Let's see the result first.
  2. Well, I thought it was a kind of medicine which will make me sleep. Basically really don't know at which moment that was given. Dr bhatti injected Anathesia on my donor area.I felt some pain during that time only. During the procedure once I asked for water, once I informed them that I was feeling cold. 2/3 times they told me not to move, I responded to them. So, this is my memory from the whole procedure. Just after the procedure they served me pizza with water though. Which was really good. I traveled there alone. I thought during the breaks I will be talking to my family. But I ended up talking to them after the procedure, Lol ! Probably that works in a better way. It saves time, it makes the process smooth, less Hassel. easy to execute. But should've informed me about it.
  3. Well, my procedure with Dr bhatti was 4 months back. I see growth at the 4 months mark. But I don't know how it will end up. His team was incredible. They were very professional. But one thing that @Badresults mentioned here also happened with me. Full Anathesia was given. As a result, I had no idea of the procedure. I can remember few things of the procedure only. I woke up after the procedure. They should've told me about it. This came as a shocker. Even though they had monitors to check the heart beat. Another doctor was visible there. Dr bhatti himself injected Anathesia. I don't know whether it is for the betterment or not. Previously I knew that I will be fully awake, moreover, There will be several breaks like breakfast & lunch. And currently I am in a position where I really don't know whether It will be a failed procedure or not.I'm taking the medicine & being hopeful about it. I can relate how does it feel. It is not just about the money, it is about the mental health also. I think you should visit Dr bhatti once. If he is the one who is offering you a repair case, you should really consider it. I know I might not be in that situation, if same thing happened with me. But still we should look forward.
  4. Well, everything looks fine currently. I can see some good Early growth just at the beginning of 4th month. Currently I am working on some projects. "Work from home" actually changed the whole concept. I am remaining busy working from home. But I will update very soon. I'm keeping all the records. So, it will be easy for me to see the differences. And to write a month by month uodate. Thanks for showing the concern. Stay safe. @Lennney @abcddcba @Petroholic yes, Dr bhatti and his team was incredible. I'm showing some patience. I know that over the next few months there will be some good growth
  5. Hello, first picture was taken at day 14. The very next picture was taken at day 21. And now currently I am updating at day 55 mark. Donor area healed very well so far. Burning sensation or numbness nothing at the donor area. Bit numbness in the recepient area. Apart from that nothing is in the recepient area. I am at the 2 months mark. I've heard that growth stage will start from 3 months and waiting for that stage. Can't wait to enter that stage.
  6. Yes, I am doing my ht at 25. In future, I might need more grafts to cover my crown & mid portion. Dr bhatti wanted to recreate the hairline and add some density to the frontal part only. Every grafts are precious. So, he wanted to use it properly. Some gaps are made between the grafts. Which are for the native hairs. And currently crown is okay.
  7. Hello everyone. In this post I am going to give an overview about my prosedure which was on January 9th,2020. I have been waiting for that day for a long period of time. Before giving an idea about my prosedure I would like to describe why I selected doctor Tejinder bhatti. First of all, Dr. Bhatti's huge experience in this field. Secondly, I found no secrecy in the cost of ht procedure. I tried to contact with other ht clinic in India. But they were somehow trying to avoid that, was was asking my phone number so that they can call me and let me know. Thirdly, Dr bhatti has settled darling buds clinic in Chandigarh. This clinic is built with all the modern equipments which are required.Compared to other cities in India Chandigarh is very relaxing. Post operation is more smooth. The time when I book my procedure in August 2019, I contacted with Shera Who is the patient advisor of Dr.bhatti . He has been absolutely helpful from booking the procedure, then sending the confirmation message. And also all the hotel arrangements. I am staying at the first hotel. Which is quite close to the near market, airport and also to the clinic Pre op- 8th January 2019 On 8th January, I had my consultation with doctor bhatti. Dr told me that he will be recreating the hairline, and will address frontal part only.He draw the hairlineband I was okay with that. Clinic manager Shalini gave the medicines which I took in the dinner. Operation day - 9th January 2019 Driver picked me up at 7 o'clock from the hotel. My procedure is started approximately at 8:15. The process itself was absolutely smooth. The time when the anaesthesia was injecting, I felt pain apart from that there wasn't any pain I felt. My procedure was completed at 3:00 p.m. Total 2243 grafts were planted. They also provided lunch. What I liked was everyone basically knows what they are supposed to do. They knows their role properly. reason why I am not writing much about the procedure day because for me it was a very smooth experience. The next day driver took me the clinic again to change the dressing. And medicines and instructions were provided on that day. Today I went to the clinic again to change the dressing again. Single Graft- 343 Double grafts- 1013 Triple grafts - 887 Any thoughts ???
  8. I've been following this tracker for some time. Result looks great at 6 months. Any updates at 7 months ?
  9. I've been thinking of doing my hair transplantation in India at the beginning of the next year,2021. For this I've finalized darling buds clinic & eugenix clinic. I've selected darling buds clinic because of doctor bhatti's immense experience. On the other hand, the reason behind eugenix is their dht technique. I am confused between this two clinics. Basically what I want is a perfect hairline & good density in the front. Any suggestions would be appreciated for selecting one clinic between this two.