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  1. Curious why did you choose FUT over FUE? And how old are you and do you take any meds at all?
  2. So a question to everyone on the boards. I just put kirkland minoxidil fkr the first time. My plan is to try to maintain what I have on minoxidil only for as long as possible before going the hair transplant route. For most on the forums my understanding is there will be a shed of weaker hair within the first few weeks of using the product but then thicker hair will regrow and replace the thinner hair I have. However if I ever stop using it in the future all together will my hair shed to the point where I started? Or will it shed to however I would have balded in the future ?
  3. Well I definitely believe that meds are in my future to prevent further hair loss. my only issue is Ive never really had a thick strong hairline since I was young. I feel that even with meds it wont grow my hairline back to how it was, and since it was never really thick to begin with that only a hair transplant can provide this for me. I would not want to be aggressive with significantly lowering the hairline but I would want the hairline to be as thick and dense as possible. I believe something along the lines of this. After this is done, then I can just maintain the result w
  4. How has the experience been for most with topical finasteride?? I feel if I was to do anything it would just be that plus minoxidil. I have read conflicting things on topical finasteride having no side effects.
  5. Hey everyone hope your all doing well. I really need everyone's advise. Ever since I was young I've had nice thick hair for most of my life. I turned 40 this year and over the past 4-5 years I have noticed that the frontal third of my hair has been thinning diffusely and I have had some temporal recession on both right and left sides. As with most diffuse thinners I actually didn't really notice at first as I always styled my hair forward and never slicked it backwards. The first time I actually noticed it I turned around 37 or 38 years old when the front third of my hair started to c
  6. How old are you? Also, does Hasson and Wong use techs to extract grafts? Or do they do all steps themselves? Manual or motorized punch?
  7. I understand. But once you have that scar on the back of your head there is never going back. It looks like you keep your hair on the back and sides. This won't be an option after an FUT to the same extent as an fue. Everyone loses hair density to various degrees over time. Even people who "never go bald". What do people do when they have to at some point shave their head but have the fut scar?
  8. Just my honest opinion I understand both FUE and FUT have their place but from my perspective all of us are going to go bald to various degrees at some point in our lives. The idea of having a scar on the back of your head even at 60 or 70 years old doesn't sound very appealing. At least with FUE you can mask the dot scars with smp when your older If you have to. Id honestly rather go bald than have an FUT scar. I mean if you wanted to play it safe and yeild is an issue why not just do the FUE over more than one procedure?
  9. What results are those? I'm going between rahal and h&w and just starting the consultation process now and not sure who to go with.
  10. I am in essentially the identical position as yours. I am considering rahal for my transplant and ideally would want from 1000-1500 grafts. The work looks great. Do you by chance have a photo where you can comb your hair forward to see if you can hide the transplant? Is your unshaven hair long enough to cover the entire recipient site ? My only fear is going back to work and having my coworkers know I've had something done to my hair. Also, any before photos ?
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