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  1. Why did you choose such an unnatural design for the hairline?
  2. Honestly I would just do one more procedure if it will make you 100% happy
  3. How old are you? I'll give a different perspective. I would leave it for a bit and let things settle down. Over the next few years track your hairloss and see how stable you are. If it is not agressive then I would do maybe 5-600 more grafts in the hairline to thicken it up without lowering it at all and it will be a perfect result!
  4. Any updates? You should be a bit over a year or so by now?
  5. I think with any medication you have to titrate the amount that would give you the best result but would give the lowest chance of side effects. When I place topical finasteride on my scalp I try to keep it localized to areas that are thinning only and focus on these areas. It works out to around 0.5mg of fin every 3 days or so. I try to subdivide my scalp Into thirds and do a third of it every 3 days. There may be some systemic absorption from this method but I don't believe it will be the same amount as oral fin. I understand that people have varying degrees of baldness and
  6. I've been using it for around a month only. I haven't seen any results yet as I believe it's too soon. I'm still using it every third day or so and I've had zero sides. My goal is to maintain what I have as I have good hair and coverage but the frontal third and a bit of the crown is diffuse thinning. The one thing I did before I started using it was make small mental notes about what my body goes through on a day to day basis. Like when I get a headache, if I have different body aches and pains, if I get ball pain, brain fog when I get tired etc. This way when I started taking it
  7. I bought more because I figured I'd try it for a year to really see if I was getting results or not.
  8. Well my reason was that im 40 years old and only started diffuse thinning within the past 4-5 years or so. I don't have agressive MPB so I wanted to try to microdose it to avoid side effects. Others with more agressive MPB may not be successful. I am happy to get some regrowth but also ok if I just maintain what I have. I feel a hair transplant will be in my future within the next 5 years or so. I also went along with this thread here which I believe is right for my situation. Https://www.hairlosstalk.com/interact/threads/topical-finasteride-microdosing-as-additional
  9. I have just started using topical finasteride from minoxidilmax. I don't have agressive mpb but just diffuse thinning at 40 years old in a norwood 3-4 pattern. I have have only used it for around a month or so and only using it two times per week. I place 0.25ml on my frontal third once a week and then 0.25ml on my crown area a few days later. I have not had any sides so far and it's too early to report if it's working or not.
  10. Curious why did you choose FUT over FUE? And how old are you and do you take any meds at all?
  11. So a question to everyone on the boards. I just put kirkland minoxidil fkr the first time. My plan is to try to maintain what I have on minoxidil only for as long as possible before going the hair transplant route. For most on the forums my understanding is there will be a shed of weaker hair within the first few weeks of using the product but then thicker hair will regrow and replace the thinner hair I have. However if I ever stop using it in the future all together will my hair shed to the point where I started? Or will it shed to however I would have balded in the future ?
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