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  1. I think I'm experiencing the same thing as you. Maybe you can make them out if you zoom in on this photo
  2. 2 MONTHS Hey guys, it's been two months now since I had my surgery. Still a bit red but it's slowly fading. Also I think I am starting to see the first stages of some growth! You can only really see this with flash and zooming in but it is looking promising in a previously fully bald area Also if a moderator reads this, please check my report on this thread thanks
  3. Your donor area doesn't look too bad to me. I can see why you're bothered by it but it will look normal to the average person. The only bit that might catch somebody's eye is the patch above the ear. Best of luck with it mate, this is definitely fixable IMO
  4. Glad it went well for you! Do you have a thread anywhere with some pics?
  5. Hey mate, no the yellow stuff was not normal. I had to use antiseptic to control it. However I have a naturally oily scalp and I think the sebum that is produced is yellow so it could have been that too. I'll post the month 2 photos in a week's time but they are not exciting yet 😁
  6. Hey mate, I was there 10 days after you. Hope it's going well! Do you have any updates on yours? If you're like me then I'm guessing they have all fallen out for now 😅
  7. I've been taking it for about 6 months now I think, no issues. I also took it for 18 months a while back with no issues but stopped because I shaved my head and thought it looked ok
  8. Makes sense to me, I've seen some amazing results from him. I was just curious about the reason why he does it that way thanks!
  9. Hey mate, looks good! Did Dr. Diep say why he only extracted from that area of your head? Normally I see surgeons extract lower down and expand round the sides of the head. Is it because you only had 1300 grafts and he is planning for any future procedures you may need? Good luck with the growing
  10. As far as I understand... Yes it can cause shock loss to the native hairs around the transplanted area. Finasteride will help reduce shock loss. If the native hairs are already thin due to miniaturisation then it's possible that they will be permanently lost, but they were dying anyway.
  11. Next time you go I'd recommend taking a picture of what you want 😂
  12. Hey mate, I think if you got a low taper then the back and sides will look better
  13. Thanks for your comment. I am only 25 but I am taking finasteride
  14. 1 MONTH Pretty much all of the transplanted hairs have now shed, just a waiting game now I'm excited for the redness to go