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  1. 9 MONTHS Here is a comparison pic at 9 months to before the op. This is the best I have for 9 months and here are better photos of the current state, mostly taken when wet 10 MONTHS I don't really expect to see any major improvements for this point forwards. I'm very happy with how it has turned out, although I can't wear my hair back because the left side has remained weak through the whole process. I think in the future I will possibly get a 2nd procedure to patch up the weakness in the hairline. For now I can just wear my hair to
  2. Hey mate, I don't visit the forum any more really so sorry for not replying before your surgery! Hope it all went well. Progress pics to follow
  3. Looking solid mate! Plenty time left for it to thicken up some more
  4. 6 MONTHS Hey guys, it's been 6 months now so I thought I'd give an update. It's looking pretty good, however it's still thin when you look at the hairline. I'm sure this will improve over the next few months though. Here are two close up shots and a comparison photo to before the surgery under normal light
  5. Thanks for the encouraging words! When I was discussing my hairline with the doctor I told him that I always had a high hairline and the main goal was just to fill in the temples. Before the transplant I used to wear my hair almost sideways like a mini combover so it doesn't actually look like that different of a hairline. It just looks better to the eye and allows me to wear more styles and not worry about the wind. However you will see in a week with the high quality pics that it's still too thin on the left side, and there is also one big multigraft on the left side hairline that I thi
  6. I'm about a week away from 6 months, I'll post high quality photos then. Here are a couple comparisons, one from a couple years ago and one from a couple months ago
  7. Worst case if it turns out to not be as dense as you like, you can have a touchup to add more density. It looks like the hairs that were transplanted are growing 😁
  8. I've just shaved the sides to 7mm. Here's how it looks styled with a little bit toppik
  9. 5 MONTHS Hey guys, here are the 5 months pics. It's looking better and better the more it grows out and fills in. Next month it should be long enough to style back so I'm excited to see how that looks. I suspect I'll need a bit of toppik when it's styled that way. Let me know what you think
  10. Hey mate, how's the progress looking? Did you have much change the last couple months?
  11. No you don't need a caregiver. I had my operation in another country alone and just made sure the house was full of food when I got back so I didn't have to leave. Then after a week I was able to go outside with a cap
  12. Not sure, I shaved it down to a 2 and it looks like this a week later Maybe if I shaved it down closer to the skin they'd be visible
  13. I'll update each month 👍I'm growing my hair out now that there is at least some hair at the front to grow the same length. I put together a side by side with 3 months vs 4 months and it's made me feel much better about the progress!
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