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  1. I had a couple of thousand grafts to my front section a few years ago having previously had a transplant to the same area. At five, six and seven months post op I was convinced it had failed, but months eight and nine saw it burst into life and I ended up with a successful result. I'd say it's common to see slower growth sometimes in cases like yours and mine so hang in there, it should turn out ok.
  2. There is of course a certain level of pain for a few days, but it's nothing like as bad as you'd expect given that your head is full of holes! I just took a few co-codomols for a day or two post op and that was enough.
  3. This patient is in his mid 50’s, and has been losing his hair for over 25 years. His aim was to boost the front and top. The pics taken are at 8 months. He received 3296 follicular units with an average of 2.2 hairs per graft.
  4. Not a lot you can do really other than wait it out. The redness should reduce day by day. If you're able to, just throw a hat on for the next week or so. The immediate weeks post op are always difficult but hopefully it'll be worth it.
  5. I don't know too much about hair systems but I believe they can be attached to your existing hair with clips rather than having to shave your head and using glue/tape. If you're only planning to wear one short term this could be the way to go.
  6. Very much doubt it. He got lucky with his hair genetics. It'll be a long time, if ever until he needs to worry about it.
  7. As others have said, if you've got a reasonable amount of native hair then the hair fibres will do a good job of hiding the redness. I had to attend a big social event a week after a no-shave transplant years ago and did just this. No one was any the wiser.
  8. My brother and I both have plenty of body hair and can grow a thick beard, but I lost my hair and he still has hair that I'd kill for! I've heard this theory before but I can't think there's much in it.
  9. If you've just got a bit of thinning going on you should try using concealers. They can work wonders.
  10. I don't use them so much these days but a few years ago when I relied on concealers I found Couvré very effective. You do need to have a reasonable amount of hair for it to work best though. It pretty much eliminates the contrast between hair and scalp. I'd follow this with hair fibres and the two products combined gave me the appearance of a full head of hair. I'd also add that I've tried just about all the hair fibre products available and I've found very little difference between the more expensive known brands and the cheaper ones. I've found them all equally effective.
  11. Absolutely. I found it just made the day-to-day stuff that much easier. Going to the shop, pub, work - basically every social interaction was less stressful. And also knowing I could get myself ready to leave the house in five minutes instead of a couple of hours.
  12. This patient of Dr Farjo is seven months out from stage one of a two stage process to give him some hair back. He is in his mid 50’s and received 3349 grafts by FUT with an average of 2.1 hairs per graft. He is very happy with the progress at this quite early stage and stage two will be carried out shortly.
  13. Daily Mirror sports journalist Thomas Bristow discusses his FUE hair transplant with us at the Farjo clinic: Thomas Bristow FUE transplant at Farjo clinic
  14. That looks excellent. Pretty sure this is going to be a success.
  15. No easily accessible pics unfortunately. This was in 2008, I had just over 2000 grafts to my frontal area. From four to five months post op I was constantly on the phone to Mick (at Farjo) panicking that nothing was happening. He told me to be patient - it would come. After seven months I was beginning to give up on it, but around month eight it just burst into life. I'm not saying this will definitely happen for you - just that it CAN happen, and late growth is a common thing.
  16. No hard and fast rule as has been said. I've had a few ht's over the years, and they've ranged from really early growth at three months, to seeing nothing for seven to eight months then things exploding into life.
  17. I've got a couple of scars, but I can comfortably buzz down to a three without it showing. Any more than that though and it starts to become noticeable. I've actually found it to be a non-issue over the years, and I don't feel it's going to become one in the future.
  18. Not the clearest of pics but I'd say whorl. Nothing to worry about.
  19. Looking really good at six months. Big transformation. Congrats.
  20. I had a season ticket when Leeds won the old First Division 1991/92 (season before Premier League started), so at least I've seen my team win something. The teenage fans and even those in their 20's and 30's have never seen Leeds win anything. Ridiculous really for a club with our history. Mostly down to years of mismanagement and dodgy owners. Agree with you on Newcastle - those fans have really had it tough. Hopefully Ashley sells and they get a decent owner in. All the best to Fulham, hope you stay up, and that Huddersfield get relegated so Leeds regain their rightful place as Yorkshire's top team Anyway, back to hair! - Hope the meds work well for you and keep us posted.
  21. Everything looks normal and on track for four months. Clear signs of growth and your new hairline starting to take shape.
  22. One of the best responses to finasteride I've seen. Congrats.