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  1. From personal experience, growth can certainly be slower in previously treated areas, but as has been said, with a reputable surgeon you should be fine.
  2. This patient is in his 30’s with stable loss and has been on meds for a few years. He has long hair and requested FUT. He received 2035 follicular units and his fine hair quality yielded an average of 2 hairs per graft. He is very happy with the outcome after 12 months.
  3. Sorry to say but that doesn't look to be anywhere close to 4100 grafts to be honest. As others have said, you need to provide more pics showing the whole treated area. Due to the widespread placement of the grafts, you're not going to get a dense result, but hopefully you'll get good growth which will at least provide a base for a second procedure (donor allowing).
  4. Looks like a successful result. Do we know who his surgeon was?
  5. I don't see anything to worry about there. As you're concerned though, you could take pics every few months under consistent lighting and see if anything changes, but I don't think it will.
  6. Obviously it depends on the extent of someone's hair loss, but most of us don't get back our original hair density through transplantation. Harsh lighting will always exaggerate the thinner areas. At seven months there's still the possibility of further improvement so wait and see before planning further work.
  7. This patient is in his 40's with fairly stable hair and wanted to boost the frontal aspect. We did an FUE procedure of 1741 grafts with an average of 2.3 hairs per grafts. He popped in for 5 minutes and we took a few pics with the full set to follow. These though clearly show the progress at over a year through the journey.
  8. Not sure why you've started another thread on this. Haven't the replies on your previous one put your mind at rest?
  9. Looking great. A perfect example of a successful transplant 'framing the face'
  10. I wouldn't quite go that far...would slightly defeat the object
  11. Don't like to give the standard reply, but honestly, you're in great hands whichever one you choose.
  12. I've tried them all and have generally found the cheap unbranded ones as effective as the well known more expensive ones. They're all essentially the same. They do work, though if you're using them near the hairline you may occasionally get some stray fibres dropping down onto your forehead.
  13. His contact info is all on the homepage of their website. I have heard they can be slow to respond at times though.
  14. Ah Ok, perhaps he's made this change recently then. Glad your procedure was a success.
  15. This patient is in his mid 30’s and started finasteride six months before surgery. His aim was to boost the front and have finasteride hopefully hold on to the rest. So far so good at ten months post op. He had 2081 grafts via FUE with an average hair count of 2 hairs per graft.
  16. I wouldn't go as far as to say 'no growth', I'm sure there was some, but certainly not as much as I had experienced with previous procedures. I finally started noticing real growth at month eight. At month six and seven I was still heavily relying on sprays/fibres. By month nine and ten I just didn't need them. Think I've got some pics somewhere but I wasn't taking monthly ones so the late growth spurt can't be seen. All I have is immediate post op and the final result.
  17. Really nice natural result, and you look unrecognisable from your post op pics. You certainly appear to have great hair characteristics, and with the beard donor available if needed, I'd say you're in a great position for years to come. Sensible planning by yourself and the doc.
  18. Not sure that's correct unless he's changed his criteria for patients in the last few years. I had a procedure with him in 2014 and I wasn't taking propecia.
  19. Other than cost, I can't see why anyone would gamble on a procedure with them when you've got Dr. Lorenzo in the same city.
  20. I'd say 2500-3000 grafts would give you nice coverage. I've always been impressed by Dr. Wong's crown results and you won't go far wrong with either him or Konoir.
  21. Just looked at your pre op pic again. What a transformation and you're barely five months out. Hopefully you'll continue to update as it will be interesting to see how much more improvement you get.