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  1. Hey all, I've been on Fin for about two years, a bit more actually, at a dosage of 1mg. My hair seemed to stabilise, but now I've underwent a huge shed for like 6 months, and my temple has receded. Fin doesn't seem to be really working for my hair, which is the case for some people apparently. My question is: if the hairs in our safe zones are DHT resistant, would it make sense that even if fin cannot stop all your native hair from falling, it may provide enough of a buffer that your safe zone hairs are essentially safe for as long as you take it? I'm just thinking, as if all my hair is gonna go despite fin, whether there is any point getting a transplant. Might be a question for researchers/doctor's, but thought I'd ask as this forum is so knowledgeable. Cheers
  2. I think this is a good point. Like, we know the scar is from a HT, but a few years ago if I was to see a linear scar on the back of some dudes head, I would have thought: "oh, a thin scar, I guess he had an operation or something" - then literally not give it one single thought. Especially if he had a great head of hair. Everyday people don't actually care about scarring.
  3. That's a good idea. Mind you, given the reputation of docs in my area, they will probably say I'm a great candidate regardless 😂
  4. This may be a question that needs to be fielded by the doctors that browse these forums: but is there any tool, method, or means, for someone to assess their donor area prior to travel? For some of us that live in Aus, NZ, and so on, a 20+ hour flight, plus all the accompanying expenditure, is a real commitment. Does anyone know if using say, a microscope camera, or visiting a dermatologist, would allow one to see if their donor is appropriate? I understand doctors use a Densitometer, or microscope to see if the donor is thinning (different hair profiles, different colours, etc) and it would be great for people to have the means to conduct this locally, prior to travel. Or, alternatively, would photos of magnified scalps be useful for surgeons moving forward? Thanks all.
  5. Hey all, I'm sure we've all seen the cases in which, for whatever reason, a transplant doesn't work. The grafts don't grow, the person may be incompatible, and so on. Does anyone know the most prominent reasons for a transplant not working? Considering this, would it be potentially smart to start with an FUE, instead of the recommended FUT, in case if doesn't work, and then scarring would be less potentially? I know both scar, and FUE can have terrible scarring, but it is usually easier to hide than a strip. Thanks all.
  6. Hey mate, Firstly, I'm really sorry you went through all of this, it truly sounds horrible. I kind of (not nearly as bad as your experience) know the feeling of something needing to change due to career moves. I've coming to the end of my post-grad, where I'm always in the field/in a lab, so I just cover my hair with a beanie/hat. My new job I won't be able to do so, so I'm a bit stuck. The SMP helped a lot IMO - if I was you, I'd consult some ethical, well-known doctors. One that springs to mind is Dr. Lupanzula, in all his patient testimonies they talk about how caring and thoughtful he is, and his work/scar repair is great. Chatting to multiple, good surgeons is your best bet. Do you mind me asking what was the initial clinic you went to? Best of luck, mate.
  7. I guess I just noticed gradual temple recession, to the point that I was like, hang-on, has my hair always been like that? Now it's at the point where it is pretty much making me depressed and super self-conscious, lol. No one has really told me, other than my dermatologist, I always wear hats, beanies, and use long hair to disguise it - but that is getting very hard now. Treatments are fin and minoxidil, seemed to work for a while, but a recent shed has kind of taken away all the progress.
  8. So I think it would have an effect dude. If nothing else has changed, only your meds, then it's probably fin. Mine definitely changed when I changed the dosage.
  9. Thanks Doctor, That makes sense. In switching from 1mg to .5mg, I have definitely noticed an increase in hairloss, compared with what was essentially a cessation before.
  10. Not very, I've always had a long cut. Almost like someone that refused to let go of an emo "it's not a phase mom" do. That makes sense, thanks happy
  11. Hey Melvin, Firstly, awesome video. Great summary of the differences and positives/negatives. Secondly, your hair just looks incredible haha. You must be so happy, it frames your face so well - and looks so natural. Touching on your topic of maximising the grafts, would this sound like a good idea in your opinion: I need about 2k grafts, but will no doubt have extensive hair loss in the future. Would it be sensible to get a strip of around 2k, and get a good frontal hairline with quality grafts, then use FUE for any subsequent operations? Just checking I had your combination method right. Great work
  12. Great choice, Cooley is a fantastic surgeon. If you don't mind me asking, what prompted you to choose Cooley finally? His results are very consistent, so I can't blame you. I assume the FUT price wasn't anything crazy either? Best of luck on Finasteride, too. Don't think about the sides - I've been on it for years with no sides, as have lots of people I know. Cheers!
  13. Hi Dr, Thanks a lot for the reply. I'm not sure if this makes sense to you, but the hairs that fall out, seem to have a white, bulb-like ending. Is this indicative of the telogen phase? I'm going to pop down to a dermatologist and have a check-up in about a month, so we shall see Thanks again!
  14. Hi Dr, Beautiful results as always, the patient must be very happy. I was wondering if you recommend any specific plan for patients in their 20's? As in, is it advisable to take a moderate hair line and then take preventative medication? Thanks a lot!
  15. Has anyone experienced this personally? I was reading a great post by Spex, detailing how some people can undergo large sheds when seasons change. Since the start of summer in Aus, or rather for a couple of months now, I have undergone a big shed. I've never had a transplant, but am noticing lots of hairs on my pillow, in the shower, and so on. It may just be my MPB progressing, but thought I'd get other perspectives on whether it could be a shed of some sort - as it's pretty terrifying haha. Thanks all.