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  1. Both. Some in person, some over the net, and I knew the ones in person prior.
  2. Great journey you've got there, friend. Looks really good. I'm blown away by that scar. If you said you had only gotten FUE I would have never even noticed a scar, even at that low of a cut.
  3. This is very true. This is a tiny subset of what would constitute a representative sample of a population. Also, you've got to consider that a lot of people on this website have hair loss that either: A) needs to be remedied with an actual transplant, or B) have had bad reactions to medication which has left a transplant as the only option. I know of quite a few people that got on fin, it kept their hair, and they never thought about hair loss again - or at least not as we do. I.e. the people who had a positive result on fin are most likely not on forums such as these. Lenney had some good natural options, that might be a good start. Either that, or start at a very low dosage.
  4. Been on it about about 2.5-3 years. Had sides for like, the first two days, but I put this down almost 100% due to my mental preparation. I read about the sides, thought I might get them, then as soon as I popped the pill my brain was like, "welp, you got em". After I convinced myself how ludicrous I was being, I was back to normal. I take natural supplements (fenugreek) to boost any libido issues I have. Admittedly, this is mostly peace of mind as I never actually had any issues. The trouble with ED, is that there is such a huge mental aspect. I.e. if something triggers a minor episode, our mind can cause this to unravel and go beyond a physiological stressor. Hard to say if I've got brain fog, or not. Im one of those perpetually tired people that is always half asleep, and have always been. So my natural mode is foggy 😂 You can always try it at a low dosage: 0.25mg, then 0.5, and so on. Incremental changes are the best way to avoid long term effects, or so I am told.
  5. I've done this for the past couple of years, to which I've been on .5mg of fin and 1mg ln minoxidil. My temples are slowly receding (maybe), but the rest of my hair has gotten a lot more full, as has my crown. Bit of a weird one.
  6. Very good points there. With medication, would you think someone even headed to a NW7 could keep enough hair that transplants can provide good coverage?
  7. I've often wondered this. Like, should you get a FUT to cover for future loss if it's all gonna go anyway? And then you've just got a scar and hardly any hair 😛
  8. You'll come to realise that @JayLDD is extremely sensitive, and ultimately defensive when it comes to even the most innocuous of statements. His lack of control is a testament to his short-comings, not yours, so I wouldn't take it to heart. He's simply an angry little man that types big paragraphs on the internet, nothing more
  9. This is honestly what has stopped me from pulling the trigger. I've always worried that even if I get a HT, for one reason or another, it may fail - even if it's within a few years. I'd rather have a fully shaved head than a receding/messy hair line, and not being able to shave it if something went wrong is my ultimate concern. Unfortunately, all transplants will have scarring, especially at a buzz cut.
  10. At mentioned, the current state of the literature suggests that fin results in a more specific detection, and at a later date. Hence, the initial study may have seemed to suggest an increase in aggressive cancers. It appears to have been a case of correlation and not causation. Studies since have found no causal relationship between fin and aggressive cancers, and they've had quite extensive and robust sample sizes. Of course, it's hard to say definitely, either way, but as of now the consensus is that it is only a positive in terms of prostate cancer.
  11. I've had surgeons tell me that if doesn't need to be stable. Admittedly I don't know about thinning, as in if the donor is thin, whether that makes a difference to the follicles removed. Probably needs to be fielded by a surgeon or rep.
  12. Hey gang, I've seen a couple of posts/comments recently, discussing travel and the best way to proceed post and pre-surgery. Feel like it would be a good idea to get some tips for everyone to use. Specifically, tips regarding: How early you flew out; how close you stayed to the clinic; tips for when going through airports, the flights, and security; how many days should you set aside post surgery. Keen to hear any experiences.
  13. I've read that too, but it may just be here-say among forum members. Further to this, I've been quoted around 1500-2000 grafts from multiple docs - considering their amazing high count FUT results, would going FUT with them be overkill sort of? I'm considering FUT due to extensive family history of balding, and sitting at a NW4 in my early 30's.
  14. Great post mate! It really can make a huge difference.
  15. Hey everyone, When it comes to these extremely skilled, and well-respected surgeons, is there much of a difference between them? As in, is one more involved in a certain type of procedure, versus the other? Or are they pretty much the same? Also, when going with them, does a patient choose who they want to be operated on by? I'm more-so just curious about how clinics that have multiple reputable surgeons operate. Thanks all.