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  1. Hey all, I have a surgery in a few months, but now that's it approaching, I'm starting to worry about, well everything haha. My surgery is with Dr. Konior, so I am extremely lucky, and have ZERO worry about him as a surgeon. I'm over the moon to have been able to book in with him. I'm more-so worried about me. I'm 29, and am about a NW3. I've been on finasteride and minoxidil for about 3 years, and it has slowed my loss, considerably, but it's still happening slowly. I also have veeeery extreme balding on my dad's side. I.e. dad is a NW 7, and my older brother is a NW 5/6 in his late 30's. (Mother's side has kept their hair). I'm worried, as I'm clearly predisposed to balding, and even though I'm on meds, I'm slowly losing still my hair - but I'm committing to a transplant. Dr. K didn't express any real concerns, but out consultation was only via photos as I am in Australia (there are no reputable surgeons around to even have a consult here). Has anyone grappled with similar worries? I.e. will it all be for nothing? Sorry for the ramble, a bit on my mind at the minute 😄
  2. Amazing, absolutely amazing, mate. Very happy for you! I'm seeing Dr K in a few months myself, and I'm in a similar situation to you regarding age, meds, loss, and so on. Did Dr. K mention anything about future loss management or the like? I only ask as I have an extensive family history of balding, and it always has me second guessing. Again, congrats
  3. Hi Laser, I'm a bit older (early 30's) - so I think it's loss. My frontal sides/temporal points seem to have thinned, and I'm not sure if it's characterised as MPB - or maybe a more un-patterned alopecia.
  4. Hey all, Just wondering if temple thinning is a standard character of traditional balding? My temples have grown quite thin, and I'm scheduled to have a transplant, but I'm worried it may mean I have a different class of loss that could hinder my results. Just for clarity I mean the temporal points (I think that's the correct term) - i.e. in line with the eye brows. Thanks in advance!
  5. From this point of view, hair transplants are unfortunately always a risk. No one can know for certain what their loss will progress to, some people don't even seem to follow their family history. It's good you are on medication, but as you said, some people continue to lose hair even on meds. It's really quite tricky. Your best bet would be to opt for a very conservative approach, and seek out doctors who have great surgical techniques to minimise scarring.
  6. I second this. I've seen Dr. Path have good results from comparatively low harvests. Would be interesting to see if there were more patient posts to verify.
  7. Hey all, I'm currently having a massive shed of hair, and it's really become noticeable. After every shower I can gently pull on parts of my hair, and have strands upon strands seemingly fall out with zero resistance. For reference I've been in Fin & Minox for 3+ years, and no other changes. Does this potentially mean I'm losing the battle? Don't think I've ever had it this bad. Thanks everyone for your advice.
  8. This is a very good point, BeHappy. I'll readily admit I obsess over things that people don't seem to notice. Of course. But we must remember, a hair transplant is never guaranteed. None of us know for certain how our loss will progress. Sure, a patient could wait until they are late 30's and then have a good idea of how extreme it is, but then they may miss out on their late 20's-30's with something that makes them self conscious. I don't feel like any patient can rule out a complete shave with a HT, as who knows what it will end up like down the road.
  9. I'm not too sure why, but people on this forum seem to be really against scarring. I've seen bald/buzzed men with FUT scars, surgery scars, and just general scarring on their head. When I do, I think, hey, that's a scar, then never even think about it again. I'd wager most people are like this, and I am yet to come across anyone in person that actually cares about scarring. Having a thin, linear scar at the back of your head isn't going to turn you into a monster.
  10. Hi everyone, Is there any way patients who don't have clinics near them can be assessed for DUPA? I would like to get a HT, but I want to understand my loss pattern I believe DUPA runs in my family. Though, I don't have any clinics near me, and I'm told it's difficult to tell from photos. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  11. I've been visiting a dermatologist every 6 months for the past few years, to which I have pictures taken that are free of my error-prone photography. The only recession is slight temple recession, but everywhere else my hair appears to be stronger and more full. Admittedly, I may have overestimated my progressive loss since taking the meds as I obsess over my hair quite extensively.
  12. Thanks Laser, That makes sense, I hadn't really considered another side of it. Just for reference, I've been on fin and minox for about three years. My recession has slowly progressed since I started. I'm confident in saying it would be a lot worse if I wasn't on the meds, but I don't think it's stopped it completely.
  13. Hey all, I'm considering a HT, and am at a NW3 (late twenties). I've been on meds for a few years, and my hair loss has progressed slowly since I started them. Bad family history in terms of loss, i.e. all males are essentially bald. Any recommendations on how many grafts I would need to fill the corners or if surgery is appropriate? I'm also starting to thin in the temples and sides, is this a typical MPB symptom? Or is this more reminiscent of a different type of alopecia? Thanks for any input!
  14. Hey all, I saw an article the other day that claimed whilst weight-training can increase DHT production, cardio can actually reduce it. I've seen this echoed before, so I decided to do some research. The current state of the literature suggests that all exercise, weight, cardio, mid and high intensity, all increase DHT. Studies have even been conducted which tested low-mid level endurance training, and found a significant relationship between DHT and exercise. Has anyone heard anything similar? Just thought it was interesting myself, as I had been almost avoiding weights due to believing cardio was better for my mop. Though, I am unsure as to whether the increase in DHT could accelerate hair-loss or not, as not much research set out to investigate that.
  15. How long have you been on them, do you mind me asking? Do you think they've successfully kept the loss at bay?