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  1. Hey all, I saw an article the other day that claimed whilst weight-training can increase DHT production, cardio can actually reduce it. I've seen this echoed before, so I decided to do some research. The current state of the literature suggests that all exercise, weight, cardio, mid and high intensity, all increase DHT. Studies have even been conducted which tested low-mid level endurance training, and found a significant relationship between DHT and exercise. Has anyone heard anything similar? Just thought it was interesting myself, as I had been almost avoiding weights due to believing cardio was better for my mop. Though, I am unsure as to whether the increase in DHT could accelerate hair-loss or not, as not much research set out to investigate that.
  2. How long have you been on them, do you mind me asking? Do you think they've successfully kept the loss at bay?
  3. Damn, this one hit home haha. Legit my life, can't remember a time where I wasn't legitimately thinking about hairloss all day, every day. Congrats on your surgery mate, it looks incredible!
  4. One of the positives, is the compound medication is really cheap. I think I get like, 100 pills or three months worth for about 70 bucks. It contains: finasteride, minox, biotin, zinc, and a couple of other vitamins. Let us know how you go!
  5. It's posts like this that make me glad I found this site. Both my older brother, and father, who are late 30's and 50's, both have a thin donor that would not facilitate a transplant. If I was to get one, as many surgeon's have suggested I can, then I wouldn't be surprised if within the next 5-10 years it starts falling out. I feel like younger patients need to be told details like above, as a lot of doctors simply state that the donor hair which is transplanted will last forever. I've seen many people on forums express the same as BeHappy, and some wish they never bothered with a HT.
  6. He is the leading physician of the dermatologist I go to for my hair meds. I'm on a compound medication containing this oral minox, and finasteride. They claim that there is an inhibitory characteristic of topical minoxidil, and oral completely bypasses this. Whether this is true, or not, I am unsure, as I haven't cited any legitimate research pertaining to oral versus topical, and their mechanisms. They always seem to be trialing new treatments at that dermatology clinic, and are often doing clinical trials. I've never personally been consulted by him, but the derm at the clinic was good. She actually talked me out of a transplant in favour of trying to keep my hair with medication. But yes, it does all seem very gimmicky from those sites.
  7. Hey all, Just wondering if anyone knows if dermarolling/micro-needling works without topical minoxidil at all? I currently take oral minox in a compound medication with finasteride (one pill with both in it), and i wasn't exactly sure of the minox/micro-needling mechanism. Is it purely advantageous only with topical minox? Or can it be used with oral, or without any? Apologies if this is a dumb question. Thanks : )
  8. Some really good answers here. I wonder, happy and Gil, do you think if a person was headed to a NW 6/7, being on finasteride would be enough to keep the donor hairs strong enough? As I understand they are relatively resistant to DHT, so a reduction in DHT production may facilitate enough donor for a transplant?
  9. What did you end up doing with your loss, Gil? Did you continue to wear a system, or move to a transplant?
  10. Hey everyone, Just wanted to share something I've noticed which highlights the dynamic nature of shedding/hair fall. I know it can be extremely worrisome, but I've noticed it really does come and go. For instance, I travel for work, and occasionally I need to travel into extremely cold regions of New Zealand (I am based in Australia). Without fail, every trip, within two or three days my hair starts shedding - even if I had zero shedding in Aus. It could be the weather, or simply that I end up wearing a beanie 24/7 which may cause the hairs that would shed daily, to remain loosely attached. Has anyone experienced anything similar? More-so found this to be curious, and hopefully it shows how easily hairs can shed, and for those in shedding phases to not stress too much. In my experience, hair usually bounces back quite quickly from these falls, even if they last a while.
  11. Dr. Bloxham, given that inevitably the medication can give way to genetics over time, do you think this could be an issue for those headed to a NW 6/7? As in, for those with prospective aggressive hair loss, is a transplant without medication enough to secure a long-term result?
  12. That's very true. I've been on it for a couple of years now (finasteride that is) - I just hope it can stop my loss enough to have a long-lasting transplant.
  13. Thanks for the advice, Laser and Be happy, you are both some of the most knowledgeable and helpful on this forum, and have helped me a tonne with every reply. I was wondering if you could share your opinions on my situation. I'm late 20's, NW3, and on both main medications. My older brother is 8 years older, and is a NW 5/6. Looking at him, he simply doesn't have the donor to facilitate a HT, and neither does my father. Given finasteride and people with aggressive loss, and donor changed, would taking finasteride potentially keep enough hair to warrant a transplant? I'm just concerned with getting one, only to have my hair fall out in a few years. Thanks a lot.
  14. Hey my man, This is an awesome story. Well, your ordeal sucks, but I'm stoked you got a good result. Your hair looks amazing! I've always loved that style. Just wondering, if you were to do it all again, how would you tackle it? As you said, it's hard in Melbourne, we can't go to a good salon, get the shave, the system, the style, and so on. Also, how do you plan on the maintenance? As in, do you just shave your own hair if needed every few weeks, re-apply the system, then get it blended at your salon? Thanks mate