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  1. I have a different view of Ugly Duckling. Since my recipient area was not shaved, and I don't buzz by head anywhere, the worst part is waiting for the buzzed donor area to grow out.
  2. If you ever see me dressed like this - just shoot me. R. Don Steel offers excellent advice on clothes. One thing I hate is the new short too tight suit coats that make men look like Alfafa. https://steelballs.com/
  3. You may have some residual redness that would be hidden by hair. Shaving your head, a lot of times results in a white head. Shaving your head draws attention to the one thing you are trying not to draw attention to. I just don't see this as a very good tactic.
  4. How are people used to seeing you? A dramatic change right off will draw attention to your hair.
  5. Harpeet, if you are satisfied now you will really be excited at 1 year. You haven't experienced maximum improvement yet.
  6. The key for me is to maintain a natural look appropriate for my age, without giving up like so many do. My hair hasn't gone completely gray. Subtle incremental changes like transplants seem to be the best way to go. Dying my hair to get rid of the gray would probably look fake, and would probably be overkill. We have all seen the women with pitch black hair or the guys who dress too young for their age. I don't fit in with the Hip Hop scene, but I can still enjoy Hooters and Twin Peaks with friends. It is a whole different game when you get older. Hell I may even get a facelift next.
  7. That sounds like a good idea. Personally I took a 2 week vacation, and nobody expected anything when I got back. Of course that was FUT.
  8. I was working and a girl who always had headphones on announced the attack on America. I witnessed the Challenger explosion first hand in 1986 in Florida. I was in school when JFK was murdered in 1963.
  9. I agree there probably is a sweet spot that is best for each individual. That is one reason I am letting it grow, and the texture has improved a lot over the last few months. When you get older you look like a fool if you have a trendy haircut or trendy clothes.
  10. I am 72 now, and I believe I had a very high survival rate for the transplants. I really didn't realize how thin my hair was until I took that top picture. I have always done everything for everybody else and I decided it was time to do something for myself. I also did not experience many of the side effects of the procedure mentioned on this forum. I never saw shedding or extended redness. I had both FUT and then FUE. Frankly, my biggest problem was dealing with the horrible haircut after FUE.
  11. I moved from Oklahoma to Florida during that time. I will be honest with you I choose Dr. Love because I knew of his work. Dr Syed had good reviews on Realself, and it was a 1.5 hour drive. Both doctors produce good results. I am growing my hair out and the longer it gets the better it feels so I will post back at the 2 year mark.
  12. I had 2000 transplants with Dr. Tim Love in OKC in November 2011 and 2300 transplants Sep. 10, 2018 with Dr. Junaid Syed in Orlando. Today marks 1 year since my last transplant, and I am very pleased with the results. I am growing my hair out so it is looking better every day. Looking back at that picture I didn't realize how bald I was
  13. Thanks LaserCap for your input. It is not so important as to risk the consequences you speak of. I don't want to do another transplant just to get a package deal. I have good eyebrows, I just wanted to add a little bit to the end. I figured it would be hard to find a doctor who would want to do what would probably be <50 transplants for both eyes combined.
  14. My eyebrows are full up to the end, but I would like to fill the ends in just a little bit. I am done with hair transplants to the head, and today is my one year anniversary of my last transplant. I wonder if a doctor would even take on such a small job.