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  1. 6 months since my 2nd transplant on Sep 10th 2018. For about 4-5 months I didn't think much was happening and now I seem to be ahead of schedule. My hair feels thick and full, and I am going for a new look. I have grown a full beard, and I am going to let my hair grow longer. The beard and mustache are all white and my hair is still mostly brown. I actually found a picture that predates my first transplant in 2011 so at the 1 year mark Sep 10, 2019 I will post a current picture and a before picture I have had a total of 4300 grafts and I am totally pleased with the results. Not bad for 71 years old. If I had shedding I sure didn't notice it, and there was no shock loss, and I get a very high success rate with the transplants. I didn't use any of the lotions suggested to prevent hair loss. I just think I am a good patient for transplants. Both times I have done this I have been pleasantly surprised.
  2. Screw you!! I responded to you talking about shampooing your hair. You can go F**k yourself.
  3. I probably did over kill for about 2 months, and barely even touched my head. Even now at 5 months I am still gentle, and pat dry my hair. I even used a 44 oz. cup to rinse my head. I am not one of the guys who gives a day by day description of my progress. My hair seems fuller, but I won't make any judgement until at least a year.
  4. LOL I turned off notifications because of this posting. My email was flooded.
  5. I like your answer. He sounds a bit impetuous.
  6. Why would somebody get a transplant and then shave their head?
  7. How long did your 3300 take the first time. I just had 2300 FUE and it took me 10+ hours to get off the table. Anything that is finished in one day is easier on you. The continuing trauma to your scalp hardly seems conducive to quicker healing. You already know what makes the most sense to you. I never had a swelling problem. I am just amazed the doctor could place that many in one day. I never comment on the doctors, because I just don't follow individual doctors, but if you liked the original results why change. You can go off your opinion, which you trust, or accept the opinion of others, as well meaning as they may be, who knows you better?
  8. There was a whole cult built around the laser idea with guys designing and building there own. I even had one you sit under. This site thrives on the concept. https://hairlossfight.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=1061&sid=884efa5f7c07b02e394c1b3f55f82b64
  9. I find nothing ,that is not a sponsored ad, that advocates inversion therapy for much other than the spine.
  10. I was doing my laundry this morning and saw this on Good Morning America. I know this won't apply to most because the guy on the program lost all of his hair. I just thought you might find this interesting. https://www.goodmorningamerica.com/wellness/story/drug-alopecia-shows-promise-60128818
  11. As typical, you choose to insult me rather than successfully argue your point. It was OK for people to support the $20k price tag, but it is out of line for me to condemn a ridiculous price. You made my point because you are buying a name. I bet you get your coffee from Starbucks.
  12. Just because someone said the price should not be a determining factor does not make it so. Selecting the procedure and then figuring out how to pay for it has disastrous consequences for financial stability. I just don't like the Starbucks mentality that justifies overpaying just for a name.
  13. 20k was one of the mentioned prices and it was even supported in one case.
  14. For how many people does a 20k transplant make sense? How many of these 'Elite' clinics are grossly overpriced, but nobody will say anything because they have been called 'Elite'. People are afraid to rock the boat, and they have taken the ability to control prices from the public and handed it to the doctors. Boycott the doctor and he will return to reasonable prices. Pay Less shoes showed how gullible people are by opening Palessi store in California and charging 10 to 20 times as much for their shoes, and the people were raving about what a great buy they got.
  15. It is great if money is not an issue, but money is an issue to most folks. Logically if one cannot pay cash for the procedure they should wait until they can. Deferred gratification is not often easy, but it is always welcome. If you have 2 choices of a 20 k car or a 20 k transplant, wouldn't it be wiser to buy a 5 k car and find a lower priced transplant. Better yet pay 5 k for the car and take the money you would have been spending on a car payment and devote that towards the transplant. This would require you to wait until you can pay cash.