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  1. Buyers Remorse is natural after any big ticket purchase, not specifically the hair transplant.
  2. You have apprehension and that is normal. After the transplant you will have buyers remorse. What I would question is having 2 procedures so close together
  3. Dazed

    3 month mark

    I have no idea why you are in an ugly duckling stage I am 2 months into FUE this time and I look just like before. I endured about 6 weeks with a horrible FUE haircut, but now its all cool.
  4. Why would you have to hide for a year? Nobody will notice as your new hair is growing in. I think you are interpreting when people talk about a year they are more talking about thickness and density of the hairs. You will be at ease a lot earlier than that. Remember people aren't looking at you as much as you think they are. They are too concerned about their own appearance. Unless you were the hot girl in the office people don't notice you.
  5. I am at the 2 month mark, and while I didn't see any shedding, I can also not see the grafts, but I can feel them as kind of prickly little suckers. I really don't remember the shedding in 2011 either. Is it at all possible that they don't shed for everybody? Because of a post about blood thinners I was wondering if being on a blood thinner could effect the growth of the grafts in a positive way. I was on blood thinners for both my transplants.
  6. Dazed

    HT & Blood Thinners

    I was put on Rat Poison (Warfarin) in 2009, but I believe I was on Pradaxa by 2011 when I had my first transplant and it turned out great. I am only 2 months into this transplant so I can't comment on that.
  7. Obviously you want yours to be kept secret or you wouldn't have asked this question. I had FUT in 2011 - took off work for 2 weeks, and nobody had any idea I had anything done, and I worked with a lot of women, especially one heavy black lady that notice everything. I couldn't sneak anything past her, but she didn't notice the hair transplant - that's when I knew I had it made. You can't hide FUE very well. I just had FUE and lucky for me I am retired so just wearing a hat hid my ridiculous haircut. Now 2 months later all is well. If you can't take a couple weeks off with FUT or FUE the scabs will be a problem. With FUT let your hair grow. Nobody knows about either procedure except one buddy of mine whom I told. The best you can do with FUE is get your head buzzed and let everybody get used to seeing you that way. You will still have the problem with scabs for up to 2 weeks, and some guys experience redness.
  8. I assume you are talking about FUE. I had no swelling or redness although the donor area was tender for about 6 weeks. There was no real pain. My scabs took about 1.5-2 weeks to drop off, but I was very gentle and never touched the implants until about a month later. As mentioned by Aftermath your silly haircut will be a major concern. In retrospect I would have got a buzz cut prior to FUE if I had it to do over again, but at 2 months I finally look normal. I am retired so I can hide. Most cannot. I also had FUT in 2011, but that was very easy to pass off, and again I had no swelling or redness.
  9. Markee, be skeptical of anything reported in the media. Dr. Dean Edell who retired in 2010 goes into media deception in his book Eat, Drink & Be Merry. He is a master of critical thinking and sorely missed. He exposed many of the medical farces throughout the years, and tore apart the anit-immunization crowd. Do you know that got its big push from Lisa Bonet and Phil Donohue on a frigging talk show. How many children died because of that. Anyway get your information from respected medical journals.
  10. As I remember it just seemed to be there at the same time. I hope I get the same thing this time.
  11. Why would you tug on them?
  12. Dazed

    3 month mark

    You mentioned the scar in the donor area with FUT. That is very easy to hide as long as you don't cut your hair short. I never even gave a thought to it with FUT. Many people mention redness, but I never experienced that.
  13. Dazed

    3 month mark

    The only ones who might notice are women. Men don't look at men. I had FUT in 2011 and went back to work after 2 weeks, and nobody noticed anything. The hair growth is so gradual they won't notice the transition from NW4 to NW2. A bunch of guys were standing outside talking about hair and one guy said 'you are lucky you still have hair', I just smiled inside, and that was at about the 6 month mark. I am at the 2 month mark of FUE, and I look the same as I did before since the shaved area has grown out. FUT is not hard to hide at all once the scabs fall off. I had a 2 week 'Ugly Duckling' stage with FUT and about 6 weeks with FUE.
  14. Really what can you do other than speak to the doctor. I didn't pay close attention to my first transplant, but it seemed like all of a sudden it was there, and I would guess it was at the 6 month mark. I am at the 2 month stage right now and paying more attention this time and I am going to stop that because it will drive you crazy.