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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. Overstock and Target are pretty big names so I don't believe these are scams.
  2. Google my friend. It was easy to find Morr 10%. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=morr+10%
  3. They will insert a catheter, or put a diaper on you - it all Depends. Just kidding, forget about the 4 cups of coffee before you go. Mine lasted 10 hours and they did break for lunch. In certain situations I can go long periods like during the operation, or even when i am driving long distances.
  4. I question all reviews, most are secretly promoting another product such as this review promoting something named Haironex such as this review. Believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear. https://hair-pills-reviews.com/Viviscal_full_review.php?f=adwords_Viviscal&gclid=CjwKCAjwtqj2BRBYEiwAqfzur28PRAC3w3RH2N4QTWyREfhD9Dpxkyo8RLn3Mbw5CbCBgOEdTLTAhxoCTusQAvD_BwE
  5. Kudos, you look great. Please post back at 18 months if you can stop dancing then.
  6. At at about the 4-5 months of my first transplant my transplants were curly, and actually it looked pretty good. Within a few months they turned into a soft wave which was more typical for me. This did not happen with the 2nd transplant.
  7. More than anything I would like a rule that people don't quote huge postings. People do that and then everyone has to scroll through lengthy posts that they have already seen.
  8. There must be a software program that allows a man to add hair incrementally in the same way a transplant would. Something showing the monthly growth stages so they know what to expect.
  9. WOW what a story, and great results! This is probably the best story on this forum. We are all with you Glam Hair.
  10. Yes Oh Guru, that may be the case, but that is so hard to measure. Your posts are always some of the best on the forum. KUDOS I wish more guys would post 18 month reports, because it is then you can view more complete results.
  11. LOL Me at 62 prior to the first transplant. Bottom picture is me at 70 , I year prior to my second transplant in 2018. I had just walked in from cutting about 3 acres
  12. LOL, I really didn't realize how bald I was. I never could nail down the Norwood Scale. Would you say I was a 5? I remember after my first transplant in 2011 thinking how great I looked until a few years later when I caught a side view and knew I needed another transplant. I certainly don't look like I did at 17,but for me it is great. Me at 17.
  13. I worked as an auditor, and I could have worked the next day except for doing the saline solution often.
  14. This is what this quote is all about. "Imagination frames events unknown in wild fantastic shapes of hideous ruin, and what it fears, creates." Hannah More Report post Quote Edit Quote Edit "Imagination frames events unknown in wild fantastic shapes of hideous ruin, and what it fears, creates." Hannah More Quote Edit "Imagination frames events unknown in wild fantastic shapes of hideous ruin, and what it fears, creates." Hannah More