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  1. Get a woman to show you how to use concealer.
  2. Other than just your hair we need to be aware of skin cancer. After all these years in the sun I now avoid it, and not just because of hair.
  3. Dazed

    Sun exposure

    By now you must realize that your perfect scenario may not be answered. My first transplant I took 2 weeks off work and stayed covered all the time, but as I returned to work people would have thought it odd for me to wear a hat for an office job. My hatless exposure was for 15 minutes at a time, but that was also in November when the sun was less intense, and I had no damage. You need a select group who work outside and don't cover. The answer to your question will only come from a very select group who may or may not even see this post. I wish you luck, and think you may be overconcerned, but don't get frustrated if your message is not reaching the ones you want to hear from.
  4. Dazed

    Sun exposure

    I am a little fanatical about protecting the grafts. You are probably overly concerned. You didn't say how long it has been since your transplants. Here is an article on sun exposure, and it is what I am doing. https://www.chicagohairinstitute.com/blog/2017/02/20/avoiding-sun-exposure-after-hair-179641
  5. Dazed

    Sun exposure

    Good, I was afraid you had done damage. The angle of the sun should help you, but I would still cover that window. Understand that I go a little overboard on the recovery process, and never expose the grafts to sunlight.
  6. I just found the strip process easier, and it didn't take near as long. O f course you have to go back to get the stitches out, but after having both I prefer the strip, and you don't have to bother with the horrible haircut for months. I was awake throughout the strip, but I slept through much of the FUE.
  7. Dazed

    Sun exposure

    You are really asking the people who were not diligent if that impacted their grafts, because I already gave you the answer to the diligent side. You should rephrase your question, and ask what you are really concerned about. Did you get a sunburn or feel that you had too much exposure to the sun? I only post on here during the transplant and recovery process, but this is my 2nd transplant and I had great success with the first.
  8. No comment on migraines but I think the strip is much easier than FUE. I have done both.
  9. Dazed

    Sun exposure

    I swear I am part vampire - a direct descendant of Vlad Dracule, and my grandfather did come from Translyvania. I keep dark curtains on every window. Why not just drape a blanket over that window for the time being.
  10. Dazed

    Sun exposure

    My instructions are to not go over 30 minutes of bright sunlight, but I err on the side of caution, and wear a loose hat anytime I am in the sun, and that is not for very long, usually just in and out of a store.. The only other thing it says you can begin wearing sunscreen after 2 weeks. This is my 2nd transplant, and I am being even more cautious this time than I was the first. I will probably wear this hat in the sun for 4-6 months until the grafts start growing. I hate hats and never wear them. The choice is yours. If you want to chance toasting your expensive grafts that is up to you.
  11. Dazed

    Weight Loss Techniques

    Low Carb - enough said.
  12. Dazed

    Sun exposure

    I avoid the sun at all cost.. I hate hats, so I stay out of the sun and I live in Florida. 6 day post transplant.
  13. That's funny. I didn't think about it until now but the doctor drew all over the top of my head before surgery, but when I woke up they were all gone.
  14. Sage advice, unless you want to drive yourself crazy. I know the transplants can take 4-6 months so waiting for that is worse than watching grass grow. I remember with my first transplant that it just seemed like all of a sudden they were there. I am only in day 6, but I do wish the donor area would grow faster so I don't have to walk around with this foolish haircut. LOL I hate wearing hats.
  15. Dazed

    haircut pre fue

    You might as well try to minimalize the damage. If your doctor buzzes the recipient area there is no reason not to get a buzz cut. YOU DO NOT WANT TO GO TO A BARBER AFTER THE TRANSPLANTS! If he doesn't buzz the recipient area you can get one of those current styles that buzzes the sides and back. Even with that your top will look like crap until the scabs fall off and you can really comb your hair. I apply a saline solution often to the scabs so my hair always looks flat. Day 6 for me and I have not touched the transplants. I shampoo every day by mixing baby shampoo in a cup of luke wram water and pouring it over my scalp. I use my fingers on the donor area, but do not touch the grafts. I then use a cup again to pour over my hair and I let my top hair air dry. DON'T TOUCH THE TRANSPLANTS!