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  1. I don't think anybody will pin this question down. For me it is how it looks at at least 9-12 months out and perhaps even a little longer than that. I did not experience the shedding that is commonplace, perhaps because of my age (71), but at 8 months I am doing great. I would be reluctant to believe any results promised for any cosmetic procedure, and testimonials can be very inaccurate. I cannot even remember what I looked like back in 2011 before my first procedure. I probably had one of the higher survival rates, but it would be impossible to put a figure on that.
  2. I have never heard of transplanting long hair. I have had both FUT and FUE, and the donor area was buzzed down. I did not have the recipient area buzzed with either procedure. The buzzed look is not for everybody. Since shedding seems to be the norm I see little reason to do this unless you are looking at a very temporary fix because of a special event, and acknowledge that most will shed shortly.
  3. At first I wasn't going to reply to this thread since we have a big age difference. I had my first transplant at age 64. I would probably guess that I was a Norwood 4 or 5. 6 Months after my first transplant I was amazed at the results. My second transplant at age 71 was just as amazing as the first. I will have no more procedures even though I could use some in the crown area. I believe my hair loss has stopped. If you are considering Medical Travel I would suggest you research that completely because if you think you have apprehension now you can double or triple that with Medical Travel. I have researched this for years, and concluded that I would be totally out of my element. First thing I would suggest that you are able to pay cash for your treatment. I know that is a hefty chunk of change, but debt will just add to your apprehension. Research the doctor very well concentrating on black marks on his record such as malpractice. My transplants were done by FUT and then by FUE using different doctors. In both cases the doctors only did the medical part and the grunt work was done by technicians, and I am totally satisfied. You must decide if you are OK with this. The actual procedure was no big deal for me except laying on a table for so long. The only pain I felt was the injections for the FUE. My biggest concerns at first was that I looked ridiculous for at least 2 weeks and in the case of FUE it was 3 months because of them shaving the donor area. You next thing will be worrying that it didn't work, but try not to really think about that for 6 months. Some guys obsess about this checking the mirror all the time - that will drive you crazy. HANG LOOSE - GET YOUR FINANCES IN ORDER, AND THEN IT IS JUST NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL. P.S. Read my signature line. Your mind can imagine horrible outcomes that will never come to pass.
  4. I have noticed no difference in my donor are and I have had FUT and FUE. Of course I do not wear my hair short.
  5. From an employers standpoint you are not incapacitated for work unless your job is strenuous. I was an Auditor during my first transplant and took vacation time, but I could have worked the next day. For most people the only reason not to return to work is appearance. The one thing most doctors will buy is stress. If you are a good actor you could get a doctors slip for a couple weeks. I doubt you will find many doctors willing to say you are incapacitated by a transplant if you work in an office.
  6. I am at 8 months and it is normal hair care for me at this point, although I did start using conditioner. I was really gentle for about the first 6 months. I actually did get a bit of a sunburn at the 6 month point with no lingering effects.
  7. Fasting is the answer - watch the videos by Dr. Jason Fung. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoyL4iGArWn5Hu0V_sAhK2w
  8. That does sound a bit odd. Have you talked to the doctor.
  9. I have had 2 transplants totaling 4300 grafts. I can tell no difference between top and back. I usually comb to the side with a part on the left, but just recently begun going longer. I am about 7.5 months since my last transplant. I am quite pleased at this point and I want to see what it looks like at the 1 year mark. I really think I have many more options on how I style my hair. I have a very thick donor area, and it still looks thick.
  10. spex, all I can say is WOW. Are you complete and satisfied?
  11. Good point, I forgot to mention that. I just thought everybody knew my dark secret. LOL I could use some transplants in the crown area, but at 71 it is time to quit. This site has been great and very informative. Good luck to everybody on their journey. It is hard to remember how thin my hair was in 2011, but you also can make it to the promised land.
  12. #1. I had my first transplant in 2011 so only 8 years, but I am totally pleased. #2. I had FUT for my first transplant and I wear my hair long so that was never a problem. #3. FUT because of the horrible haircut needed for FUE #4. I think my hairloss has pretty much stopped and I never used any potions. #5. No Medication 2nd Transplant 09/10/2018 and doing great. Now I am going for the Moses look including the beard. LOL
  13. I have begun receiving notification of every post on here and I have turned all notifications off. I have zero interest in this topic so please stop notifying me of every post. You might as well remove me entirely from the forum because I have achieved my goals and have nothing to add to the forum.
  14. This is probably my last post on this forum. I don't see that I have much to offer on here and my journey is complete, and I am satisfied the way things turned out. My hair is actually getting pretty long since that picture was taken.