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  1. Well, I had both done, I had no significant recovery pain with either procedure. It was more like an uncomfortable feeling. The numbing shots for FUE were horrible - the 2nd worst shot I ever had, 2nd only to a shot in the end of my big toe. I just sat there for the FUT numbing and strip removal. The actual FUE harvest was not bad only the horrible numbing shots. After FUE the back of my head felt numb for about 2 months. For some reason your link does not work , but I just pasted it in the url and it worked. There is something strange about how this was posted.
  2. Not bald enough, the hell they say. You have less hair than I did before my first FUT of 2k transplants in 2011. I had 2.2k FUE in 2018. You didn't mention how your donor area is. Give more info and the guys will kick in here with advice. I would go FUT, then FUE, but that's just me.
  3. Since when is FUE less painful that FUT? Also to maximize harvesting FUT is usually done first.
  4. The shots in the donor area had me squirming like a toad. This was for the FUE. The FUT was easier.
  5. At 8 months you are right on the borderline of where you may or may not have reasonable results. Even if you have average growth you will be presentable if your surgeon is good.
  6. Now that is funny. I never had a hair system and I delivered to Hair Club for Men. My buddy up in Michigan got a hair system. He didn't need it, he was like Sean Connery, he just walked into the room and women flocked to him even without the hair. Some guys are naturals, if you are not, you better become a real powerful man. I have only know two real naturals and everything came easy for them. The only other thing you can do is slim your ass way down, and really dress good. The eye contact I mentioned is so important that I will mention it again. Sitting at Dunkin Donuts and this hot y
  7. It can't be long term, and I want to convince her of that. If she wants to come for a couple years and get established in Florida that is a different story.
  8. I am not really looking, but it is fun to play the game. I actually have a 27 year old who I have known for a long time who is wanting to move down to Florida with me. I have cold feet. I can't see how a hot 27 year old would want to be with a 73 year old. I am not George Clooney, nor am I rich.. I think she has daddy issues, and quite frankly my life is so easy right now the idea of bringing a woman into it is not that appealing. Plus at 73 I don't know if I can keep up with her.
  9. Dating aps suck. Hit on the girl in real life. She may be anywhere so always be prepared. If you can attract her while losing hair, you can hold her with hair. Dress good and use a lot of eye contact. Eye contact is the most amazing thing I have found. I am 73 so I really don't expect a 20 something to fall into my arms. even so if I maintain eye contact they will also, and I will get the look backs. I show this to my buddies as we have coffee at Dunkin Donuts. I tell them to watch, she will look back at me, and she does. That is the beginning of interest. I am doing this with young
  10. If you want to read an expert on this subject check out Steelballs.com with R. Don Steele. Steele is getting old now, but he gives excellent advice on appearance. He concentrates mostly on older men and younger women. If you are looking for a power business suit read his Dress for Success. He will also tell you what colors to buy. Be careful of the suits they are pushing today because they are too short and you look like Alfalfa. Steve Harvey knows how to dress, and I understand he has his own clothes line. We see a woman and imagine them naked. A woman sees a man and imagines him dres
  11. Hang back guys, I got this answer.......................................
  12. I opt for the TLC approach for at least a month. Others will have you scrubbing your head in a week. I used vinegar and water and baby shampoo for the first month, and pour cups of water over my hair to rinse it and let it air dry. I am the extreme TLC end of the Spectrum . If you err my way what is the worst that can happen? I err on the side of caution.
  13. A lot of us get stuck in the same hairstyle our entire life. I wear my hair basically the same as when I was 18. A friend of mine is a big guy and he wears his hair way too long for his size. I can't say anything to him without offending him. The third regular who went for coffee was a Mexican guy who had the perfect haircut, and still had mostly black hair despite being 65. I tried all types of styles, but it always comes back to part on the left, and combed very slightly forward.
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