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  1. 18 days is nothing in HT time. I don't see a big problem. Come back in 6 months.
  2. Good video Melvin. Off hand comments can set you back. You know I am not the normal poster here because of my age, but my 2 transplants are the best thing I have done. I didn't really notice hair loss until my 40s, but I may have been in denial.
  3. Looks great to me. At 4 months I was not sure of anything.
  4. I have had both and I thought FUT was easier because I have longer hair. I would not recommend FUT for guys who like short hair, but you already stated you like longer hair. For longer hair guys it is nearly impossible to hide the shaved donor area with FUE. I think the success rates are about the same so it comes down to hair styles for me. If you decide to go FUE I would suggest you just buzz your head ahead of time so people get used to that look, and then let it grow back out. Trying to maintain length with FUE is not easy. You didn't mention hair color or density of you donor area.
  5. I try to envision the money trail. Where is the most profit to be made? Is the demand for a cure to baldness enough to drive the industry? It will be interesting to see what path this follows.
  6. People really need to be more concise when writing their story. That is obviously not a picture of your current procedure at 2 weeks, so how old it that transplant. The devil is in the details. You need to supply details of your previous procedures, and what exactly we are looking at in the picture you posted. With the thickness of your hair there would seem to be no problem, once you get the correct hairstyle. Remember once you cut your hair you can't uncut it. Don't make any decisions at 2 weeks.
  7. Should I assume that you want to wear your hair short? If that is the case just going to a longer hairstyle would solve your problem. I can't imagine you would have this much concern unless you want a short hairstyle. You gave this post a rather dramatic title, which sounds like you are limiting your options, and painting yourself into a corner. I suggest you drop the drama and flesh out your story so people can offer real advice. You have not supplied enough data, such as how many grafts were extracted. There are always options if you take the time to consider them, and I am not talking about body hair.
  8. No comment on price, but 4000 grafts in one sitting is rather intense. I had 2300 done last Sep. and that took 10.5 hours.
  9. Oh I was an Ugly Duckling alright, especially after FUE, but no I did not shed. Matter of fact. I did not shed with either of my transplants.
  10. Healing varies from person to person so much it is difficult to say X number of days. The doctor would probably err on the side of caution, and say X days. I carry it further and think X+ days instead of X- days. What do you have to lose by being cautious? Doing it my way I had no problem with crust, scabs, shedding or shock loss. I can't say what I did is the answer, I can only say it works for me.
  11. I would pat the shampoo on, let it sit a minute, and then completely rinse by using a Big Gulp cup filled with warm water. I never had any problems, but I did spend a lot of time rinsing.
  12. Many people have done this. Mine were 8 years apart, but most don't wait that long.
  13. Is there some overwhelming desire to scrub your head? Why not play it safe? I went at least 2 months with just putting shampoo on and rinsing, and letting it air dry. You just paid a kings ransom to get the implants and you can't be gentle for a little while.