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  1. Hi, i feel the situation, i'm in a similar situation, with the difference that i'm 28 and slowly did it two months ago. A is very difficult for me, but I try to trust the process. There are very difficult days, but it helped me a lot to share what I experienced that was close to me. I am confident that the results of both of us will be good and we can live our young years and later in a beautiful appearance. Perseverance my friend, I wish you all the best!
  2. I don t know. I hope it will be enough. immediately after the surgery there are unfortunately poor quality images, this was also taken after ten days
  3. My hair after 10 days the hair transplant. I hope i got the amount they said but i don't get it
  4. Hey guys, I am now in the sixth week after the hair implant, but the implanted hair has still not fallen out. This is normal? The clinic said they may not fall out. Has anyone experienced this before? This is normal?
  5. Thank you for your answers. I realized I'm not stressed if the result will be good, if not, I'll cut it short, but if it gets very scary, the smp will remain, which will give it a good look.
  6. And if I leave it as far to the side as the person in the picture? For example, he had a hair implant, then he cut it bald and he doesn’t see it
  7. and if i shave my head comletly 0, do the scars appear even then?
  8. Yes, but even if the needle was small, I still have a shock loss. Do you think this will go away and this area will be denser?
  9. the clinic said to me, this is micro fue saphire techniue. And the puch size is 0.4 mm. Is this false than?
  10. I m 28 years old now My hair before ht And after ht And my hair transplant was 5 weeks ago
  11. Hi there. The question would be, if someone is doing a fue hair implant that we say is not happy with the result in a year or more, can they wear very short or shaved hair? I mean, for example, if you completely shave the donor area, will the wounds be very visible? I recently did a hair transplant and am wondering if I would be more bald or wear short hair years later, can I fix it? or is only micropigmentation the solution? I currently have 5,000 grafts taken out. And weird, because now that I had my hair implanted, I regretted a little that I didn’t accept myself bald like a lot of people
  12. I thank everyone for the answers and I will try to stay positive and of course I will come up with the results. I didn’t think before the intervention that this period would be so difficult. The best of all
  13. Thanks for the reply. And if the result gets bad I can only accept it and it seems to be my life?
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