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  1. @JDEE0 @Melvin- Moderator Thanks for the answers I understand, thank you for your reply. The medicine is effective, I can see the improvement. But anyway, it's really shocking how much information there is about it on the internet, perhaps a doctor's help is best in such cases. Now I am reassured that it has no effect on the baby through the sperm.
  2. If I understand correctly, is it safe to get pregnant with finasteride in my body?Only after you stop taking it or physically remove it from the woman?
  3. I've read that if I'm on the drug, it changes my sperm, and if I accidentally get someone pregnant there's a chance that the baby will be born with a birth defect
  4. Thank you @Melvin- Moderator What I mean is that if I don't use a condom, there is a risk of getting pregnant. And I don't want to have every single act with a condom with my girlfriend. And I also think about how a girl would feel about me being on such a drug. Does anyone here have any experience on how to tell such a thing? My erection is fine, thank God.
  5. Hello, I would like to ask you what alternative methods are there to Finasteride that do not have side effects that would endanger my sex life. So, I have been on Finasteride for six months, 1 mg three times a week. What I'm afraid of is always having to use a condom during intercourse, and how I'm going to tell my romantic partner that I'm on a drug like this, not to mention the risks if we want to have children. I haven't noticed any side effects, my erection is fine. In any case, I would prefer to switch to something that may not be as effective, but I don't have to stress about how I share this information with my romantic partner. What are your views on this?
  6. 11 Months. I will soon be in my 11th month, my hair is not so bad at the front now, despite being stuffed full of multigrafts. I've been on finasteride for four months and it seems to be doing some good, although I still have thinning hair at the back, in the crown area. I have accepted this and will definitely want to correct my hairline in time as I am bothered by all the multigraft, which is not natural. If I put a tiny bit of Toppik on it, I can comb it forward and it looks good I'm planning to have it corrected in two or three years, because I want to go to a very elite doctor and I want to go with a financial background that's okay but until then I'll stay like this, people don't really look at my hairline, it doesn't look unnatural to them. And the crown area is thinner, but can be covered with a little topik.
  7. Hello. I am very happy for your good results and that you have successfully overcome the nightmare of a bad hair transplant. My future plans for myself include donor re-fill and I have a very rich breast tissue. The problem is that although I have a thick chest hair, it is very thin, and if I pull a little harder, some of it comes out. Is yours similar? what is your experience with this? Thanks for sharing!
  8. Man, I think you have really good hair even in its current state. You don't have a straight hairline, that's a fact, but even with that hairline you look very masculine. If I were you, I would definitely not worry about it, but go out confidently without a hat. Unfortunately, I almost fell for a cheap marketing ploy by a Turkish clinic a year ago, so they practically made a joke out of me, it looks like a stump. I would like to get it corrected at a good clinic in the future. With hair like yours, I wouldn't even consider translant. Of course this is just a personal opinion, if you do decide to go for the surgery I would recommend a professional clinic, there are many recommended clinics here on the forum. I wish you all the best and keep your head up because you have great hair right now!
  9. And interestingly, I think the hair loss under the crown has just started. Anyway, it's too bad if it all falls out there too...
  10. Hello. I've been wearing my hair short for a while now after hair transplants as it makes me feel better. Almost two months ago I started finasteride as well. My question is that short like this, it looks very obvious that hair loss seems to have started in the area under the crown. I can see that there is hair there, however they are very thin. I don't know if that is baldness there or maybe still shock loss? Anyway, it has been eight months since the hair transplant. What do you think? If I go bald there too, I don't see much point in corrective surgery... I attach two pictures, one very rough and the other 10 days after
  11. hello, I just read this article, which is undoubtedly very tragic. What do you think of this article?
  12. I jus read this article. I v been on finasteride one month. What are your thoughts on this?
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