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  1. Had sutures removed two weeks ago. Still pink along stitch line. Scalp tight, tissue regenerating I guess.
  2. Greetings: Three weeks post op from FUT. Still have bruising pain along temple areas where incision was made. Don't think its infected, maybe just sore and tight. Is this typical for FUT. My first surgery didn't have this long a recovery. Thanx
  3. Had 2300 grafts put in 16 days ago. What do you think? Q: When do hairs start shedding? Think I will be purple for months though. All I want for xmas is hair. LOL... Happy 4th!!! Thanx
  4. Advice: Go see a good dermatologist. Could be dermatitis, folliculitus, irritation from some topical, ect. ect. You might benefit from clobetasol shampoo, if necessary, (prescription required). There are dozens of minor skin ailments. Could be allergic reaction to something or many other things. Dr. of Derm will settle it for you. Call now. Better to know than wonder and worry.
  5. Long story short. Finasteride NOW!!!. Surgery later. If you have good donor supply. Sorry for your loss. Just thought I would be blunt. No need to sugar coat the truth. Go see a good doc to get a free evaluation. They don't need to charge. They know you will be back when your ready to have your head turned into a pin cushion. Welcome to our exclusive club. Membership is free. You might try shaving your head to see if you like it. Otherwise this is the beginning of a life long war with the mirror in your bathroom if you choose to fight on. " A Cure"! please don't make me laugh. Just had surgery a week ago. Head still hurts. No one is immune to aging. Balding sucks but you are certainly not alone. Ghost of follicular future... Good Luck.
  6. First scar was about 7 inches long and healed well. It was about 1/8 inch wide. Dr. took out more grafts than I expected this time and left 31cm scar, basically ear to ear. I have a tight scalp and he said that may actually reduce the chance of a wide scar. Hope for best. Tension has subsided somewhat. It was actually was painful to raise eyebrows but that is gone on day 4. I take lots of supplements, like, lysine, biotin, msm vit C ect supposed to help build collagen. Getting stitches out this Thursday. Cant wait.... I can post photos if you like. My first procedure turned out sparse and uneven. I found out the hard way there is one thing worse than going bald. Thats paying tons of money for a procedure and getting a crappy result. I could have spend 5 months touring Europe on the money I spent on my first crap FUT.... Hope 2nd time is much better.
  7. Have pretty tight scalp after 2nd FUT. Had nominal laxity B4 surgery. Had narrow 12 inch strip taken out. Of course scalp is very tight now with excision and some minor post op swelling. Q: Will scalp stretch back out and how long will this take. I had a hard time raising eye brows after surgery. Just don't want to be like face lift. Comments... thanks...
  8. Back from surgery. 12 hour day. 3000 pokes, prods and pricks later I'm resting in hotel waiting to fly home. Left clinic with bandanna, looked like biker or aging rock star. Hope my hair turns out well. Ended up getting 3000 grafts not 2500. Hope the planning and pain is worth it. Time will tell.
  9. I would try the finasteride and you could add the d3 as well. D3 is thought to help immune system. There is a lot of research suggesting that it may help fight covid and other respiratory diseases. You can also get vitamin d level checked with 70.00 blood test. Many people in the world have low vitamin d.
  10. Yes, I am getting up at 6 am tomorrow to go and have Dr. Alexander do his magic. Hope it turns out well. As you know the procedure is short but the wait is long.
  11. You might try Arnica Gel. My sister swears by it. Says is helps heal bruising. Dont know if its safe or effective but you might try on test area. https://www.arnicare.com/about/arnicare-topicals/arnicare-gel/
  12. Thanx: For the tip. I had scheduled a procedure with Dr. Wong and was going to drive across border but now I am flying as I have had to reschedule appointment three times do to C19... Alot of guy don't get procedure due to finances, or uncertainty, or there not able to get time off from work. I have to deal with a pandemic. erg..... I have been trying to get this done for over a year and half. To enter Canada you would have to self-quarantine for two weeks b4 you can legally go out.
  13. Thanx: This reminds me of one of those bad dreams where you are going to work or school and half way their you realize you forgot to get dressed.
  14. Thanx: I was planning on wearing a loose fitting baseball cap. Not sure what else would work. My donor hair is pretty thick and about 1 inch long so hopefully it will be well concealed. Hair loss is the only disease I know of where you get crap for having it and then get crap for being vane enough to get it treated. erg.... Thanx for advice. I have a good neck pillow I will take with me.