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  1. Hi all Now I have come to the 6 months mark after my FUE hairtransplant and wanted to share my intermediate result. What do you think about the result? How many % of the grafts do you think area already growing? Thanks in advance for your comments! Before surgery - 20-30 mm hair, dry Before surgery - 20-30 mm hair, wet, recipient area marked Directly after the operation, around 1860 grafts placed. 11 days after surgery, crusts gone. 6 months status - dry hair. Not styled. 6 months status. S
  2. So far its just theory from my side. Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor which in theory would mean worse blood supply to the grafts, which in theory could impair healing and growth.
  3. Dear all Do you think chewing Nicotine chewing gum will make a significant negative impact on healing and graft survival rate after a fue hair transplant ? Thanks in advance for your thoughts
  4. Which Norwood level would you say this is? I am not sure if it's 2 or a 3. Think its a 2, possibly moving towards 3.
  5. Do you know the reason behind the redness if not the inflammatory process? One theory I have heard that its basically thinner skin over and around the implanted grafts that grow thicker with time. When its thick enough the red color of blood doesn't shine through any longer .
  6. Hi How short can you cut the hair int he donor area 3 months after a FUE surgery without the micro-scars to be visible? Is 5 mm safe? I had a 1900 grafts FUE spread evenly over the full donor area. Looking forward to hear your experiences
  7. Thanks for the advice. I see its slowly getting better, at 2 months now, think it will take 4 for me before the recipient area is back to normal color.
  8. I think I will, when I have come a bit further, only at 2 months now
  9. Hi all About 6 weeks ago I did an FUE to improve my hairline. Around 1900 grafts where implanted in the red area in the picture. As you can see I still have a lot of redness. As I understand this is to be expected being fair skinned and all. Nevertheless I wanted to ask if you have any advice on how to make the redness go away quicker? Would eating Ibuprofen 400 mg be a good idea for example? It is slightly anti inflammatory and the redness is an inflammation (part of the natural healing process). Thanks in advance for any advice
  10. Hi all I did a ~1900 grafts FUE to improve my hairline earlier this year (2020). I have created an ad-free blog where I share my experience for anyone interested. For anyone interested, here is the URL. Hairline FUE recovery story Write me a message if you have questions Happy reading
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