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  1. About me: 28 Years old, started Finasteride in early-mid twenties. My crown has been very stable since then, though I'm not sure whether it was due to the medication or not. Finasteride, however, didn't do anything for my hairline, which has been slowly creeping back at the temples over the years. I first started looking into hair transplants in early 2020 out of curiosity. I was prepared to ruefully accept my hair loss since I viewed hair transplants as high risk and unnatural looking. I have to give this forum complete credit for reversing my opinions 100%. Research: I consult
  2. 100% hair transplant. I wonder how much of a boost Elon's transplant gave his career? I hear transplants are popular in the Silicon Valley crowd where you can actually lose business opportunities or potential investors if you look like an out of place old fogey amidst young engineers and high tech.
  3. Dr. Nader did a great job working between your native hair! Thanks for sharing your result
  4. Nicotine constricts blood vessels in your scalp so it's not optimal for graft health and healing after a transplant, though I'm not sure if the negative impact is significant. You should reach out to your doctor and ask for his/her opinion.
  5. That's a good question. As I doubt even Dr. Hasson is the owner of the hair loss crystal ball, his is just an educated guess - granted, a guess 100x more educated and 100x more likely to be accurate than ours. Nothing is guaranteed, and it's entirely possible that this fellow's hair loss kicks into overdrive and somehow he ends up NW6. However, what is to be gained if Dr. Hasson's intuition is correct? More available grafts plus less visual impact to the donor zone since you can space out the extractions further. IMO there is risk to going outside of the guaranteed safe zone, but there are ben
  6. This is the first time I viewed your journey, so I saw your latest progress pics before anything else. I went to pg. 1 expecting your starting point to be like NW3 or something and I literally said, "No f***ing way...!" Do people even recognize you in person anymore?! Seriously, incredible result and props to Dr. Sethi and the Eugenix team.
  7. To put it briefly, I don't see any signs of hair loss aside from normal hairline maturation. At 15 you should not get on anti-androgens anyway, and the hassle of Minoxidil is totally not worth it for you. Just enjoy your life and keep an eye on your hairline for changes over the years. For what it's worth, I think your hair looks great as it is!
  8. I want to maximize my donor availability in case I need more procedures in the future as I have a family history of hair loss (though not severe NW6/7 type). My surgeon has a great record of very fine scars, and I generally wear my hair mid-length anyways so it should be practically undetectable. Finally, I think that FUT simply produces more robust grafts Thanks a lot Melvin - you've been a great source of guidance during my research. My surgeon is Dr. Cooley who I selected after numerous consultations and viewing no less than 1,000 hair transplant result photos. I sincerely hope you'
  9. Sorry for a blog-type post, but hope you'll give it a read and share your thoughts/advice: I've booked a HT appointment that's 1 week away and all the sudden I'm being plagued by constant doubts and fears. "Am I too young? What if my hair loss kicks into overdrive and leaves me looking ridiculous? What if I get poor growth, a bad scar, etc.?" The only thing I can say for certain is that I have very high confidence in is my surgeon who, after so much vetting, is one of the only people who I would trust without any lingering feeling of "maybe I should have gone to X instead". I posted
  10. I had the same impression, but if you look at his pre-op pictures his natural hairline (unless he had a prior transplant, but it doesn't look like that to me) is actually that rounded, juvenile type. IMO you don't go wrong my mimicking nature, and what was natural in this case was to reestablish those rounded temple points.
  11. The risky thing about doing an HT at a young age is that you may end up "chasing" your progressing hair loss over the years if you're not on preventive medication. In my opinion, a hair transplant in your situation is not out of the question. I have a low amount of hairline recession like you and when I asked Dr. Bloxham (a highly regarded hair transplant surgeon) during my in-person consultation about whether it's prudent for someone in our shoes to get a hair transplant he said (paraphrasing) "It's not a bad idea because regardless of whether you get a HT now or later you will still need to
  12. Dr. Path has been posting more results recently and I've been extremely impressed with the quality of his work. I see you're mainly concerned about the hairline, and I have to say, he's been knocking them out of the park lately:
  13. This is by far the most active Korean site for hair transplants/hair loss: https://daedamo.com/new/bbs/board.php?bo_table=graft The great thing about that message board is that there are lots of patient (not clinic) posted before/after, much like this forum. Unfortunately, I think you need a Korean phone number to register, and you need to register to view whole conversations... This is one recent example someone posted of Korean graft work and this is another As for which Korean doctors are good, I'm nowhere near familiar enough to be confident making such a recommendation. This pe
  14. Check Europe. This chart was posted recently: One more suggestion, hear me out, if you're willing to break away from the tried and true of this forum there are some incredible FUE surgeons in Korea that are priced roughly between Turkey and NA. The Korean HT "scene" is obscure to most Westerners but if you're willing to put some work in it could be worth it. I've been doing a bit of research lately and their surgical standards, technique, and results are truly top notch.
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