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  1. Dr. Wesley suggests low concentration Minoxidil solution may accelerate the healing process after a transplant. As for oils, I'd stay away. As long as you don't have any huge nutritional gaps in your diet, multivitamin's probably wont help much, but they also certainly wouldn't hurt so IMO a good food-based multivitamin with biotin is not a bad idea.
  2. Assume a 1mm punch. If you had a 2000 graft procedure, you would have about .8 mm^2 of scarring per graft (probably more since the trauma would affect surrounding tissue) multiply by 2000 and that's 1600mm^2 of scarring distributed around the scalp. The advantage FUT is it clusters all those scars into one area and takes advantage of your inherent scalp laxity to strip them out, leaving only the linear scar where the strip was removed. Generally unless there is very bad stretching, the area of this scarring is much less than FUE. FUT scars vary in quality, but check Dr. Bloxham's Youtube channel to see how invisible they can be. With low numbers of grafts the scarring is not as apparent, but with FUE alone you will reach that critical point where the donor is visually affected much sooner.
  3. Seriously? This is really a terrible idea and it shouldn't take you 7 years to figure out why. Flap surgeries are totally superseded by modern follicular unit surgeries.
  4. Seems like such a bizarre move. I understand wanting to expand your repertoire but why completely stop performing the procedure you built your reputation on?
  5. Huge improvement. For 1,500 grafts the appearance of density in the hairline is fantastic!
  6. Is there an agreed-upon set of best practice for post hair transplant care? As we all know, the 10-days post procedure are critical for ensuring the transplanted grafts root themselves in the scalp. After reviewing numerous post operative instructions from leading clinics, it's surprising to me that there's such little consensus on how to maximize graft survival. For instance, I've read to wash frequently, rarely, or not at all. To spray frequently with saline, keep dry, or use water-based surgical lube. Some clinics even have their own secret sauce that you're supposed to use... Dr. Wesley seems to like Arnica Montana supplements to promote recovery. I've been trying to create an "ideal routine" based on weighting by how I judge growth rates at various clinics, but it's quite a task. What are your guys opinions?
  7. I'm in a similar situation to you too, teetering on the edge of committing to a procedure with Dr. Bloxham. I think that from a technical perspective, Dr. Bloxham is at an elite level. He has a lot of documentation of his scars, from average to best case scenario and they're all exceptional. I also think his dense packing technique is top level. All of his work is extremely refined. My only concern is whether he has the artistry and subtlety of elites like Doctors Hasson and Wong, especially for hairline design where I'm not sure there's a substitute other than years and years of experience. Keep in mind also, his cost/graft is even higher than Hasson&Wong
  8. H&W - Top tier surgeons. From what I've seen of their results, they are extremely consistent, and use grafts in an intelligent way to maximize coverage. Hairlines look great. They seem to be pushing more for FUE lately (they suggested FUE to me in my online consultation), but they are obviously one of the best at FUT Dr. Bloxham - His video documentation of results is the best, bar none. I highly suggest checking his Youtube channel to see what he's capable of. He specializes in FUT so if that's the procedure you want, you're in good hands. Very talented and capable of good work but in some of his cases I think his hairlines come out a little too unbroken and artificial. His scars are practically invisible. Dr. Diep - I think he has a great sense of aesthetics and hairline design. If your concern was getting temples/hairline he is superb. I don't think he is as good as H&W at optimizing graft usage to create density in the midscalp/crown. I've seen dubious harvesting for FUE from him, but if you're going through with FUT this is something you can overlook anyway.
  9. First of all: OMG. The improvement you achieved on Fin and Min alone is unreal. You're a great responder! Regarding your questions: The main drawback of undergoing a procedure at a young age is that the progression of your hairloss as you age at this point is very uncertain. You might have suffered the worst of it, or you might be destined for Norwood 7. The permanent hairs that you place now might look very out of place as your hair loss advances. In worst cast scenarios, you see young men who fill in their temples in their 20's left with two tufts or "horns" of hair as their balding continues behind the transplanted hairs. Yikes! 9 months is good. As a rule of thumb I see a lot of clinics ask for patients to be on meds for 1 year prior to a transplant. It's obvious from the photos you've posted that you're responding excellently to Fin and Min though. I think the traditional philosophy of graft maximization is to FUT first, then punch out what else you can with FUE. Dr. Bloxham has some good background reading on this: https://fellermedical.com/young-hair-transplant/ . There have been some stunning results lately with pure FUE though that have shaken my belief in the yield possible with pure FUE. Check Dr. Zarev, who does 11,000+ graft FUE gigasessions and donors still look pretty good. Don't know if he's seriously that good or if he is cherry picking patients with God-like donor regions.
  10. Thank you Melvin, yes I am leaning towards FUT for my first procedure. I have met with Dr. Bloxham in person and had a video call with Dr. Wesley and would be confident going forward with either of them (though Dr. Wesley charges more $$$). Speaking to previous patients is a great idea and I will try to reach out via the forum and their clinic. Bold claims my friend . In your opinion who are the elites for FUT now? I don't mind heading away from the East coast. While Dr. Bloxham and Dr. Wesley are in my back yard I also consider their results world-class which is why they are at the top of my list.
  11. Dr. Arocha, I've seen cases where a patient will go to one clinic, get poor growth, then go to a different clinic for a procedure of the same technique but get good growth. So the physiology of the patient isn't to blame, but outcomes can be wildly different. What aspects of a hair transplant are most critical to ensure good yield for patients?
  12. This website is such a great resource for research and finding top notch hair restoration surgeons that ironically I'm very stuck on where to go among good choices. I'm currently 28 and seeking a surgeon for an FUT procedure. I've been quoted ~1500-1800 grafts for hairline repair by multiple clinics (I have photos posted on an earlier thread: here) Dr. Carlos Wesley - Completely raised the bar on the quality I thought was possible for interaction with the provider. Extremely responsive, attentive, and detailed. His results are superb and, reviewing his research and credentials, I believe he is always abreast of latest HT developments to achieve good results (i.e. using ATP holding solution for grafts to increase survival rate) Dr. Bloxham - Extremely skilled, and has a lot of experience/specialty in FUT. Video documentation of results is the best bar none. Scars are practically invisible. I see he has a lot of late-20's patients like me and achieved great results for them. Dr. Cooley - Did extensive research on results which are phenomenal and good proximity to NY. However I've been trying to get a consultation over the telephone since the start of the month and they still can't give me even a graft estimate until the 14th of July. Dr. Ron Shapiro - Also phenomenal results, if a little more on the conservative side. Haven't done consultation yet. Per research here he's an FUT specialist as well which is appealing. Clinic in MN where some family is so I can make a dual purpose trip out of it... If anyone can pitch in their experience on these surgeons or give me advice on what I should do next I'd really appreciate it. This thread has been half asking for help and half just getting my thoughts out in writing, lol. All this hair transplant research has me going bananas I guess
  13. Thanks for bringing this up. It's an interesting consequence of FUT that I don't hear mentioned often/I haven't given much thought to. Do you notice any "face lift" effect after your procedure? Also wondering if FUT can change the positioning of the center of your whorl on your vertex.