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  1. Why are you doing FUT and not FUE? Feels like you’re a great candidate for FUE and it’s much less painful
  2. Haha seriously! The clinic won’t give me back that initial deposit but they offered to let me reschedule it a year out which I’m planning to do (next year in September) which seems like a great time. Thank you again. Great community here!
  3. Thanks everyone for the advice, it’s greatly appreciated. I actually brought this up to my fiancé and she laughed saying that I didn’t need a HT so looks like she agrees with you all. Planning to possibly get iRestore laser therapy and continue with .5 mg of fin and Minoxidil to keep what I have.
  4. Yeah it’s that spot and my hairstyle does conceal is well.... but I wanted to not conceal it as much and just be able to not have to comb my hair down as much but after seeing these comments it looks like HT isn’t a great option and can make my situation even worse which would devastate me right before my wedding. especially after all the negative Diep reviews here.
  5. Thank you really appreciate the advice. I’ll just use toppik on the big day and hopefully get my refund for the deposit. I’m hopeful they can return it since it’s only been a two weeks since I booked.
  6. Just fill the temples, I’ve always had a pretty big forehead which sucks so don’t want to lower it too much. Just looking to fill the front and temples a bit. I have pretty thick hair and in the past my barber would take me to design competitions and do some crazy design in my head but I still believe the shit he did thinned my hair but obviously that’s not true lol
  7. Thanks everyone for the input and advice. My hair does grow fairly quick and I should have shared photos (attached) of my hair now. I might consider rescheduling this since I’ll be cutting it close and don’t want the additional stress of this.
  8. Thanks you! My hair is actually similar to his so awesome to see his progress.
  9. I am getting married in early July and scheduled a FUE HT surgery in November. I’m a NW 2/3 and getting roughly 1,500 grafts to fill my corners and front/lower my hairline a tad bit. However, I’m a bit worried with the timeline and recovery of it all. Is this enough time to recover and see results? After reading through it looks like it will be as I like to keep my hair short (2/3 length on top with a fade) but would appreciate any insights from the community. I am going to MHTA to see Dr Diep for this.
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