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  1. I’ve posted on here before but this is update on my situation. I had a prior fue 800 grafts with a doctor who used a Artas. Had poor results maybe 30% graft very unsatisfied. Now I have been on finasteride .25- .50 dosage for about 6 months. I won’t say I seen a lot of regrowth but it has strengthened existing hairs. I have included photos of my hair Wet, Dry, Combed Up And Combed Down. The ones that look worse obviously is the hair wet. They are not in order Combed up it is very exposed but combed down it lays a little better. I’m booked to get a conservative procedure to my frontal maybe about 1000-1200 grafts with an experienced doctor. I am 26 years old so I want to stay conservative as possible . With my hair texture and caliber do you think 1000-1200 grafts would give me good frontal coverage? Also I have a little thinning in crown . Would you recommend smp in the crown ? also all these photos was taking without flash. Because I feel the flash makes things look worse than they really are on camera. I feel as if the finasteride has made donor a little stronger as well. How many grafts would you estimate I have left for the future ?
  2. I have a very similar situation with scaring from Artas . I have seen multiple FUT scar repairs in this forum. Now my question is , is there any repair for this situation? What do you guys recommend? Smp? Or beard hair into the fue scar ? Is that ethical to transplant hair into a FUE Scar? Noted that smp seems to only look good when people keep their hair shaved really low. I like to wear mines longer. Almost a 3-4 guard . Also if ur hair is transplanted into a FUE scar. And you get a procedure in future. Could you move that hair around again that you transplanted back in to donor ? @Melvin-Moderator @Dr. Raymond Konior
  3. Maybe was my mistake. Just seemed that they were fibers . Hey have you heard about nadimi ? That’s works in the clinic with him. Do you think she has similar skilled ? In AA hair @Melvin-Moderator
  4. Chances101

    Urgent help?

    @Melvin-Moderator Yates, they were terrible. I’m stuck in between choosing a fut or fue. fut has better yield for Adrian Americans with my hair texture . But I think it would be hard for me to conceal the scar , especially with a part of my donor already thinning because of this bad fue scar. But then again I don’t want to do another fue for 1000 grafts . And have limited donor for a further procedure down the line if needed. im stuck 🤦🏽‍♂️
  5. Chances101

    Urgent help?

    @Melvin-Moderator I had dreadlocks when I had the fue done. So they shaved a small area.But if I knew what I knew now I wouldn’t of listen to that doctor at all. How many grafts do you think I have left in donor by guess? I wanted to do a 800- 1200 graft procedure for frontal. But I don’t know how many I will have down the line for future need
  6. Chances101

    Urgent help?

    @Melvin-Moderator if you look close you can see my previous fue scar . Hoping to see how many grafts I have left if they work around that, also which would be better to camoflouge scar. Smp or beard hair into scar area?
  7. Chances101

    Urgent help?

    @Melvin-Moderator just shaved it down
  8. Chances101

    Urgent help?

    How many grafts left in donor area ? What’s the least amount of grafts I can use to receive good coverage in temples ? Been on finsteride for 4.5 months . Progressing everywhere but temples . Not interested in waiting I want to do a conservative surgery to get thicking up temples , and I can lead the rest to treatment . I am 26 i had a previous surgery for 800 grafts terrible growth . Doctor used multiple techs . Not really sure they were expiernced i cut cut my hair lower than I usually wear so it can be properly evaluated