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  1. Beard hairs in your crown made your hair shock and fall out? I was considering the same the process. But now I am worried
  2. MicroNeedling & Prp Experiences and results. Please feel free to share stories , photos , and results
  3. Why do you think surgery is a bad idea? And yes I have been on both for over a year ??
  4. You had 300 -400 grafts put in ? Was their any shock loss , or slow growth ? also what’s demirsoy ?
  5. @Dr. Glenn Charles looking to stay conservative. As I know I will need more surgery in future. Have been on meds for a year. Shedding pretty much halted . But no regrowth . So looking to address this area with 3-500 grafts
  6. Any Results Or Experiences With Small Crown Work . For Example Between 3-500 grafts ?
  7. Yes if you can Pm message me . Or either leave in the comment box. A good laser device , prp location . And also smp clinic I can check I would highly appreciate it. also what’s your opinion on micro-needling ? I have been using a dermapen off and on. Not too sure about the progress though. @LaserCap
  8. I haven’t tried laser or prp . What’s your take on those ? Also what’s your opinion on long hair smp? I was thinking about getting smp to eliminate the hair/ scalp color contrast but wasn’t sure how it would come out. thanks for replying! @LaserCap
  9. What age is appropriate for the first minor crown Transplant . If it’s nothing completely thinned out yet. But It runs in my family . I am 27 I have Been on meds for about a year. The photos Below include my hair at 3 different lengths
  10. I’ve posted on here before but this is update on my situation. I had a prior fue 800 grafts with a doctor who used a Artas. Had poor results maybe 30% graft very unsatisfied. Now I have been on finasteride .25- .50 dosage for about 6 months. I won’t say I seen a lot of regrowth but it has strengthened existing hairs. I have included photos of my hair Wet, Dry, Combed Up And Combed Down. The ones that look worse obviously is the hair wet. They are not in order Combed up it is very exposed but combed down it lays a little better. I’m booked to get a conservative procedure to my frontal maybe about 1000-1200 grafts with an experienced doctor. I am 26 years old so I want to stay conservative as possible . With my hair texture and caliber do you think 1000-1200 grafts would give me good frontal coverage? Also I have a little thinning in crown . Would you recommend smp in the crown ? also all these photos was taking without flash. Because I feel the flash makes things look worse than they really are on camera. I feel as if the finasteride has made donor a little stronger as well. How many grafts would you estimate I have left for the future ?