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  1. Anybody here have a small fue procedure without shaving recipient ? Tag any others if documented. thanks
  2. Today is my 111Th day post op. I’m seeing near zero growth. Not many hairs piping through. I’ve seen a lot of people with noticeable growth approaching 4 months . I’m getting worried any late growers that still turned out good?
  3. the beard looked like it has shedded and in the growing process. So I am not sure
  4. From what I have been seeing around 4-6 months is when hair starts to sprout. any opinion on prp or emosome ? To help encourage faster hair growth post op . @Melvin-Moderator
  5. 3 months in post op. And this waiting process is crazy
  6. Opinions on arocha ?? Are they elite for African Americans ? I see some good results. Anybody got any good/bad reviews on them ?
  7. get Smp for the scars in back. Look at williesmp on int
  8. Have you seen any good cases with crown smp with long hair as well? And what’s your opinion about Smp for fue scars? If you have any good examples or photos please share
  9. Why do you say anywhere but the crown ? What makes the crown less risky?
  10. It hasn’t really gotten worse. But has not improved
  11. Hey what smp artist do you have in mind that uses organic ink. Can you name a few ?
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