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  1. Anybody see significant results from prp? And wats the A cell? Is it needed? Is prp jus as useful without A Cell? I see a lot of local clinics offer but it’s no a cell involved
  2. So to add to my journey . I had a concern with the connecting area from the newly transplanted connecting to the native hair . That I wanted to add some hair to . And also even though some people voted against the small transplant in crown . I did it any way.I trust my decision and my Doctor . And we stayed very conservative. This is 2 days post up. Had about 100 grafts on each side for the connect . And about 3-400 in crown . I just felt as if I was going to do it . I might as well attack everything I wanted . I don’t plan on having anything else done for years to come hopefully. As I am on m
  3. I think the smp looks better for a more diffuse thinning look, more than a completely hairless area . But I do agree that your smp actually doesn’t Look bad . You may need 1 more session. And I think you should be good. It’s not obvious. You should consider getting a drop fade. I think that will work in your favor .
  4. @Mr Sinister is it really that obvious? Has someone ever brung up the smp without you mentioning it? I think the smp artist is as important as finding a hair transplant doctor . also how many sessions did you get ? I have found some good smp artist on Instagram . This was a decent example I seen
  5. I got fue grafts recently put into a Old artas scar. So I’m sure it’ll look 100% better once they grow in a few months , but I’m interested in getting some smp just to completely camouflage the scar. Any recommendations? Also I heard it’s different type of inks ? I have no idea about this topic . Looking for advice or recommendations thanks
  6. 3 days Post FUE. 1500 grafts & scar repair from previous artas procedure
  7. So to sum this up , because I’m not into writing long blogs . I had a previous procedure with artas 2 years ago , poor growth and left nasty scar in back of head. i have now Received 1500 grafts . About 1350 up front and 150 in the scar . I must say the work was beyond clean. This is 1 Day Post Up. I plan on keeping you guys updated again at month 3. Some pics are after the first artas procedure with progressive hair loss , poor growth , and a bad scar in result the others are the corrective procedure Received yesterday. I was also extremely cautious about my donor are
  8. Also brother quick question . How long did you wait before you wore a du rag ? Or baseball cap? Post surgery
  9. Your results will definitely be a home run. 🏌🏾‍♂️This looks really clean. You might of did your self a favor with FUT. because a lot of his most recent fue donor areas have looked a little crazy when he was finishing .
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