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  1. I work in cold conditions outside . After transplant how long before I can wear hat or du rag like these
  2. @1978matt @gillenator @aaron1234 @Curious25 @Melvin-Moderator @JohnAC71 @Gabreille Nelson Mukhia Thank you all for your response . I feel that maybe that picture , wasn’t the best photo to you. Because my hair is purposely combed to attempt to cover the area up more . The photos added to this response may better explain the small area , I was hoping to conservatively address With 3-500 grafts . Because it’s getting difficult to camouflage now. I am familiar with topik. And even if I addd 3-500 I would still you is but it’s just one really light spot. That I would like to cover up just a bit.
  3. Any good Afro American fue results ? Please tag. See a lot of great before and after transplant stories. But not many for African Americans. Let’s start a thread
  4. Anyone gave any experience or opinion on long hair Smp? Not smp on a complete bald area. But more like a diffuse thing area
  5. How long after transplant before u can wear a hat or du rag safely.
  6. Can you post post and pre op crown? Also how old are you
  7. Beard hairs in your crown made your hair shock and fall out? I was considering the same the process. But now I am worried
  8. MicroNeedling & Prp Experiences and results. Please feel free to share stories , photos , and results
  9. Why do you think surgery is a bad idea? And yes I have been on both for over a year ??
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