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  1. I have a very similar situation with scaring from Artas . I have seen multiple FUT scar repairs in this forum. Now my question is , is there any repair for this situation? What do you guys recommend? Smp? Or beard hair into the fue scar ? Is that ethical to transplant hair into a FUE Scar? Noted that smp seems to only look good when people keep their hair shaved really low. I like to wear mines longer. Almost a 3-4 guard . Also if ur hair is transplanted into a FUE scar. And you get a procedure in future. Could you move that hair around again that you transplanted back in to donor ? @Melvin-Moderator @Dr. Raymond Konior
  2. Maybe was my mistake. Just seemed that they were fibers . Hey have you heard about nadimi ? That’s works in the clinic with him. Do you think she has similar skilled ? In AA hair @Melvin-Moderator
  3. Chances101

    Urgent help?

    @Melvin-Moderator Yates, they were terrible. I’m stuck in between choosing a fut or fue. fut has better yield for Adrian Americans with my hair texture . But I think it would be hard for me to conceal the scar , especially with a part of my donor already thinning because of this bad fue scar. But then again I don’t want to do another fue for 1000 grafts . And have limited donor for a further procedure down the line if needed. im stuck 🤦🏽‍♂️
  4. Chances101

    Urgent help?

    @Melvin-Moderator I had dreadlocks when I had the fue done. So they shaved a small area.But if I knew what I knew now I wouldn’t of listen to that doctor at all. How many grafts do you think I have left in donor by guess? I wanted to do a 800- 1200 graft procedure for frontal. But I don’t know how many I will have down the line for future need
  5. Chances101

    Urgent help?

    @Melvin-Moderator if you look close you can see my previous fue scar . Hoping to see how many grafts I have left if they work around that, also which would be better to camoflouge scar. Smp or beard hair into scar area?
  6. Chances101

    Urgent help?

    @Melvin-Moderator just shaved it down
  7. Chances101

    Urgent help?

    How many grafts left in donor area ? What’s the least amount of grafts I can use to receive good coverage in temples ? Been on finsteride for 4.5 months . Progressing everywhere but temples . Not interested in waiting I want to do a conservative surgery to get thicking up temples , and I can lead the rest to treatment . I am 26 i had a previous surgery for 800 grafts terrible growth . Doctor used multiple techs . Not really sure they were expiernced i cut cut my hair lower than I usually wear so it can be properly evaluated
  8. Chances101

    Urgent help?

    @Melvin-Moderator I respect your opinion . I’ve been reading your comments on blogs for a while now. Looking for some good input