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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    Dr. Sanusi Umar
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  1. 5 Months Post Op 5th HT: Quick update. Been growing the hair out a bit longer. Not expecting the grafts from the back or arms to really start growing until about the 12 month mark.
  2. Given how these are mixed in it is hard to say. If all body hair were in a specific area I could gauge that better, but as it is I will have to pay more attention this time around when I grow my hair back out. What I recall before the last surgery was that the shorter body hairs were more noticeable at the front of my hairline as they only grew out so long, whereas scalp and beard hairs grew out long. But since the pattern of hair going into rest phase is common it didn't stand out as particularly noticeable. Until we learn otherwise I think we have to assume the transplanted hairs ret
  3. My understanding is that fin causes body hair (eg. chest, arm) loss.
  4. You are weighing risks and benefits. In my case it was easy. Since I used body hairs as part of my strategy I cannot use fin because it would cause them to fall out of the recipient area along with the areas of the body they came from. In the long run you'll reach your natural end point of hair loss plus whatever you've managed to transplant in the meantime. The important part for you is to figure out where exactly you are going to land and to govern your surgery choices appropriately. Don't put all the hair up front to keep it the way it is right now because that's probably not going to
  5. 4 Months Post Op 5th HT: Now four months down the line from the surgery. Some irritation due to me picking at the scalp, there are some hairs that are getting stuck under the surface trying to grow out. The photos can be a bit glary at times due to the lighting but I don't have a better area for doing the progress photos. At this point I am following the post op instructions and not using hair dye, so some of the grey hairs, whether native or transplanted, don't show up as well.
  6. When I first got online in the mid 1990's I saw how online discourse could veer off in bad directions pretty easily. I assumed that as we saw ourselves do this that over time people would learn what was happening and self correct. It's only gotten worse at the years went by. I'm in the camp of how you are conducting moderation. If after giving people a chance to see the harm they are doing to the tone of conversation and they don't change, they need to go, regardless of their knowledge. Some people are simply immutable and can't help themselves. They will hijack your forum if you let
  7. This may be a hard question to answer since there may not be much information about how the two might correlate, but for the medical professionals out there reading, can a long term fast negatively effect the outcome of a hair transplant? I am three months out since my last surgery. At this point my grafts are anchored and are in the process of growing out. Since I had body hairs at part of the transplant I can expect regrowth to occur past the 12 month point. From what I have read about fasting and it's impact on hair growth is that shedding can occur, but the hair does regrow, it
  8. I'm getting the impression that you are not a candidate for a hair transplant.
  9. Two things that can go wrong at your age: 1. The donor you use turns out to be susceptible to balding, meaning it won't last and will fall out at some point. 2. The donor stays, but you have an aggressive hair loss, leaving this strange looking patch of transplanted hair with a bunch of bald area behind it. The reason to wait is to find out what your long term end point is in terms of hair loss, then plan transplantation around that scenario.
  10. I used to be on hair fibers. The routine was applying minoxidil foam in the morning before applying concealer, then again at night after washing it out.
  11. I can't imagine being successful in suing an online review board. In cases like these do they wind up repaying the legal defense costs when they lose?
  12. The beard are the second best. Hopefully these can be mixed in with your existing scalp grafts so that they don't stand out as much.
  13. I think it goes back to how well the grafting from the arms went. It's another non-optimal hair donor supply, similar to the back. Going into the 500 graft session I wasn't promised that it would be a good yield, but from the follow up prior to starting the next surgery I was told the results went well. That may have given an indication that future BHT's would similarly be successful. The other thing to consider is that the newer punch tool came out more recently than Umar's earlier papers. Part of the design intent was extract body hair grafts with less transection and to get those g
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