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  1. I got mine in 3 days ago, it took 2 weeks. Delivered to the UK.
  2. How often should I be using topical dutasteride 0.1%? I currently use minoxidil twice a day and dermaRoll (1.5mm) every 2 weeks, can topical dutasteride be used at the same time? Thanks.
  3. How long have you been using Derma roller and minoxidil?
  4. So I took some drastic action yesterday and shaved my head and feel better about going bald. it is easier now to see the hairs on my head currently. Although you can see that it is very thin on top but actually quite a lot of hairs left still. would you agree that it is too early for HT? Just started Minoxidil and hope that may help.
  5. Yes she did review my head microscopically. Where as the surgeon that said I was suitable just just his naked eye
  6. My concern is that they actual said I wasn’t suitable yet. They could have treated me but chose to turn me away rather than tell me what I want to hear. I don’t know any particular surgeons unfortunately so any recommendations are welcomed.
  7. Thanks for your reply. My donor area is good (full and thick) and both clinics confirmed that. I am just concerned to go ahead with HT when a reputable clinic Said I am currently not suitable. I have tried fin about 5 years ago but had side effects so came off them after a month. i am thinking about starting minoxidil (not sure if that’s going to do anything at this stage). I might even shave my head in a few hours. Getting tired of research and constantly think about it.
  8. Hi, I am 36 and been losing my hair over last 5 years. I have been using hair fibres but hair loss is too much now to conceal. I Live in London and looked into hair transplant in Harley Street. Been to a couple of clinics but got different messages. I said I was suitable and the other said I still had too many miniaturise hair all over for the transplant to be successful (not bald enough). what are your thoughts? Any good recommendation for a good London hair clinic?
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