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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. Progress looks amazing! I'm also interested in the front hairline whenever you have time to post it. How does the scar look so far?
  2. He is still doing transplants -- I had a consult with him before.
  3. If you were having the procedure now, would you still opt for FUT or choose FUE instead?
  4. Is that 6 months of no lifting at all? My doc said I can be back in the gym after 3 weeks with light weights but that I had to be careful for 8 weeks.
  5. Thanks Dr. Bloxham! I'm an avid gym goer so it would be awesome to know what kinds of exercises to do. I think other people would benefit greatly as well.
  6. What kind of workouts can we do after having FUT? I know the general consensus is to avoid heavy weights for about 1-2 months, but what about before then? What specific exercises can we do to stay in shape? For example: definitely not bench presses, but what about barbell curls?
  7. I'm the same age! 28 as well. Interesting, we both were advised not to work on the crown. Were you told to wait and observe the crown because of your age? What did Konior say on it?
  8. Thanks Recession. Mine would be 3000+ for crown + hairline or 2000ish for just hairline. Dr. Nadimi suggested focusing on the hairline instead of the crown and uses only 1,500 grafts. She seems to be the most conservative of the doctors so far and was also the only doctor to speak to me without a rep. I'm just worried that 1500 grafts will leave me disappointed and wanting another procedure rather quickly after that one.
  9. Hey Melvin, I consulted with both but they were reps. Dr. Konior was my first choice but his waitlist is too far out for me unfortunately