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  1. Hi, I'm not sure how many HT users there are after such a long time, but I had some questions into the long term implications of an HT. My questions: Are you happy with the transplant after all these years? Are you comfortable with the scar? With the current options, would you have started with FUE or FUT/FUSS? Has your hair continued to recede? If so, are you doing anything to combat it (another HT, medication, etc)? Are you still on medication (propecia, minox, etc)? Thank you
  2. Thanks for the detailed write up @RecessionProof! Did you happen research much on Dr. Nadimi? I'm considering her for a potential session since her schedule is more available than Konior
  3. As I've been having consultations with clinics, I've noticed that I tend to talk to reps / technicians more than the actual doctors. As a result, I tend to value clinics that have the surgeon conduct the consultation rather than a rep. But, I'm wondering if my opinion may be too harsh. Do any of you value a clinic more if a surgeon talks to you versus a rep?
  4. What about for those of us who are young and have a family of high NW patterns? Should we go with FUT first or FUE with the possibility to buzz down if need be in the future?
  5. But the grafts can still be extracted after FUE via strip right? I was told by a leading surgeon that does both FUE and FUT that I could utilize future procedures with strip if I chose FUE first.
  6. Thanks Melvin. Do you know if there's a general rule of how much less grafts you can get with FUE vs FUT?
  7. Does getting FUE damage the ability to harvest the maximum amount of grafts in the future? I've read the claim that FUT preserves the donor zone while FUE causes fibrosis around the donor areas -- making it harder to harvest for future procedures. Is there any truth to that?
  8. Hi @bobbleboy, thanks for the thread. Cooley is one of my top choices for FUT. How does the scar look so far? Do you happen to have any pictures of it?
  9. Thanks for the great write up GrowingHair! I think you're in for some stellar results. Dr. Cooley is on my top choices for FUT surgeons
  10. How did you decide on FUE vs FUT for your procedure?
  11. mephesto

    Dr. Michael Vories

    Thanks John! I like Dr. Vories and he's on my top list of surgeons right now. However, I'm 29 and a worried about my future balding pattern so I'm still in the deciding phase of FUE vs FUT. If I were to go FUE, I think I would choose him.
  12. Hey @Cap88, seems like you're making great progress! How does the scar look so far?
  13. Are you looking at North American clinics only or European as well?
  14. I haven't seen a whole lot of patient testimonials for Dr. Vories yet he seems like a good choice for FUE. He's located in the US, has fair pricing, does the entire procedure himself and seems knowledgeable. Does anyone have any experience with him?
  15. Hey Aftermath, thanks for the info. I actually just finished reading your thread and thoroughly enjoyed the good progress. Do you ever worry about having the scar? Do you ever wish you didn't have one or does it never cross your mind?