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  1. I haven't seen any posts by him or patients in a long while it seems. I did like his work however. If he is not, who is among the best now? Asmed seems to have taken a step down from what I can tell due to the immense volume going through there. Hasson and Wong for FUE? Konier? I'm looking at about 4k (accoring to earlier Asmed estimate).
  2. Well that was pretty darn easy thanks So I uploaded the original pics I provided plus the new pics and videos. Personally, I don't see a difference. As mentioned I did speak with Dr. Vories who was my second choice before and believe he'll be my first choice this time. As always my concern was he had far less results to analyze but then again he does the entire procedure himself, he doesn't have a super-facility with techs running 2-3 a day every day. I have seen some spectacular work from him and though he is more expensive by the time you add in the air-fare and the two-way 13 hour flight, the differences start to disappear. I included some pics for what it is worth, could not upload the video which I think shows pretty darn good donor.
  3. What I don't get is being told in late 2015 I have home-run hair and then in early 2018 I am not a candidate. My crown is not as good as before but not immensly worse and my donor is as good as before, please see the links if you care above to the Current Donor where I have videos too.
  4. Here is a new jounral entry with current state of donor vs what I originally sent: https://hairtransplantnetwork.com/blog/journal.asp?CopyID=11154&WebID=3054&ProcID=4748
  5. I have had several in person over the last 4-5 years. In-person with Armani and Rahal, in-person microcamera (which I posted originally to Asmed and recently), skype with Dr. Arocha, Dr. Diep and Dr. Vorhies and pics with Dr. Ferudini and Dr. Lorenzo. As you can see I picked the best and no one ever expressed donor concern. I'm scheduling either another skype or even in person with Dr. Vorhies. I think his work is on par with Dr. Erdogan though he doesn't have as large a body of work to analyze. By the time I factor in travel cost and time they are both about the same and if I had more reference HTs from Dr. Vorhies would probably just make him my choice.
  6. Hmm for some reason my last post is being moderated. In any event this was my original blog. https://hairtransplantnetwork.com/blog/journal.asp?CopyID=10599&WebID=3054&ProcID=4748 Crown and temples worse now (not hugely) but crown is the same. I'll post newer pics when I figure out how to upload here. Bottom line is I was a 'home run' candidate in 2015 so not sure how my DONOR could regress in 3 years since it is... Donor.
  7. Hmm, I have seen him do excellent work on even mid-to-high Norwoods. What I don't get is how I was an ideal/home-run candidate 3 years ago. My situation has worsened somewhat but my donor? I did a lot of research prior and only had two docs I would work with: Dr. Erdogan and Dr. Vorhies in the US. I'm not sure how to upload pics to the thread...
  8. I was scheduled 3 years back for Asmed Clinic and had to cancel due to family issues and funds. I sent in updated pics and got the following message: After analyzing your photos Dr. Koray Erdoğan found that your DONOR AREA is not strong and thick as it should be for the hair transplantation. The density of your hair is not suitable for the procedure. You have thick hair but there is low number of hair per graft. Dr. Koray Erdogan recommends Finasteride to give strength to your hair and increase density. Not sure how in 3 years my donor area itself could be depleted when I was an ideal candidate before ("as we mentioned in your evaluation, you can achieve perfect result with 4700 grafts"). Does donor area deplete so radically? Can Finasteride help donor area if so? Do you want to transplant donor area that is subject to MPB? Has anyone else ever been turned down? This is very disappointing and confusing.
  9. Great stats thank you. I'm assuming the coverage values was on measured existing hair? If so did Dr. E provide the coverage value of the recipient area post transplant?
  10. Certainly 9 patients as evidence of his skills is more statistically relevant than the 0 patients you provides as his evidence of lack thereof...
  11. Great write up and glad to know people are still willing and able to go to Turkey safely. It has been a concern and made me almost willing to find a US Doctor instead (so far my only choice here would be Dr. Vories) but at the end of the day, Dr. E's work and facility seem to make it a no-brainer. FYI if you fly Turkish Airlines Business Class (expensive but once you factor in the savings of the FUE worth it) you get expedited security check-through at the Airport. I'm sure you'll grown in well, the density seems great. I'm glad you mentioned the temples, I wouldn't dream of doing an HT with a Doctor that was not both good at it and cognizant of it's importance to the final results.
  12. Just for your own edification, I consulted with Dr. Vories recently and he said nothing about my hair not looking natural so I'd imagine it was an honest assessment. Also he said/did nothing to influence/push me into an HT and his rep Mike Frame made clear to me too there is no rush until I am ready and want to move forward. I think HT Docs at Vories level don't need to beg/borrow/steal business so take whatever he told you at face value I believe.
  13. Right my bad on that it was in fact a call to deCoup. Still scary Agreed mostly. However a random act of violence from say a mugger is not the same as a random targeted act of violence because you are an American/European. I don't know if you read what actually happened in the concert hall in Paris but is beyond disturbing. I am still on the fence as to whether to take the chance; I LOVE Dr. E's work and his clinic seems like Star Trek vs the others so when I'm ready to finally book I'll need to both monitor and weigh carefully. I will see if some other patients have a decent experience there in the next few weeks. I'm not super sold on any US surgeons yet; Dr. Diep has some home runs without a doubt but it seems like it can be hit or miss with him AND he won't do > 2500 single-day session whereas I don't want to split my 4k session up. I'm looking at Dr. Vories and Dr. Arocha here in the US, again not sure if they get the same yields and hairlines. I def want someone who can do natural dense hairlines, temple points, etc. Last option is back to one of the two European stars, Dr. Lorenzo or Dr. Feriduni.
  14. Great write up though the part about not worrying because the coup only woke you up briefly on the night of your procedure is quite funny/ironic when you read it in context. "The coup? Briefly woke me up while my head was bleeding from post-surgery, but it was just the military inciting the citizens to take to the streets and overthrow the government so I went back to sleep since I'm just a tourist". Balls of steel my man. Dr. E is still head and shoulders at the head of my short-list but I have to say the situation is a stressful one to consider fro something ultimately as trite as a HT. I'm going to keep my eye on that situation carefully, right now they Government is using the US as a scapegoat to blame the coup on so I imagine anti-American sentiment is at an all-time high. Being in a non-tourist area should help no doubt but getting into, out of, from and to the Airport sounds stressful to me.
  15. Dr Diep, does this mean you now DO do two-day 'megaesessions'. I thought early on you only did 2500 one day sessions (if I was not mistaken) and was one reason I didn't consider you as an option, but I'm looking for a 4k-5k procedure (1 or 2 days) do you in fact provide that?