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  1. Glad to hear you're progressing well Merlin. I met with Dr Cooley and Brandi yesterday and they confirmed everything looks good, and I have "minor" shockloss. The lost native hair from both the recipient and donor areas will start to regrow soon, and then be followed by the transplanted hair. It was alarming to have a bare spot along the incision as you've indicated but was assured this will all grow back. I'll start a thread with some photos to track my experience, and look forward to seeing our progress - doing my best to be patient. To be honest even the small impact the tiny transplanted hairs have created to my hairline is very exciting, and I can't even imagine how we'll look once the hair comes in and grows up! Thanks again for your feedback and good wishes!
  2. Thanks Merlin. I'm glad yours is good and also lost a spot along the scar line. I'm going in Monday for a followup but suspect this is just "normal" shockloss from the surgery. I found a good post on this site about it and shared it below. I predict more hat wearing in my future for the next few months 😉. Brandi indicated via email this is almost certainly temporary and the native hairs should grow back more quickly than the transplanted hairs. It was alarming to see and did make the crown loss larger, but I feel a bit better now understanding what the likely cause and effect are. I'll update after the visit and hope your recovery keeps going well!
  3. Hey Merlin, hope your recovery is going well. I've noticed a lot of shock loss in the recipient area of my native hair over the 3-4 week period. Have you had any of this? I've read this can happen but is temporary - I'm hoping that's the case and emailed Brandi to get her thoughts. Best of luck, thanks for your feedback.
  4. Looks good Merlin. I had a FUT with Dr Cooley on December 18th, with very similar loss to yours. Like you I was very pleased with the Dr and staff, and am trying to be patient while I wait for the grafts to grow! I had 4140 grafts spread between the crown and the front. Look forward to seeing how we do, and hopeful we're both pleased 😀