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  1. Hey Merlin, How are you doing? I suspect your results are looking really good by now! Post an update if you get a chance.
  2. Hello Everyone, Been quite some time since I've updated, so my apologies for the delay. Today is 9 months 1 week since my surgery, and my hair has really improved. The front has had excellent growth and most hairs there seem thick and blend in really well with my existing hair. The back has improved a lot, but hasn't "filled in" to me like the front has. I see a lot of fine hairs in the crown which should continue to mature and thicken, and my wife says it doesn't look thin in day to day viewing, despite the pictures showing it being a little thinner. I am super pleased with the progress, especially when looking at photos just after the surgery. It seems my progress is good for 9 months and I'll update over the next few months as I go. From treatment standpoint I continue to use Rogaine foam (Walmart brand), Fin m/w/f 1/3 pill.
  3. Sorry for the delay in updating! Growth continues to improve, with a huge difference in the front. In my opinion the crown is still slower to get going, but is filling in nicely. My wife says the thinner crown is not very noticeable in day to day viewing, but always seems to look more sparse in the photos. I do feel lots of stubble in the crown from newer hairs still getting going. I'll try to get some closer shots of the front hairline to add soon. Thanks for all the feedback and words of encouragement!
  4. I think that's looking really good for 7 months. Everyone says density will improve past that point, so it should continue to look better. Happy growing 😊
  5. Thank you everyone for the feedback! After reviewing so many people's stories I really wasn't expecting much until 7 months, and very pleased at how things are progressing for only being at 5 months. I found a picture today from April 12th below), and the difference is pronounced. The new hair was basically a shadow then. When you see something every day you don't really see how much it's changed. I recently got a haircut and some friends commented that it looked good. They asked if I got a new lady, remarking how nice it looked, not knowing I've had a HT. It was pretty cool 😊 Hope everyone has a great night - thanks again.
  6. Here is a 20 week update. I've noticed a lot of continued growth, especially in the front. The crown continues to be slower in my opinion, but my wife and the lady that cuts my hair say the crown is really filing in as well. I have noticed the growth rate of my hair is very fast, and I wonder if the daily vitamins, sulfur, and biotin are contributing to that. I'm now able to style my hair pretty easily, and look forward to continued growth and filling in. I can't really see or feel the scar, and all of the shock loss areas have now recovered. I'll try to post better pictures of the scar when I can. Thank you!
  7. That looks really good Merlin, big difference from your prior photos. Cant wait to see how it continues to improve!
  8. Hope you have great results srm73. I resumed Rogaine at 21 days as directed by Doctor Cooley, and had no issues with that or the rubbing while applying it. I also wore a hat a fair amount, but tried to wear it looser than usual. By 1.5 months out you your grafts should stay put, so I think you should be good to go. Like you I was super careful not to damage the grafts, but at this point they should be fine with washing and other activities.
  9. The article reads well - I would think this part would make it very appealing for those who have had sides with Fin: "To date, no sexual side effects have been reported in their clinical trials."
  10. That is an excellent price! Your results are looking very good, and I hope the crown continues to improve for you. What a difference 🙂
  11. Thank you mephesto! I appreciate the feedback and hope so too. Couldn't be happier with Dr Cooley, I feel very lucky to live in Charlotte right near his office.
  12. Here are some updated photos from today, showing the hairline and crown. The difference in the hairline is already pleasing, and I am excited for the baby hairs to keep growing 🙂 First 2 photos are for reference - Pre and immediately post op: 15 weeks and 2 days
  13. Looking really good, very clean! I slept with a neck pillow for 3 weeks after my surgery, but that was probably excessive. I really didn't want anything to touch those new grafts 😊