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  1. 10 months The hair has thickened up quite a bit in the past couple of months. I've pretty much just let it grow and do its thing from the surgery day until today, so it's a bit long and wild right now, but I couldn't be happier with how it looks, and also the texture/quality of it. The follicles seem to have a really good blood supply. It's just a completely new frame and look from how it was before the surgery.
  2. Definitely go for FUT if you're gonna need a lot of grafts. Your donor area will then be pristine above and below the scar, compared to an FUE session where you damage the entire donor area.
  3. That is unfortunately not a true statement from the clinic. All FUE sessions damage the donor area for future operations, especially for FUT procedures. Some patients might look great back there after 6000 grafts have been taken, but the donor area will have less grafts to work with. It's also important to note that some patients will not look good. Everyone are different, so it all depends on your hair texture and quality.
  4. Konior, Hasson and Wong, and Shapiro are top FUT doctors. I'm sure there are more, but those are the ones I'm familiar with. I think Dr. Feller, Bloxham and Cooley are pretty good too, but I haven't done that much research on them. If you do another big FUE session your donor area is most likely gonna be done, but if you opt for FUT you're still gonna have areas above and below the scar to take from. It's pretty simple math. Plus, FUT is cheaper if money is an issue for you.
  5. @mephesto, I haven't looked back there in quite a while, but I think the scar is very small and not very visible. I might throw up a picture when I get some time.
  6. I think you should strongly consider going for a FUT procedure with a top rated surgeon. That way you maximize your chances of getting a good result. It's a shame so much of your donor area has been wasted on a bad FUE megasession, but hopefully you can get it fixed with a good FUT surgery. With FUT they are able to cut out the grafts without damaging them, something they can't do with FUE.
  7. Very impressive results for FUE, it looks great. But I have to say that I think it's a bit irresponsible of doctors to do such big FUE megasessions on first time patients, especially when it's obvious they will need more work done in the future. Stripping out their donor area like that the first time doesn't feel right to me.
  8. Really impressive, it looks the same as FUT results. He must be a very happy patient. What kind of FUE method is this, exactly? The grafts seem to be in almost pristine condition.
  9. Thank you. Yeah, there could be more maturing and growth all the way up to 2 years. Good luck with your procedure. You picked a great surgeon !
  10. close to 8 months (with direct sunlight pics) Really happy with the results so far. The frame in my face is back and people no longer look up there. I have some lingering dry skin from some allergic symptoms, but that is also getting better. Included are pictures in daylight, as well as direct sunlight, which is the harshest conditions for hair transplants. Even that looks good in person, in my opinion. It looks a bit worse on camera.