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  1. Thanks My family thinks it's great! They're so happy with it and they're glad I picked a good place and that the results are looking this good. My brother wants to go do it now and so do some friends of mine too.
  2. 4 months now! I hope everyone is having a happy holidays and a happy new year! Not much to update this month other than the usual; more hair growth. I'm visiting family back home so the lighting is a bit different in these pictures. The pictures are under direct lighting and they weren't doing my hair any good so I took an extra one for an "optimal" shot. And this is what I normally look like without direct light.
  3. Hi fespafer, Thanks for the comment. I'm glad my post is helping you, it's the reason I started it since I was once in your shoes too and used posts like this one to help me. Dr. Cinik DOES offer using grafts from your beard. I did not need that but there were 2 other gentlemen who did get grafts taken from their bard under their chins. Dr. Cinik will decide after viewing your donor area what the best solution is for you. Hi HairShadows, I am at about week 14 now and this growth amount came in at around week 12 like you. I THINK new hairs are poking through all the time. I can see some at the front of my hairline but it is becoming too dense to notice things in the top or behind the hairline. When I touch my crown, I can feel little poky hairs that are much shorter than the other hairs and when I run my fingers gently through the front of my head, I can feel similar little poky hairs too. I also have some tingly pain throughout my day which I hope is new hairs growing through my skin. I am not worried. Don't be worried man, it's all about patience. Everybody is different, just keep doing what you're doing and the hairs will come with time. Last week I was playing volleyball and the ball hit my head directly on the middle top. I was a little worried but I spoke with the clinic and they said it is all fine just be more careful next time. They said I can swim, smoke, go about my normal routine now so I don't think there is much that can destroy/kill the root at this point. Obviously do not pull your hair out but I would say the most important thing is to take the right nutrients the hair needs to grow.
  4. Yes, I Dr. Cinik made the incisions/opened the channels in my procedure.
  5. I'm gonna say yes, I did have dry scalp before the op. Haha thanks man, I'm really happy with my results and I'm not even halfway yet. I gotta admit, I was a little worried when I got half-way through the shedding phase...A LOT fell out but it's all back now and more. I don't know when I noticed the sprouts, I kinda just woke up one day and saw myself in the mirror and thought wow a lot of hair returned. I definitely went with the doctor making the incisions seeing as that is a very important step. Thanks man I have no doubt that we will both be happy with our results. I know right! Cinik's team is VERY nice and helpful, they are so good at answering all my questions in a professional, friendly way. I am so glad I bought their shampoo and multivitamins. When I looked at other clinics, I read that they recommend you take propecia and finasteride after the operation which I really did not want to do. One of the many reasons I went with Dr. Cinik is because they just recommend to take normal multivitamins.
  6. Alright it's that time of the month...3 months now and there is a HUGE change. A lot seems to have grown back. My numbness continues to fade away but still slightly numb at the very top of my head. Here's some updates to share with you guys: I started working out 2 weeks ago. I am lifting relatively heavy weights but not heavy enough that I put a lot of pressure on myself or my face/head. Barely any hairs fall out in the shower anymore. I'm still gentle when I rub shampoo on. Only using the palms of my hand, no fingers yet. My head gets really dry, not sure if that is part of the procedure or just the cold weather from where I live (Canada). The clinic said I can rub coconut oil on my scalp so that's what I've been doing every once in a while. I'm taking my multivitamins and Saw Palmetto every morning and biotin (10,000mcg) every OTHER day. The clinic instructed me to take Biotin every 2 days, not everyday. I got a haircut with clippers on the side/donor area and only scissors on the top. I go down to a #2 on the sides/back neck area. Just like how I was blown away at how much fell in my second month, I am again blown away at how much has grown back since then. PS. I grew out a moustache for Movember.
  7. Ah, I didn't know that. Thanks for clarifying it In that case you're right. My crown is the same.
  8. Yes, that's right, the implanted hairs fall out before growing normally within 3 months. Isn't that what shock loss is? Aren't they the same thing? Implanted hairs fall out = shock loss? HairGone29, the focus of the transplant was in the front. I had a large area to cover so keep in mind that high density was focused on the front area and the crown was secondary (less density). Out of the 4300 grafts, 2500 were put in the front and the rest were spread between crown and top of head/middle area.
  9. Thanks for the comment. It makes me feel better knowing that I know, I will be very careful with sports. I play recreational volleyball so no helmets or anything like that and I'll make sure to always guard my head no matter what. I even mentioned it to Dr. Cinik's clinic and they said it was Ok. They are very good at answering my questions over Whatsapp.
  10. Time for that monthly update...2 months now. A lot has fallen out (normal shedding phase, I hope). My numbness is going away slowly. I am starting to get back into my regular routine. Ex: going out, drinking/partying with friends, joined a sports team. I used a machine/clippers to clean around my neck and donor area. Have not touched the top/transplanted area at all yet. I'm just blown away at how much has fallen compared to my 1 month mark. The waiting game must be strong haha
  11. Ya, I was anxious about going back to work too but it really wasn't that big of a deal. My procedure was on a Wednesday then I got home on Saturday and I worked from home for 1 week so I didn't leave my house for a week. When I got back to work all the scabs were gone so I looked close to normal. People at my work said they didn't remember what I looked like before.
  12. Hey, I only bought the multivits from the clinic (12 month supply) and their shampoo (6 month supply). They were selling all 3 supplements (vits + biotin + saw p.) but I told them I'll buy biotin and saw palmetto from my local drugstore at home. They said ok and never pushed to sell those items after that. They just told me the vits are the most important one to take out of all the supplements. The clinic actually told me not to take any vits or supplements before the procedure so maybe you should hold off on starting those.
  13. Thanks! I saw your progress and results thread months ago and it helped me a lot in making my decision, so thank you for that @lukeyb1687 I am taking 1000mg Biotin 2x/day, 200mg Saw Palmetto 1/day and the MultiVitamins Dr. Cinik's clinic recommended. They said I can take Finasteride but I didn't want to and opted for the Saw Palmetto instead.
  14. 1 Month mark! Still a lot of hairs shed in the shower but nothing that isn't normal. Looking forward to the next 2 months and more. Some parts of my head still feel numb but the clinic told me that's normal, might be another couple of weeks till senses come back 100%.
  15. No worries about the questions, that's why I made this thread I do not have retrograde alopecia. I know in the last picture I sent it looks like that but that's just my donor area still healing from the transplant.