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  1. Thanks for the advice but that does not answer my question. Can you suggest a place to go to instead of suggesting places you wouldn't go to?
  2. @HairGone29 and @briharvey78 can you guys suggest places to go to for crown coverage? I am looking to do my 2nd HT. And just to be clear, the results I have now are as expected. Dr. Cinik told me beforehand that he will not be able to cover my crown area with 1 procedure, only front first.
  3. @pjms is right. Crown hairs take much longer to grow, usually start at 8 months after operation. Also for me, Dr. Cinik told me he will not be able to cover my crown 100%. He told me before the operation that I will need a 2nd one to cover crown 100%. @briharvey78 we are not trying to attack you or be mean to you. Thank you for sharing your photos. It is just from our experience we have come across many fake posts so we wanted to be sure. Did Dr. Cinik tell you he will cover your crown 100%? How long has it been since your operation?
  4. Without any pictures, you just sound like a fake account who is from a competitor clinic. Why "create soon"? All you have to do is use your phone to take a picture and attach it to this thread.
  5. No problem and... What? It's in an Italian forum? I didn't know about this. Can you send the link? And the only place I posted it is here. What publishing are you talking about? Thanks.
  6. Here's my progress and results with Dr. Cinik. With pictures from day 1 to 12 months. https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/52115-dr-cinik-4300-grafts-results-progress/
  7. Here's my progress and results with Dr. Cinik. With pictures from day 1 to 12 months. https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/52115-dr-cinik-4300-grafts-results-progress/
  8. Hi @iti26 it was my pleasure man. I'm just posting what I wish I had when I was researching places. I get the expensive vs cheap clinics. What I did was made a list of the "top best clinics" based on comments, reviews, prices, reputation etc. And then I just picked the cheapest one from the top 5 because really, what's the difference going to be between the top top clinics? I saw a comment online that said you can get bad results from the expensive clinics and great results from the cheap clinics. After I read that, I was ok going with the most value for money.
  9. @jj51702 I'm going to get PRP later this week, flying out to Turkey on Wednesday. Yes, I have thought about the 2nd HT. I am thinking of going sometime next year. Either end of winter in Jan 2020 or end of summer 2020.
  10. Alright guys, here it is. The big 1 year mark! 12 months! This might be my last progress post so this is going to be a good one. Let's start. First of all, I have a friend who does photography so they did a photoshoot with me and here some of the pictures he took: There are more pictures like this on my Instagram @elifares. Feel free to follow me there as I will be posting more pictures like this (he took a lot). Next. A day after the photoshoot, I got a haircut. I did the usual level 2 on the sides and kept the top long (because why wouldn't I haha). Here are the "straight out of the shower, hair is still wet" pictures you asked for: (I only took these for you guys) Then I dried my hair, styled it with my hands and took more pictures: I always only dry my hair by dabbing the towel on my head, never rubbing anymore. Here is my donor area at level 2 cut: Now, the next day after my haircut, I went to the beach with my friends and took some more pictures for you guys: (I will post more beach pics on my Instagram). 2 pictures of my hair wet and then 2 pictures of what my dry hair looked like when I got home before washing it. And that's all folks. I really enjoyed this journey and sharing it with you guys was a big part of the fun! I liked reading your comments and feedback thank you all so much! I hope this thread has helped you guys and better prepared you for what to expect if you decide to do your HT. I can't believe it's already been a year since I did mine. It feels like I was going through the shedding phase 1 month ago haha. Anyways, as I said in the beginning of this thread, I was going to post pictures up to 12 months and now here we are. If any of you would like to stay in touch or see more of my pictures, catch on my Instagram @elifares. I'd be happy to connect there and answer any questions you have. I will most likely visit this thread less often now. Cheers everyone and all the best!
  11. Hey guys, I haven't forgotten about this thread, just been busy lately. I will make another post and include wet hair pics too. This will be my 12 month mark and I am actually going to see Dr. Cinik next week. My friend is going to do his HT and I am getting PRP. I will post this weekend.
  12. Thanks! His staff (the person that has been assigned to me post-care) said I can wait 3 more months but there won't be a big difference as my crown wasn't the target area. He mentioned that doing a 2nd HT, they will be able to cover my crown area with 100% coverage. But I am no longer in any rush, I don't mind waiting and doing my 2nd one later on. I am enjoying my current benefits now
  13. Aloha guys! The end of June marks my 10 month point. Here are my pictures. Notes Nothing major to mention. Just that I am SO HAPPY with my results so far and I can't believe it is only 10 months now. Still have a few more months to see if there are any more changes. Looking at my crown, it is filling up! Looks like you guys were right when you said to give the crown a few more months to see what happens. I will wait till December to see my final results (15 months post op). My friend went to do his HT with Dr. Cinik 2 weeks and I have another friend that is looking to do his with Dr. Cinik at the end of August. I am planning to go with him and get a free PRP (and also visit Lebanon). Cheers guys, all the best with your journeys.
  14. For those interested in seeing results and updates from a patient from Dr. Cinik, you can see my pictures here:
  15. I wouldn't trust that thread. I really think that guy, LostSoldier, is a fake account. I tried contacting him many times asking for pictures but he never sent any. I went with Dr. Cinik in August 2018 and have been posting pictures of my results ever since. I also tried posting my results on baldtruthtalk.com but LostSoldier kept spamming my thread and got my account deactivated. Here are my monthly progress pictures with Dr. Cinik: