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  1. Hey guys, I haven't forgotten about this thread, just been busy lately. I will make another post and include wet hair pics too. This will be my 12 month mark and I am actually going to see Dr. Cinik next week. My friend is going to do his HT and I am getting PRP. I will post this weekend.
  2. Thanks! His staff (the person that has been assigned to me post-care) said I can wait 3 more months but there won't be a big difference as my crown wasn't the target area. He mentioned that doing a 2nd HT, they will be able to cover my crown area with 100% coverage. But I am no longer in any rush, I don't mind waiting and doing my 2nd one later on. I am enjoying my current benefits now
  3. Aloha guys! The end of June marks my 10 month point. Here are my pictures. Notes Nothing major to mention. Just that I am SO HAPPY with my results so far and I can't believe it is only 10 months now. Still have a few more months to see if there are any more changes. Looking at my crown, it is filling up! Looks like you guys were right when you said to give the crown a few more months to see what happens. I will wait till December to see my final results (15 months post op). My friend went to do his HT with Dr. Cinik 2 weeks and I have another friend that is looking to do his with Dr. Cinik at the end of August. I am planning to go with him and get a free PRP (and also visit Lebanon). Cheers guys, all the best with your journeys.
  4. For those interested in seeing results and updates from a patient from Dr. Cinik, you can see my pictures here:
  5. I wouldn't trust that thread. I really think that guy, LostSoldier, is a fake account. I tried contacting him many times asking for pictures but he never sent any. I went with Dr. Cinik in August 2018 and have been posting pictures of my results ever since. I also tried posting my results on baldtruthtalk.com but LostSoldier kept spamming my thread and got my account deactivated. Here are my monthly progress pictures with Dr. Cinik:
  6. I can't remember if he told me himself or if I read it somewhere online while doing my research but generally, a person can take out 6000 grafts without the donor area looking too bad (no lack of hair showing in the back). This made sense to me because when I met with doctors in North America, they told me they don't transfer more than 2000 grafts per surgery max and then later on, I met guys who had 3 transplants in total to cover their entire head. It made sense to me because 2000 x 3 = 6000. I had 4300 taken out so I'd say I have about 1700 left...almost 2000 if I ever want to get a 2nd HT done for touch ups.
  7. Thanks @alex79 I think I'm going to wait off on the 2nd HT and instead go do a PRP session. Dr. Cinik's clinic offers it at no extra cost for their patients post-operation. I'll be traveling to that part of the world for vacation so this would be a good thing to do instead of full out HT again at this time. Cheers guys.
  8. Thanks for your feedback @Lennney and @Fozzie. Yes, I was actually planning to go back soon (at my 12 month mark) because I thought since I did this now in my life, might as well do it completely all the way instead of go through the whole recovery again at another point in my life. But it seems like it would be better for me to wait. I wasn't decided on it for sure, was just debating it so thanks for the tips guys
  9. Hi guys, I know I didn't post my 8 month progress pics. I was very busy the past few weeks. It'll be 9 months at the end of this month and this time I decided to post pictures of my hair before/after my latest haircut (2 days ago). Before/after haircut Updates For my haircut, this time I decided to go as short as 1.5 on the back and sides. I kinda like it, I don't think I would ever go shorter than that. I feel like the crown area is getting more and more covered BUT I am seriously considering a 2nd HT now. Yes, I would go back to this clinic for my 2nd HT. I don't have any issues with my head. No dandruff, no pain, sensitivity and feeling is back to normal (top of head used to still feel numb from the local anesthetics) Still taking my vitamins every morning, going to the gym regularly, going out with friends, drinking, no issues at all. I'd love to hear your thoughts about doing a 2nd HT to finish covering the top/crown.
  10. Hey guys, I just got back from vacation. I was somewhat irresponsible and didn't bring a hat with me to the beach and my head got red from the sun. Alright, let's begin, I'll post my update pictures then I'll answer some of your questions after. This is at the end of Month 7. Updates: I sent these pictures to the clinic and they said not to worry about the redness. At month 7, the grafts are secured and healed up, minor sunburn will not damage them or affect my progress. The clinic also told me that grafts implanted in the crown do not start growing out until month 8 and continue to grow until month 15. I don't know why hairs on the crown grow at a very different rate then the front. Your questions and comments: I know man, I went to see doctors in Canada and they quoted me at $12,000 CAD and also just for the front area. See my 2nd update point. The clinic told me hairs on the crown start growing out at the 8th month mark. The clinic told me everyone has around 6000 grafts they can take from the donor area without causing a noticeable lack of grafts or scarring back there. Dr. Cinik said they took out 4,300 this time so if I ever want a 2nd HT they can use 2000 to cover whatever areas need it and also take from my beard if they need to. That's right. That's also what Dr. Cinik said. They put 2500 in the frontal area, 1000 in the top middle area and 800 on the crown. I didn't receive any grafts on my temple points but I saw other guys who did. Dr. Cinik was involved. He opened the channels for the implants. I took the Exclusive Package offered on his website. I'll be posting pictures of me at the beach on my social media accounts soon. Send me a direct message if you want to see them. Hair looked really thick during my trip 👌 Cheers guys! Can't wait for month 8!
  11. Their prices are on their website. I paid in CAD which came to $3,900 at the time. Then I spent $300 CAD on 6 months worth of shampoo and 1 year worth of multi-vitamins. From my results, it was all worth it!
  12. No, I have not tried using H&S shampoo. I don't want to use any other shampoo than the ones Dr. Cinik's clinic recommends. Nizoral has been doing a great job, I have a lot less dandruff now than before I started.
  13. I'm a few days behind but here are my 6 month photos! And some updates... I'm using Nizoral Shampoo once a week and it's working Still taking my 2 vitamins everyday (Saw Palmetto + MultiVitamins) and 1 every other day (Biotin 10,000 mcg). I'm working out normally, lifting heavy weights and I'm fine Alcohol, food, sports, physical activity are all back to normal and I don't smoke Everything seems to be normal. I'm growing my hair long but I want another haircut to keep it clean. I'm so happy with my front view but my top view is making me consider a second HT. I'm going to wait till the 12 months are done before making any decisions. What do you guys think?
  14. Here is a mini-update to show what my back looks like now. Yes, I only use the shampoo the clinic provided. Yes, I experienced the dandruff while using it.
  15. Thanks mate. The clinic said the dandruff and usage of Nizoral will not affect my results.