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  1. Not really, but not really looking. Just letting it grow. Will post more pics each month.
  2. Coming along pretty good at a little over 6 months. The new hair seems to be a little fuzzy, not quite the same texture. I assume it will get better as time passes? It has gotten better.
  3. Yes, it has really changed in the last couple of months. Hoping it gets a lot thicker and fuller. Thanks!
  4. 3 month update. Doesn't seem like a lot of growth yet. Hopefully it takes off soon. What do you guys think, is this about normal for 3 months?
  5. Thanks for the encouragement. Taking fenasteride and the help hair shakes. Started both on 4-1-18.
  6. My graft #'s: 1's: 968 2's: 1618 3's: 855 4's: 360 Total: 3801
  7. Here is some pics at 5 weeks today. Front, crown and donor. A little shock loss in back. Hopefully it will grow back soon. Hopefully it will all start growing soon. Wore a hair piece for a yr before the HT. So now trying to hide it with a ball cap till it grows back in. Wish I would of just got the HT before the piece.
  8. Had my HT done with Dr Cooley on 7-5-18. Had 3801 graphs done on the front and crown area. Everything went great and no pain. Here are some photos of pre-op and post-op. I'm 53 yrs old. Do you guys think the hairline looks ok for my age? To me it looks like it angles back too much on the sides, but Dr Cooley said he was going for a natural look for my age. I guess I need to wait for it to grow out to see the final outcome.
  9. Hey Melvin, no I have not tried any monoxidil. Been on fenasteride since 4-1-18, had surgery on 7-5-18. Hopefully it will grow back in ok.
  10. I had an fut HT 32 days ago. Here are some pics of the back donor area before hair cut and after. Is this shock loss? If so, how long does it usually take to grow back? Thanks!
  11. Good choice, I'm at 1 month post op. Very happy with Dr Cooley and his staff.