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  1. As you can see from the picture below (sorry it's a little bit out of focus) there is new growth. Some of it must be from the transplants. I wish you good growing ahead too!🙂 It seems that a spring on our heads is coming 😁 Day 91 Pics Front Crown Left side scar/shock loss
  2. I would have replied sooner but the notification went to spam. Things are going well. I had a haircut about two weeks ago. Still able to hide the shock loss. I think some hair are slowly coming back there. On the other hand, the growth on the front is going strong (it's noticeable, I dont have to look for it). It still looks like hair loss/bit funny since the hair there are very short compared to the existing hair. I assume that the crown is growing too, hard to tell back there due to practical reasons. Definitely both areas have ways to go (just got started) and I am pleased so far. I will post pics sometime in the next few days.
  3. Thanks. I am taking the Propecia (tried 10+ years ago with side effects so I wasn't taking it until after the surgery) and I am very slowly raising the dosage to avoid side effects; so far, so good. It caught my eye that a few really tiny and thin hair are coming up at the front. Not sure if they are transplants or hair revived by Propecia.
  4. My scar line indeed improved a lot over the last couple of weeks. It used to look similar to yours not long ago. We are getting there 😀
  5. Yeah, you seem to have more shock loss in the back than I do. Other than that I think it looks well. Here a couple of pics of mine. I am trying to hold off getting a haircut as much as I can for sanitary reasons and because I don't want them to do anything that might make the shock loss on the left more visible. My left side is looks lighter when I am near a light, but hopefully most people shouldn't notice anything unless they are staring directly to my left side. Day 62 Back Left side
  6. I am doing well. On the top of the head, everything is the same. About the incision, after a closer inspection I noticed I had some shock loss in other parts along the incision consistent with ofter FUT reports in the forums. I haven't noticed it initially because other than my left side, everywhere else is very well covered with surrounding hair. There are some very short hair along the incision like I previously mentioned (I am not sure if they are growing or they are just trapped/stuck there or if they will grow at some point), and I don't think anything grew at the shock loss area surrounding the incision. Probably it will take at least a few weeks or a couple of months before something will be noticeable. The last few days my whole head itches everywhere I have hair (I can easily ignore it; is not very strong), from the bottom of the neck to the top of the head. Maybe is due to the incision nerves healing/reconstructing (it is significantly less red than it used to). I hope that you are doing well too and that we will see some growth soon!!!
  7. About 1500 on the crown, 1500 on the hairline, and 1200 behind the hairline. The crown had many of the 3 & 4 hair grafts and as result the crown has about the same amount of hair as the front. Thanks for the update. It sounds like shockloss is a common thing from what people are reporting. When I updated Dr. Cooley on my progress (including the shockloss), he also said to me that everything sounded normal to him. Nevertheless, I am doing my best to ignore the missing hair and only pay the requisite attention for the scar care. Looking forward to seeing your results! You are welcome, and all the best again! In a few months things will be becoming awesome!
  8. Thanks for the link GrowingHair. It doesn't hurt to go for a follow since apparently you are close enough. I hope it did go well. Things are still going well: treating the scar and hiding the missing hair until they grow back. I don't like seeing the shockloss I mentioned at the scar, but I know it's temporary.
  9. I don't know. I will ask whenever I correspond with Dr. Cooley or his office next. I haven't noticed any shock loss. I do find a few hair strands in the shower but they don't appear that they come from a specific spot. The hair from the grafts in the front, are mostly gone. On the crown, I still have quite a few; perhaps they are the native ones. I am not sure if it is shock loss, there are some hair missing around the end of the scar on my left side. Nevertheless, it seems to get better and there are some hair along the scar line that appear to be growing. Thankfully so far I am able to mask it with the other hair, despite my left side being thinner than the right side (that's probably inherent, not due to the surgery). Is the shock loss noticeable to others? That would be the only thing to bother me. Let's us know what Brandi says. Best of luck.
  10. Thanks! All the best for both of us! 😀 So far things are as expected.
  11. Here is the breakdown: 1-1265 2-2290 3-559 4-108 Total: 4222 Day 11 Pics
  12. Dr. Cooley sent me the pictures from the day of the operation. Pre-op: Post-op
  13. Day 6 after clean up at the clinic My hair are very oily around the scar because of the ointment (hard picture to take):
  14. I couldn't really see it because of the hair; just felt it when washing and applying the ointment. Will try to take some pictures after tomorrow's wash or the latest after the 7-day cleanup at Dr. Cooley's office. Today already applied the ointment and resumed the spraying.