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  1. Thanks. Dr. Cooley is solid. There are many good providers out there, but you cannot go wrong with him. My situation was that seemingly (partially due to change of hairstyle from long to short) my hair-loss became more obvious overnight and I was using a combover to hide with lots of hairspray. I had to be very strategic when going out to avoid the weather/activities mess my hair. Now I am more care free and I am not thinking of my hair unless I want to style them for some nice occasion. In August, I had a care free vacation at the beach and I was able to fully enjoy it. Now I just hope this will last for long time, and since the surgery I also started propecia with no side effects this time (I started very low and super slowly until I gradually reached the recommended dose; maybe that helped).
  2. Day 306 Update Finally got around to post pictures. I had a haircut 4 days ago. The lowest setting on the trimmer was 3.5 (that was the lowest I was also doing before the transplant). Front Back Top Left side
  3. I am sure everything went well; the growth should be coming soon.
  4. @GrowingHair @mikemorrow2000 Thanks for checking in; I will post photos soon. Since I last posted, I haven't thought about hair loss which was the whole point of doing the procedure with Dr. Cooley. @ck432 I am sure that Dr. Cooley did an excellent job! It's still early, everything will come out fine in time.
  5. Thanks everyone for the comments! 1500 grafts on the crown. See
  6. Pretty good! I can go out without product if I want! Day 172
  7. Thanks GrowingHair. I hope that yours is also progressing well.
  8. Thanks Mike. I am not freaking out 😀(I haven't bothered Dr. Cooley but I am sure he would say that!😀); there was a huge improvement over the last 30 days. I am just acknowledging that I have more way to go. My goal is to be able to go outside (rolling out bed😁) without fixing my hair or wearing a hat so to avoid showing the hair loss. This is almost achieved for the front, and the crown is getting there. Probably it's mostly a matter of the hair growing longer; and the extra hair (I assume/hope) that should be coming online over the next few weeks will help too.
  9. Day 121 So far so good. The improvement is noticeable. It's easier to hide the areas with missing hair. The major one is the crown which despite the significant improvement, is very obvious that there are hair missing there (on the picture it looks better than in person I think), unless I do the comb over; probably because the hair on the center of the crown are still short. Front Crown Left Side
  10. Thanks When I was talking with another clinic for FUE, they told me for the same amount grafts, I needed 3 days of operation, that they will trim all of my hair, and that they will have to use some beard hair. Ailene from Dr. Cooley's office also pointed out that since my skin is very light (when not in the sun much) and my hair dark, that doing FUE will put me at risk for a "moth" like appearance at the donor area. In summary I did FUT because: Less time at the clinic and cost for the same amount of grafts. More yield (more grafts survive FUT vs FUE). Aside from the donor scar, the rest of the donor area will be intact. Dr. Cooley has a reputation of excellent work and that his incisions/scars heal really well. No need to cut my hair to number 1-2 for the operation. Status update I noticed that it takes less effort to hide/cover the areas with missing hair. I will probably post new photos sometime in April when the progress should be more obvious (compared to the previous photos).
  11. Thanks. It's hard to tell on the crown, so far so good. Thanks!
  12. The clinic will give you cap when they send you home after the operation. To clarify, I used the saran/beanie for about 10 days after my return, so about 17 days total. Again, that probably wasn't necessary.