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  1. Hi. No I don't do any medical therapy. Both were FUE. I never considered FUT.
  2. RecedingTide, you are probably right. I think that 1500 grafts is a better target to have now. I can always get more, if there is more grafts left. But where to go for high graft survival? And what technique? Is there a special size of grafts etc. that I should consider?
  3. Oh, I wasn't precise with back. That photos is from six months after the last transplant. Here are some present photos. I believe, they have taken too many grafts. When they performed the transplantation, they were were supposed to take 3000, but only took 2400. They didn't really give a good explanation. There is a photo of my left side, that is untouched. I tried to "scramble" it a bit, so you can see it better.
  4. Hi everybody I have had two hair transplants and I'm looking for my third - and hopefully last. The first two were 1515 grafts in January 2015 and 2400 May in 2016 - total: 3915 grafts. I'm 51 years old. The first had very good growth, I think. The 2nd was not so succesful. But overall it really changed a lot for me. I haven't been thinking that much about my hair since then, but now I can see, that my hair thinning has taken over. Photos 1-6 is present photos. The first three is my hair when combed. The next three I messed it up, and ruined the illusion. Photos 7 and 8 are from 2010. So add nine years of hairloss. So I DID get something for my money. The first three transplant pictures are from my first. The new two are from my second. NUT the next photos is from the period, where I was very scared. Overharvested? It looks ok now, but I am still very scared of overharvesting. I don't have very short hair, but average short hair usually. The questions that haunt me is of course: do I have hairs enough, where to to take them from and where to put them. I know: ask the doctor, but answers have been confusing and they don't answer the same. So I'm here for the second opinion. How much do you think I need? Does it look like I have 2000 grafts left? If I have 2000, how would I place them? Personally I think the middle section is very important. Doctor always talk about the front, but even though I would like a bit there, it doesn't matter that much to me. So maybe 200. Crown? As you can see, almost all hair on the crown must be those transplanted. There wasn't much left 9 years ago. Would it be crazy to put 300 there? I use Toppik, and it is ok today, but a few more grafts would make it easier. And then 1500 in the midsection. Even if I could get more than 2000, I don't want that. Firstly, I'm scared of overharvesting. Second, I want some in reserve, if it is possible. Then where to take them from. The left side of my head is untouched. But I'm scared of my upper back.
  5. Hi everyone I have had two hair transplants, and it has really been good. It changed a lot in my "hair self confidence". Though the two transplants have been quite succesful, there are some thing I would like to improve. My first transplant was 1500 and the second 2400 grafts. Growth was great on the first, whereas the second was all right, but not impressive. The midsection of my head is thinning, so in a year or two it will probably be visible. I think I have grafts enough in my donor area. It will probably be something like 1000-1500 grafts needed. The hair line and the crown needs some more grafts. Probably just a few hundred in front and a little more on the crown. So a total of 2000 grafts is what I expect based on my prior experience. I am 51 years old, so it will probably be my last hair transplant. But I have read somewhere, that grafts doesn't survive as often, when they are transplanted into areas, where there previously has been transplanted hair. Something with scar tissue or so. Is it so? And if so: how big is the effect?
  6. I have had a hair transplant, mostly in the crown area. The company guaranteed, that 90% of the follicles would grow. The result was not satisfying, but when I came for my check a little over a year after the transplant, the company couldn't find my pre-op photos. So there was no visual proof of how the area looked, before I had the transplant (My crown area wasn't totally bald, but thinning). The doctor then told me, that the result was nealy 100%. He said, that it was possible to see on the individual follicle, whether it was a transplanted follicle or a follicle, that was there before the transplant, Is it really possible to see that on the individual follicle, where it origins from? Are they so unique?
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