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  1. cool. when did you schedule? i'm curious as to how long the wait time is these days.
  2. @shookwon33 @Melvin-Moderator 4 MONTHS 2 WEEKS POST-OP
  3. No. I don't think I'm early. I think I'm growing at at a regular pace, but I may be wrong. Hehe. If I reach 100% density in a year, I think I'm currently at about 14%
  4. The donor is healed. The area started feeling normal again at about 2 months. I don't know if the scar is still visible because my hair is too long to see it.
  5. Haha. I had no idea how much you guys appreciated these updates, so now I'll definitely make a point to keep you guys updated. Are you satisfied with the density of your transplant? From the Dr. Diep videos I've seen, even the guys with seemingly perfectly results wish they had more grafts.
  6. This is considered early? Hell yeah! Would you say this is more or less how your hair looked at 3 months post-op? Or was it too long ago to remember?
  7. I have been trimming the transplanted hairs because they are very thin and get all crumpled when my baseball cap presses on them all day, so I prefer to keep them short.
  8. Lol. My age is in the title, dude. I'm 25. I'm not on any medication for hair. Although, I did get an a-cell injection on the day of the procedure.
  9. Yep. Just the corners. I did not lower the widow's peak. I told Dr. Diep I wanted a hairline more proportional to my face and he actually drew me a hairline above my widow's peak. I did get the A-Cell injection, and yeah - it's $500 bucks.
  10. Great. Just patiently waiting for my results. Check my profile. I just uploaded an 8 week post-op, front and back.