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  1. It can be a tough time no doubt about it, but I just kept reminding myself that each day it was getting better and one day closer to the final result. You just have to try not to fixate on it, park it to one side and get on with the day to day stuff.
  2. Yep, that's an impressive result and quite the contrast from your starting point. Congrats.
  3. Thanks John. These cases are particularly satisfying as they can have such a positive effect on the patient.
  4. This patient came to us well over a decade ago in a very sorry state. He had undergone plug surgery at a young age, continued to thin and was feeling lost and very vulnerable. His first step was to look at meds to try to halt any further deterioration. Then we removed and redistributed the offending hair and rebuilt the frontal aspect. Over the years he has had 3 smallish procedures in total with approximately 3,300 follicular units being used, with the most recent being just under three years ago. He has allowed us to use some of his pictures to show the transformation and thankfully these days we see very few of these cases.
  5. Really noticeable improvement this month, things definitely starting to happen now. Should be a killer result this.
  6. Doesn't look good but it's still early days and it could well recover. All you can do is be patient and hopefully the next month or so things will improve.
  7. To be fair, I was probably being slightly facetious, and I do think attitudes have changed in recent years over here. There's certainly not the stigma around transplants that there was a decade or so ago.
  8. Still looking great. And obviously no donor area issues as your hair appears very short at the sides and back in those pics.
  9. Very true. Quite the contrast between LA and where I live (Yorkshire)! If a bloke here tells his mate down the pub he's thinking of getting a hair transplant he's likely to be looked at like he's just come down from Mars
  10. Hi MM, You'll be provided with a variety of products for your post op healing, along with easy to follow instructions re shampooing the grafts etc. Best of luck with it and any questions or concerns just ask. Pete.
  11. If I was in your situation I'd certainly be leaning towards the FUT route again for all the reasons already stated. I had my first strip procedure over twenty years ago and the scars (yes - plural!) are no nearer causing me any issues now than they were back then.
  12. This patient had FUE surgery with us a couple of years ago and received 2035 grafts with an average of 2.3 hairs per graft. He has been on Finasteride for several years and felt that the loss had subsided. He is very happy with the outcome achieved.
  13. From what I've seen Demirsoy does solid work. If budget's a big consideration I'd say he's a good choice.
  14. Unrecognisable from where you started. Outstanding result.
  15. This patient is in his 30’s and has been using meds for a couple of years. His aim was to reinforce the front and he is happy 12 months after his procedure. He received 2108 follicular units via FUE with an average of 2.1 hairs per graft.
  16. I've had it on a couple of occasions and it worried me a lot, but it recovered completely. Just takes a bit of time.
  17. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was stood at the photocopier at work (small family business) in the north of England. My brother called me through to another room where he had BBC news on the tv. That footage of the first tower ablaze. I remember a feeling like a gut punch as the second plane hit, and realisation instantly dawning that it's a terrorist attack. I remember thinking 'everything's changed now. The world won't be the same from now on'. The sheer evil of it all was just chilling. RIP to all who didn't make it home that day.