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  1. Update : 5 months minus 2 days. I think it looks aesthetically better than the month before. Hopefully the growth and maturing picks up in the next 2-4 months. Had one PRP session in the 1st week of 4th month. Will have another 1 or 2 before 10th month. Pictures(dry hair): Wet Hair:
  2. Thanks Kramer, that's reassuring. Yes, it looks better in that natural light but yeah looking forward to the next few months. Haha! Seriously, that analysis should be a pinned post in the forum.
  3. @LordBaldwin Wow, that's some excellent projections for the regrowth. Thank you for giving a detailed response I'll follow your timeline!
  4. 4th month minus 2 days. It seems to be going okay, but quite slow. I guess i am one of the "slow growth guys". The first 3 pictures are wet hair, and added a couple of natural light pictures ( one in shade and one in direct sun). What do you guys think of the progress so far? @LordBaldwin @CosmoKramer or any other senior folks here. I would be taking 2 PRP sessions, one each month in 5th and 6th. Fingers crossed.
  5. Yeah @fespafer, it does look better compared to the baseline. It should get better in the next 3 months. Are you on finasteride?
  6. Just hit the 2 month mark today. The transplanted hair shed between the 4th week to the 8th. I'd say i lost about 95% of the transplanted grafts. The donor area is quite normal now with no pain whatsoever. The recipient area is slowly getting back the sensations after being numb for a while. Had a few pimples(folliculitis) in recipient area around week 5 but it wasn't too bad and eventually went away. I guess the long winter ( long wait period) just started. Will update after a couple of months. Took a few picture ( a couple of them with flash), but have to admit that the lighting is a bit harsh.
  7. @JohnnyDeep The growth looks good for 3 months. I am sure your result will be awesome. Are you finasteride? I've had my HT with Dr. Yaman a few weeks after you did. Hopefully it all comes together. Fingers crossed. https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/53572-4520-grafts-with-dr-resul-yaman/
  8. @Melvin-Moderator Check out this research paper on the effects of ecklonia cava. Apparently its stronger than saw palmetto and is comparable to finasteride. Still not sure about authenticity though. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3382810/ From the paper:
  9. It does feel like there are more gaps than an ideal case. But again it could be shock loss. Grow out your hair for a couple of months. Hopefully it covers the scalp. Happy growing!
  10. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/8616910/ronaldo-hair-transplant-open-clinic-madrid-georgina/ // The centre will employ 150 professionals, with 18 rooms and the capacity to perform 18 hair transplants a day. Each transplant will cost around £3,473 each.// Any thoughts?
  11. Yeah, I am on lipogain minoxidil and topical finasteride for the past 4 months. Will be back on it after week 2. Sure, Melvin.
  12. Hey Guys, I have been a regular reader on this forum and all of you make this forum great by sharing experiences. Figured I'd do my bit as well. I recently got back from my HT procedure with Dr. Yaman in Istanbul. Here is the distribution of my grafts Single: 705 Double: 2973 Multiple: 842 Hair Thickness: 55 microns I left for Istanbul 3 days prior to my surgery date. Figured i'd do a bit of sightseeing as well. I got picked up by the driver from the airport and checked in to the Diwan Hotel. Istanbul has got some great food( Love the Doner, Kebabs and Baklava). I visited the usual touristy places of Hagia Sophia, The Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar and Topkapi Palace on the first day. Also took a boat tour on the Bhosporus Strait on Day 2 along with Pierre Loti Hill( an amazing place). There is a cafe on top of the hill. The food is mediocre but the view of Istanbul is beautiful. About the hotel : It was a pretty good hotel with a decent pool. Met a few guys who had their surgery on previous days and everyone seemed to be happy with their experience so far. That gave me some reassurance. And there is a safe in the room if you wanted to put your money. Additionally there is a central safe near the reception that apparently offers more security. Dr. Yaman had my blood test and hair analysis done on day 1. Fikret was my patient co-coordinator and he was helpful in all translations and made sure all my needs were attended to. Dr. Yaman assessed that i have about 6000 donor grafts( I had 500 fue done earlier which was a honest mistake). The next interaction with him was on the day of the surgery. He re-drew my hairline and advised to me take it back a notch on the temples ( The earlier places 500 grafts out of which 200 survived were too forward). We discussed that hair line should look natural and have little bit zig zag rather than a straight line. Also the Doc said their there would be higher density in the front and decreasing towards the end to create a fade effect. After the hairline, the pre anesthesia and anesthesia were given followed by PRP. Then, another Doc who apparently specializes in extraction came along and looked at my pictures and started extraction. That lasted about 3 hours. He spoke decent English and we had some nice conversation. Also i ended up requesting more anesthesia whenever i felt pain. I had my lunch around 2 p.m. and the implant process started after that which is done by the nurses. Dr. Yaman checked in once during mid way and came back at the end of implantation. During his final inspection, Dr. Yaman asked the extraction to extract another 100 more and place them. By the time everything was done ,it was about 6 p.m( started around 9:30). Make sure to sleep the same way as instructed for the first 4 days using the neck pillow. There was a bit of swelling but it died down by Day 3/4. The next day i got my bandage removed and had my first wash on the day after that. The nurse who helped with the first wash told me that my healing was faster than normal( translated by fikret).That was also the day i flew back to the US, and was dropped back to the airport by the clinic. ( Make sure you have check-in bag to carry the shampoos and lotion). Also, the pain after the HT was okay but its really the day 4 and day 5 where it peaks because the painkillers wear off and the nerves at the back of the head are really sore. Should be okay by Day 7-8 though. Been washing as advised and slowly the scabs have been coming off. Luckily i haven't had the redness for too long. Guess it depends on the skin type. I hope to post pictures every month so that i keep you guys updated. Now for the pictures: Before: After ( on Day 3 after first wash): On Day 8 :
  13. Gill, i am planning to do around 3k-3.5k grafts in the first iteration and evaluate the result. That seems to be a smart thing to do. Thanks for the response.
  14. Thanks Sean! Will try to test a few grafts before i decide on the full procedure. That's real helpful advice.
  15. @baldlivesmatter Thank you! I have been thinking about that too. Putting more grafts there would probably induce shock loss as well.