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  1. This patient is in his late 30's with fine quality hair and advancing loss. A combination of Propecia and surgery have gone a long way to addressing his concerns. We transferred 1,901 follicular units via FUE with an average of 2 hairs per graft. He is happy with how things are developing at a little over 9 months.
  2. Yes it does look like mpb unfortunately. As has been said though, it's early stages and you may well benefit from finasteride. If you respond well to it, you may stabilise things or even improve your situation. Best of luck with it.
  3. I don't use concealers much these days but I used to find that Dermmatch gave the most natural look to the hairline, while fibres worked great for the crown.
  4. Yep no need for concern. You're grafts will be well rooted by now. Sounds like you're following your surgeon's post op instructions and things should be fine.
  5. It's doing its job then. You've stabilised your hair which puts you in a great position when planning further work.
  6. Thanks Melvin. Yes, he's planning on addressing the crown in the near future so we'll hope to update this case further.
  7. This patient is in his early 40’s and was only really concerned with the front and top of his sparse scalp. We did an FUE procedure of 2,322 follicular units with an average of 2.3 hairs per graft. At the 6 month mark he is pretty happy and looking forward to further development. The follow up pictures were not taken at our normal location. These will be added in a few months because he has now said he would like to consider the crown. This can happen when people see the change that the front has brought.
  8. Don't recognise the name but that looks a spectacular result.
  9. Looks to have thickened up nicely over the last month. Very promising with hopefully plenty still to come.
  10. According to their website, Hasson and Wong are doing in-person consultations in Toronto today and tomorrow.
  11. Noticeable improvement from last month. Things definitely starting to happen. Next couple of months should be interesting.
  12. I had my first FUT procedure over twenty years ago, and my last one in 2008. I actually have three scars (two smallish ones and one 'ear to ear'). Dr Farjo suggested we remove one of the scars in my last procedure, but I got greedy for more grafts so declined. Despite this, and a further 2000 plus grafts via FUE, my scars have caused me zero issues. I can cut my hair pretty short without any evidence of them. As for whether I regret going the FUT route, well that's a bit of a moot point really as back in the nineties FUE wasn't really an option. All I can say is that over twenty years later, the hair from those procedures continues to grow well, and the scars remain hidden, so I'm happy how things panned out.
  13. For me it was not having to be so reliant on concealers. I used to spend hours in front of the mirror trying to hide every single thinning area with far too much spray, fibres etc. It takes me way less time theses days, generally a brief shake of fibres if I can be bothered and I'm done.
  14. Really promising signs at four months. Hopefully this gets updated again.
  15. At 5-6 months you're likely to be seeing real improvement, with the new hairs now reaching a length that makes a noticeable difference.
  16. This patient is in his late 30’s , not on meds but feels his hair has not altered much in the past few years. We performed an FUE procedure of 1735 units with an average of 2.2 hairs per graft. He is happy at the 8th month mark and I have added a video with pics to follow.
  17. If you end up with a 'good' fut scar (and this is dependant on both the surgeon's skill and your own physiology), then you will be able to cut your hair quite short without it being detected. But I've yet to see a strip scar that can be completely hidden by smp/grafts or a combination of both when buzzed. It's worth having a browse of the smp section to see some examples of what can be achieved.
  18. It can be a tough time no doubt about it, but I just kept reminding myself that each day it was getting better and one day closer to the final result. You just have to try not to fixate on it, park it to one side and get on with the day to day stuff.
  19. Yep, that's an impressive result and quite the contrast from your starting point. Congrats.
  20. Thanks John. These cases are particularly satisfying as they can have such a positive effect on the patient.