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  1. Pete-from-Farjo

    Dr. B Farjo - 1760 grafts (FUT)

    Thanks for your comments. The patient requested a conservative approach. He has achieved his aim and has many grafts left in the bank should he decide on further surgery down the line. Just because it may not be the approach you or I would take doesn't make it any less valid. This recent case shows that when needed and requested, we are happy to do more: https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/52134-dr-farjo-and-dr-williams-4425-grafts-fut/ Hair transplants should be a bespoke procedure - not one where more is always better.
  2. Pete-from-Farjo

    Dr Cooley - July 2017

    That looks like an outstanding result. Congrats.
  3. This patient in his late 30’s and has had two FUT procedures over the last two years. He was happy to show his final result via a short video. He received his first op with Dr Farjo and his follow up with Dr Williams for a total of 4425 grafts. He has been on Finasteride for the past few years. https://vimeo.com/288360092
  4. Pete-from-Farjo

    Dr. B Farjo - 1760 grafts (FUT)

    As I mentioned, the patient did not want us to shave his donor - so FUT was performed. It was felt that a positive outcome could be achieved with a relatively modest amount of grafts, which I think the pics show.
  5. Pete-from-Farjo

    Dr. B Farjo - 1760 grafts (FUT)

    Appreciate the comments Gasthoerer. This particular patient did not want his donor area shaved so we performed a strip surgery.
  6. This patient came to us nearly 5 years ago and for the following 3 years used finasteride in a bid to stabilise his loss. He then felt better placed to improve the front knowing that his plan to take things slowly had worked. Then and now he has no interest in improving the back with surgery. He received 1760 grafts via FUT with an average of 2.2 hairs per graft.
  7. Pete-from-Farjo

    FUE 1818 Grafts Dr B Farjo

    Looking really good micknick. So pleased that you've achieved the result you hoped for, and thanks for all your updates over the months.
  8. Pete-from-Farjo

    Just doing it

    Some good advice so far. Your hair definitely appears quite fine, your donor area is hard to judge from pics alone but it doesn't look to be the densest. (the shortness and the light colour of your hair may not be giving a true picture though). You say you've had a few consultations already. Were they in-person? What is their opinion of your donor quality and recommendations re graft numbers etc?
  9. Pete-from-Farjo

    800 FU at one year + 200 FU Dr De Reys

    Very nice, natural outcome with minimal number of grafts. Congrats.
  10. Just read through this thread. So pleased for you that it had a positive conclusion. The pics after your transplant with Dr. Rahal show an absolute night and day transformation from your earlier failed procedure. Congrats.
  11. Pete-from-Farjo

    James A. Harris, MD

    Big transformation. Nice work!
  12. Pete-from-Farjo

    Fut 3 months

    Totally normal to not see anything at 3 months. I'd have thought your surgeon would have informed you of when you could expect to see growth starting. I'm sure over the next couple of months you'll begin to see positive changes.
  13. This patient came to us after having had transplants in his younger days at various clinics. He did not want to do anything about the front at this time, and asked us to “fill the gaping hole in the back” We did a procedure of 2213 grafts (limited due to donor availability) with an average of 2 hairs per graft. Here we can see the development at 8 months.