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  1. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was stood at the photocopier at work (small family business) in the north of England. My brother called me through to another room where he had BBC news on the tv. That footage of the first tower ablaze. I remember a feeling like a gut punch as the second plane hit, and realisation instantly dawning that it's a terrorist attack. I remember thinking 'everything's changed now. The world won't be the same from now on'. The sheer evil of it all was just chilling. RIP to all who didn't make it home that day.
  2. Given that there's hair loss in your family, it's possibly something you'll have to face further down the line, but for now, and as you've not noticed any change for a year or so, nothing much to worry about.
  3. This patient is in his 30’s, has been using meds for two years and requested a boost to the frontal area. He had 1870 grafts via FUE with an average of 2.2 hairs per graft. The follow up pictures were taken at 8 months.
  4. You appear to have ZERO hair loss. Keep a check on it with pics every few months if it's really bothering you, but I very much doubt it will change in the short to medium term.
  5. Everything looks as it should so far. Look forward to following your progress.
  6. This patient is in his mid 30’s , has been using meds for several years and did not like his thinning frontal zone and was looking for more of a subtle rather than dramatic change. He had an FUE procedure of 2010 grafts with an average of just over 2 hairs per graft. The follow up pictures are at 6 months and he is happy with his progress so far.
  7. I experienced mild stinging pain for a few days but easily controlled with co-codamol.
  8. Hi Paddy, I added the new pics yesterday. He hasn't had any crown work done so far as the meds have stabilised things there. Both procedures were FUT. As he already had the scar from the first procedure, a second strip procedure was done. He should have plenty of donor available via FUE in the future if he decides on any further work.
  9. I've detailed the graft breakdown in the opening post. The first procedure was 1367 grafts and the second was 1096 grafts. As explained, the first op was in 2007. The patient was in his forties and was just looking to re-establish the hairline. The second procedure was simply to tweak things a bit, and I think the final pic shows that he now has a natural looking, age-appropriate hairline.
  10. I've now amended the details of this case and the topic title as the original details weren't correct.