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  1. Hi All, i am coming to 3 months since my HT. I have a question on massaging, can i massage my recipient area with my fingers? I know its still recovering and slightly sore but it feels good when i massage it gently. Will it help with recovery?
  2. Hi All, I had my hair transplant precisely 2 months ago and wanted to know if it was safe to get a haircut? A simple haircut same length all around. My hair currently looks quite scruffy and definitely need a haircut. Thanks
  3. Hi, It's been 11 days since my hair transplant and apart from the prescribed medicine by my surgeon I'm not consuming anything else. Do I need to take stuff like Biotin, saw palmetto, vitamins etc? Do people get decent results without taking the above? I'm not sure if I see any benefit in most of them. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks
  4. Thanks. Exactly what i have started doing.
  5. Hi All, It's been 9 days since my hair transplant, i'm washing scabs carefully and can see that the scabs are falling. But i have noticed small hairs within the scabs that are falling, is this normal? No bleeding or pain etc but this has me slightly concerned or is this part of the process? Cheers
  6. So, reading the instructions from my surgeon, it says wash with foam and shampoo for 7 days. This then should be followed by talking a normal shower directly under pressure and start to remove the scabs by massaging. Scabs need to be removed by 3 days so the hair can grow. Is this normal?
  7. Looking at some YouTube videos, it shows pretty strong head massage whilst washing on the 8th wash. Is this normal? At the moment I'm pressing gently on my transplanted area.
  8. It's 7 days after my transplant. My scabs are falling mainly from my donor area but very little from the transplanted area. Am I being over cautious being a first timer? I currently massage my donor area only do you think it would be wise to massage (softly) my transplanted area now?
  9. Hi, I have been recommended by my surgeon to have atleast 7 washes (foam and shampoo) before going back to normal showering. Then using the massage technique remove the remaining scabs within 3 days. Does this mean massaging my implanted area too? At the moment I'm softly pressing it when shampooing. I've messaged my clinic but awaiting an answer. How long did u guys wash for before going back to normal showering? Thanks
  10. I was thinking of going to the local Holland and Barrett shop and pick up some multivits, saw palmetto and Biotin maybe.
  11. Bril. So I can literally sleep on my side or front like i usually or is it a more of a case of being able to sleep a little more freely but not being careless?
  12. So after 10 nights i+ or so it wouldn't matter if my transplant area gets touched whilst sleeping?
  13. Hi, Do I really need to take tablets such biotin, saw palmetto etc after my hair transplant? What benefits will these bring as I found the prices for them pretty extortionate at the clinic? What did you guys take, what has benefits or are they hype jobs? Thanks