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  1. Would you be able to elaborate on the instructions Dr. Sethi gave you ? I’d be interested in knowing what you use to wash your hair instead of shampoo ? Great result btw
  2. I’m not sure it had a positive or negative effect for me , I used myself minox for at least 12 months religiously ! Didn’t wean off it either but fortunately didn’t shed as I don’t believe I had any gains due to the minox .
  3. Nothing other than finasteride , I was using minoxidil for a while but didn’t feel that it helped and was a pain to use . Tried nizoral but again no known benefits, work out stay fit and proscar every other day at the moment ... my hair is in absolutely fantastic shape at the mo but starting to go grey !!! 😆🙈.... I can handle grey hair but no hair would have been difficult for me .
  4. Personally I wouldn’t eve go down the the HT route without using fin , unless your one of the lucky guys with minimal loss . The key is catching the loss early , I wish I’d got on it 5 years earlier . It took me seeing my crown start to open up to start looking at hair loss meds ... I’m ashamed to say I actually ordered some random drug called provillus prior to finding this forum and Spex who lead me to dr edgar’s prescriptions! My pictures are the proof of just how effective finasteride is !
  5. Hi, I’ve never really noticed any shedding per se . Although I did stop taking for a while and I just felt the quality of my hair was negatively effected . I have personally never had any known side effects apart from massive improvement to my hair
  6. The finasteride from dr edgar is still doing its thing , no more regrowth but Definitely stopped my hair loss !
  7. Zero side effects and fathered children , I honestly think it’s all in the head .
  8. Finasteride from dr edgar still working it’s magic , please get in touch quality affordable hair loss meds and advice
  9. Finasteride is still working its magic for me and I have not lost hair , and avoided having a HT . I personally have had zero of the side effect and take proscar cut into 5ths daily . Please get in touch with dr edgar direct for quality reliable meds somccg.drsteveedgar@nhs.net
  10. Finasteride from dr edgar is still working well and has so far helped me avoid having to have a transplant
  11. Result looks pretty solid , would love to see a wet Combed back pic if poss ? Also I’d suggest getting on finasteride if you want to keep the crown area . It worked wonders for me
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