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Hair Loss Overview

  • Describe Your Hair Loss Pattern
    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
  • How long have you been losing your hair?
    In the last 5 years
  • What Best Describes Your Goals?
    Maintain Existing Hair
    Maintain and Regrow Hair
    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration
    Considering Non-Surgical Treatments

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  • Current Non-Surgical Treatment Regime
    Propecia (Finasteride)
    Generic Minoxidil 5% for Men

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  1. Dr.Pradeep did the slits. And crucial Hair placement too
  2. Hey. I went for a package which includes both Dr.Pradeep and Dr.Arika. I dont think this package is available on there website. I was given this since I specifically requested for both the Doctors to be present during thr surgery. You can connect with me on Dm if u have any further questions i’d be happy to help. Since i have been through this difficult phase of finalising the clinic and doctors.
  3. Hey bro. Yeah i knows its the mad waiting game would get through this. About the donor there are a few things ill share the pics below you guys too could have a look. i spoke to Dr.Arika about it and she says this has happened due to over harvesting and the donor has faced shockloss btw she says this would recover soon. Fingers crossed hoping for it to recover soon.
  4. Yeah. Exactly how i feel at every stage. I keep contacting Dr.Sethi and Dr.Bhansal. And they are always patient enough to answer all my queries to calm me down. Yeah Language may be a barrier. You can connect with me on Dm and ill explain u the package i went for.
  5. It was nice hosting you and Dr.Pradeep over for lunch.
  6. Yes Melvin. Will have to stop looking at the process every week and start monitoring it once a month. Thanks for your support.
  7. Yeah. I felt really lucky that he was in my city. And he was gracious enough to patiently sit with me and sort all my doubts. Lets just wait now. 🤞
  8. Two months One week: I was lucky to have Dr Sethi in my home town. I could meet him and show him my scalp and got allayed of the anxiety. He took some pics from his phone and showed me that the sprouting of the hair growth. (Please see the zoomed pics of my recipient area, showing onset of hair growth. Pics taken by Dr Sethi.) At last I could console my “ overthinking” mind to calm down. Dr Sethi told that the “Hair Pregnancy” takes 9 months to deliver! One more thing which was re assuring by him was: Once the seed is sown, we need to wait for requisite time period and
  9. Lets hope for the best. I dont feel like seeing myself into the mirror. its scares the shit out of me. But i trust Dr.Pradeep and Dr.Arika. And there words are what helps me Calm down.
  10. Have no issues with the donor. The donor looks untouched. But the Area from The Frontal to Crown is what i am worried about. I feel theres a lot of shock-loss in that area. Had contacted Dr.Pradeep regarding this. He says its pretty common and the shock-loss hair would grow back soon. Still these pictures Scare the shit out of me.
  11. Hey guys. Hope you all are doing great. I am almost at the 2month marks since the surgery. Here are the pictures below. please post your valuable comments in here. And how do u guys see this going.
  12. I think they would if you insist on it. But i went with what Dr.Pradeep felt would be better for me keep the future hairloss in mind.
  13. But the shedding which is happening now @the start of my 3rd week is okay right?
  14. Update : Hey guys been off for a while. SO yeah i am just over 3 weeks today and i can seen and feel a little shedding has started. Though i am not sure if its the transplanted hair or the old Hair. Though i am aware that the transplanted hair would start shedding anytime now still i get tensed at times 🙈 Have a few questions for the experts here 1) Untill when would the transplanted hair shed ? 2) When does the regrowth start?
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