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  1. Looking good @Portugal25 you went from slick bald on top to having decent coverage. More improvement to come as well I’m sure Interested in what you said about Nizoral it could so more harm than good...is it dangerous to use it on newly transplanted areas?
  2. I would imagine it's about being able to. Certainly I am looking forward to being able to style my hair brushed back and exposing the hairline, god willing! I am not sure about the brushed forward style not being popular last year the blunt crop was the hipster hairstyle Certain styles like a pomp "a la Melvin" are timeless and never go out of style though!
  3. I’m not sure any of the doctors are the “best”. There is only the best doctor for the case, which they decide on when you have your consultation. Sometimes it’s one doctor doing extractions and another doing implantation. One of the things that appealed to me about HLC is that, although it’s sure to be a doctor doing the operation, they don’t sell the clinic on the name of one individual whose involvement is limited to say drawing a hairline or performing some extractions
  4. Agree with you 100% about it being harder to track progress in areas where there is already hair. I even contemplated a much shorter haircut than I would normally have, just to be able to see the growth around the crown and hairline better! Since you’re at 4 months you should be seeing some improvements over the coming weeks. Happy growing!
  5. Ha! Certainly for the oral form petal edema is a known side (fluid retention in feet and lower legs). Also it messes with your collagen or something and gives you dark circles around the eyes. Not to mention the effect on the cardiovascular system. Basically, like any drug, if you read the list of side effects you end up thinking you're gonna be on death's door. I read enough to convince myself that at a low dose (5mg) it's worth a try. I started on it about 2.5 months ago and so far, no sides, touch wood.
  6. Yeah I am currently on the “big 3” - 1mg finasteride and 5mg oral minoxidil every day, plus shampooing with Nizoral twice per week. I’ve used topical minoxidil in the past but adherence was always a problem for me. I’ve been monitoring my heart rate since starting on oral minoxidil and it has actually improved, so my resting heart rate is now mid 40s although this is due to getting back into running rather than anything else. Don’t seem to have any excessive fluid retention either, but I’ll monitor it of course!
  7. Hi @Bax thanks for stopping by! Even though logically I know 3 months is nothing I look at it sometimes and convince myself it’s not worked. But then the next day I am full of positivity. Really the best thing is to just forget about it for another 8 or 12 weeks, but it’s impossible! Your progress is looking good - you’re an early grower for sure. Dr Cinik is doing some great work on this forum 😎
  8. Hi @HisHairness thanks for checking out my thread! It is good to have someone in the same boat for moral support. One thing that encouraged me when I saw your thread was the graft numbers. Initially I thought, for my own case, it seems an awful lot of grafts considering my starting position...but then, these things are a simple numbers game. Grafts per cm2 and all that. Also, if you got similar numbers from H&W then this gives me great confidence as they are the “creme de la creme” of surgeons! It’s really hard to stay level headed and patient, I’ve found. I thought I was fully prepared for the long game but it’s easier said than done when you’re checking the mirror 20 times a day!
  9. Thanks for sharing. I had basically the same amount of grafts as you did in early Feb. I have/had a pretty similar pattern of hairloss too (2.8k in front third and 2.1k in crown). Will be following your progress with great interest. How's it looking now?
  10. Well I personally wouldn’t go there for that reason I think but they’ve been around a long time I know Eugenix have been mentioned but if my budget was less than £5000 I would be looking at Dr Bhatti tbh.
  11. I saw on Facebook today that Asmed/Dr Koray is offering a surgery for €1.5 per graft (usual price is €2.5) This means he might now be in budget for you although I imagine that price won’t be around for long Also he is a very divisive figure on here so I present this information without prejudice!
  12. Another smashing vid by Dr Bhatti. This one is especially of interest to me. I would say tbh the Darling Buds channel is the best resource on YouTube now, for FUE info at least.
  13. 😁 I saw a guy in a restaurant with a bloody head and a headband on and I thought that was brave, but clubbing, top lad!
  14. That's interesting your barber doesn't use clippers. You get a more professional looking cut like that I think. I assume this is quite a high end barber you go to? I would interested in having my hair cut this way too. Your hair looks great, btw. Congratulations!