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  1. Hi @Raza I’m not sure how to respond to that because this thread you’re in is a contemporaneous account of my experience! If you’ve any specific questions I’ll be happy to reply 🙂
  2. @PizzaWolf the hairline was kind of a natural result of the hairline I already had I guess, because to make it totally straight would have been somewhat unnatural especially into my 40s (which are closer than I’d like!) Yes Dr Elif suggested to use a few beard grafts for the crown to preserve the donor I’d definitely go back to HLC if I needed anything else doing. Great people there and I am happy so I see no reason to change anything 🙂 @Bax thank you man appreciate your support!
  3. Hey @PizzaWolf thanks for your comment 🙂 Yes all the docs were there for the consult with Dr Ozgur taking the lead. In terms of how close it is to my original hairline I’m not sure to be honest because my loss has been very gradual since I was maybe 19 or 20, but not aggressive loss so I’ve sort of forgotten. I would say now it looks better than I was at say 23. Dr Ozgur made an interesting comment actually that my hairline in the middle is “too low” according to the rule of thirds so they kind of left a little tuft there “as is” and implanted behind it to recreate an appropriate hai
  4. Here's the donor from today. Pretty impressive work by Dr Elif, in my opinion, considering about 4.5k grafts have been whipped out it looks pretty much as before to my eyes. Forgot to ask how many I have left. Hoping I won't need them for quite some years. Might need a touch up to get the desired result on the hairline, let's see.
  5. Hey @LonelyGraft I think the donor looks good as you can see I had a low skin fade and there are some small dots visible where it’s basically bald around the nape area, but tbh I don’t think you’d notice unless you’re a HT nerd (like we all are here) I neglected to take any photos of the donor but I’ll do it when I get chance.
  6. 6 month update! Coincidentally I just got a haircut today (2nd trim, post-HT) so please excuse the trimmings on my face 😆 Overall I feel happy so far. Let me qualify that, by saying if this was my final result I would be disappointed, but my experience so far and my intuition tells me that I have a way to go yet. I had often looked at the time timeline put out by HT docs showing a pretty linear progression all the way through to 12 months+ as a load of nonsense, but I think it might be quite accurate for me at least. The thing which bugs me the most is the hairline, where growth
  7. Great result so far! Keep us updated with any further progress 😎
  8. @Melvin-Moderator I agree price shouldn’t be the only or even the main factor. Equally though neither should discussion of cost be verboten - that to me is silly and people shouldn’t be sneered at for talking about it
  9. If price wasn’t a factor Melvin I doubt anybody from the west would go to India for a hair transplant. With Eugenix you’re getting world class treatment at a good price. It’s all about finding a balance between what you can afford and what you’re comfortable with, for me.
  10. Wow I had no idea. 4 Euro a graft in India is a good business! Best of luck to the OP in your research and I agree that Eugenix at the price are hard to beat. Even if I find the name idiotic, sorry 😆
  11. @Dodocc I agree 2000 USD isn't a big difference! I was under the impression (largely thanks to @Portugal25's frequent reminders!) that Eugenix are about 1.8 Euro per graft so unless you're talking about only getting 560 grafts in total, then something isn't right with that maths.
  12. This can't be true surely. The top Euro docs are 5 Euros per graft with a slight discount above say 2000 grafts.
  13. Hi mate how long ago did you submit an enquiry? I seem to remember it took about 4 weeks or 5 weeks to get a response when I got in touch with them. It’s annoying to wait, but I take that as a good sign, they aren’t a very pushy or “salesy” organisation at all. There are many clinics where you submit an enquiry and 3 hours later a sales rep has drawn on your photos and says “3000 grafts” and you just know that the doctor’s not seen your photos.
  14. Agree with this. It's possible that he was forbidden from taking it by MUFC, but then again I am sure they forbid him from smoking tabs and drinking 12 pints in an evening, but he did that too. I remember Arsene Wenger making some negative comments about players taking anti-hair loss drugs I am a fan of Wazza but let's be real this is a man who, as world class athlete, still manages to look like a couch potato with his shirt off so I think it's fair to say lifestyle could have played a part in his continued loss.
  15. Cheering you on Bax. #TeamTurkey 🇹🇷 You’re looking right on track for a stellar result man. Cinik doesn’t mess around!
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