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  1. 100% worth it. I have had 2 surgeries and from the consultation to aftercare, there is consistent communication. Remember, he only does 1 surgery a day so he's not rushing to get to the next person.The level of detail and passion he has is what you want in a surgeon
  2. @yesplease Thank you and I definitely am! No issues with the scar at all
  3. Have you had success with your current regimen as far as stopping the loss? I don't think it looks bad by any means as you could style it and would look fine. Have you consulted with a doctor yet?
  4. Awesome username Can you add in some pictures? Are you on any medication/treatments currently?
  5. It looks great overall and you have density that anyone would envy. How does it look from the side?
  6. @Cardin1977 Thank you and I am! I'm 31 and on Finasteride and use Rogaine daily