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  1. How's your donor look? Can you post pictures of the top with your hair parted? FUE or FUT?
  2. Continue to give it time. You're still very early in the process and the crown takes the longest to show results
  3. I think your hairline turned out well. It looks age appropriate and I wouldn't bother with lowering it.
  4. Where did you go to? The crown takes 12-18 months to fully mature so you're doing pretty well so far for 5 months in.
  5. Are you on finasteride? Doing anything to try and save what you have?
  6. I'm not aware of that one. I've used the foam for years and like how you can use to style your hair
  7. Are you referring to the bottles with the eye dropper?
  8. Let's see if the TMT can keep an undefeated streak going
  9. @Brad189I'm rooting for you to have a great result. You're still very early for results which can take up to 18 months to fully mature. It helps that you did still have some hair remaining in the transplanted area pre op.
  10. Glad to hear you had someone to give you guidance and not become another hair mill statistic. Looking forward to seeing your results.
  11. @Melvin-Moderator Your reading that off your notes you took Saturday lol
  12. Finasteride is a DHT blocker and that applies for all hair. Do you have pictures of your crown you can show? It's normal to have some recession and not always have the straight hairline you had in high school. Have you consulted a physician listed on this site?
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