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  1. Congrats Melvin! Very exciting time for you and the Mrs. Can't wait to see your crown journey. Definitely need more of those documented here.
  2. FUT or FUE? Have you consulted with any of them yet? Do you have pictures to share? Goals on what you want to achieve? There's too many unknowns currently to make a fair assessment.
  3. Very sad and so preventable. The fact that these clinics advertise and operate like it's as simple as getting your haircut is awful.
  4. Looks awesome and can't wait to see your result. Any before pictures you can provide? I know you mentioned not taking anything specifically beforehand.
  5. What's wrong Drake? Was that not "God's Plan"? Better take your "Money in the Grave" to get a restoration.
  6. In person consultations are ideal but virtual is efficient as well. Would also encourage you to not limit yourself to doctors close by as you may find someone you're confident in at a different part of the country or different state. Majority of top doctors are booked many months out with some even being a year to a year and a half. This is something you definitely don't want to rush into as that's how many people have ended up on this forum by going to a place who promises "quick results" and in turn it was a waste.
  7. Looks awesome! Glad it's been getting you all the right kinds of attention, very well deserved
  8. Can you provide pictures of when the grafts were implanted? Who was your doctor?
  9. It's only for the ComfortSuites. If you call them and say you're a patient of his, then they'll apply it for you.
  10. Did you use the discount code from the office? Fortunately there's no shortage of options around
  11. Take an Uber. It's a half mile away. Last thing you want to do after surgery is to walk there and be hot and sweaty.
  12. @GaryStruthers This guy is a troll, no need to waste your time on him
  13. Curious about what he has to say about the future of the industry. New medications, technology etc.
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