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  1. Wow that is dense packing. Please keep us updated, deFreitas has quite a reputation for excellence.
  2. Great stuff. Could you post any immediate pre- post-op pics? Also age and medication history? Also you describe it as an FUT in your post but the pics say FUE. It is the latter, correct?
  3. This is the central question of hair loss. To the OP, you must try to be on meds for at least a year before considering surgery. I think most shaved head guys that you see in public are pretty clearly balding and you can usually tell, but if you're okay with that look, FUE might give you that lukewarm exit strategy. FUT usually leaves a more recognizable scar than FUE, but the yields and possibility for repeat procedures down the line are probably better too. Some have advocated at strip first, FUE towards the end, which intuitively makes sense to me, but there is no perfect solution. There is no way to 100% know which is best for you, even in retrospect, but the more time you put into researching, the better your outcome will likely be down the line.
  4. Does anyone have an opinion on these or is there any objective data out there? Intuitively I would think sutures would look better and have less risk of stretch, but I heard a transplant doc say somewhere that he felt qualitatively that staples preserved more of the donor follicles for later work. Do you all have any thoughts on this?
  5. Remarkable results and I like that Blake kept it conservative with your young age. What made you choose strip over FUE?
  6. You're going to have to give the scar time. You have stretchy collagen. Take vitamin C, bone broth/glycine, and tocotrienols and use topical vitamin E/aloe. For me, I've found jojoba really keeps inflammation down. Experiment with things, even grapeseed or emu oil. Massage and laser might help, though the main elixir will be time. Keep us updated and don't beat yourself up too much -- and if you figure out how to do the latter part, please share your secret. Good luck young man.
  7. Hasson is extremely consistent, Wong is good but not quite at Hasson's level. Probably one of the most consistent active clinics for FUT in the entire world.
  8. Amazing result. May I ask what made you choose the flatter look as opposed to more angulated temple points?
  9. I'd love to see updates as well. I'm curious bman when you come back, did you and Rahal discuss the possibility of a widow's peak?
  10. If you're not able to give up drugs and alcohol for your hair transplant, you shouldn't be getting the procedure in the first place.
  11. I really hate how the Turkish clinics do this -- very unethical and below the standard of care for any Western medical practice.
  12. Jesus that is S&M level dedication. Respect. Why didn't you just put mittens on your hands?
  13. I would check out the Beehner study but it's more of a colloquial observation based on cases here. FUE seems to have stringier and more delayed results on average than FUT in many cases from what I've seen. Very few formal studies comparing them head to head though.
  14. Definitely give it till a year to see how things fill in and become a bit more robust. I'm sure not what you were hoping for at 10 months, but FUE can sometimes take longer to come in.