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  1. I am not going to directly post cases with subpar results, but my only suggestion is that you look at the foreign language forums.
  2. Are you kidding? Did you see what that Pekiner has done to people? Diep is not always perfect but compared to Pekiner, or really almost anybody in Turkey.. come on. Turkish transplant docs, for whatever reason, have a real problem with ethics and with poorly monitored surgeries. Doganay is probably the most infamous but it is a common issue that is able to continue due to the ignorance of the average medical tourist. Let's not pretend this isn't an issue with essentially the entire country. There are exceptions, but I've seen this so often it's a joke at this point. Once their economy stabilizes, perhaps we will see sincerity and ethics akin to Western Europe and America, but right now, if you're going to Turkey, you are walking into a very complicated situation.
  3. Clean aggressive work. Would love to see pics of the donor if possible. Happy growing.
  4. I don't think the FUE vs FUT debate as far as yield is anywhere close to settled. Many of the elite surgeons on here still actively disagree. I have yet to see a surgeon come out against the procedure they themselves offer, so I suspect marketing bias has a large role. As you know, there are no well done studies comparing the two. I also think "FUE and FUT" as opposed to "FUE vs FUT" is a rose-colored distinction. For most, it is a very much VERSUS question.
  5. If things had evolved this would make me even more hesitant to move forward in light of the OP's original point. But do you think things really have changed that much? Yes, the USA does more FUE now but that wasn't due to innovation but rather following the example of Europe. I don't think there have been any major advancements in hair loss for quite some time unfortunately. In some aspects it may have even gone backwards (ie. the tech mills).
  6. That's an interesting point as well. If the procedure is getting better each year, that would also support waiting if your situation is not urgent.
  7. They both look horrible to me. Look at Biden without filler/concealer -- he literally looks like a burn victim.
  8. Low androgen activities and high cardiovascular health. It's a big topic.
  9. Looking at Joe Biden and Trump has made me legitimately reconsider my whole transplant philosophy. What a pair of Bosley disasters.
  10. This is another ASMED catastrophe. They should be ashamed to ever touch another patient's head. How are they even allowed to post cases on here at this point? Modern day Bosley. You will have to go to one of the high end repair specialists -- Lorenzo, Ximena, Couto, Freitas, Feriduni, Konior, Hasson. They will each try their best. There are no guarantees. Because of the multiple procedures, your case is about as difficult as it gets. If anyone can do it they can. I don' have a better way to narrow it down than those, though I suspect Lorenzo or Feriduni will be your best best because they seem to have softer fingers.
  11. Yikes. I'm guessing the pictures were removed or am I not looking the right place?
  12. Thank you for following up. Good luck and please keep us updated on how everything works out with you and Dr. H.
  13. Might add a few others like Cooley, Wesley and Diep to that list. Everybody has one or two rough cases, it is inevitable. You just want to know that if the worst case scenario happens and you have a bad result, you trust that surgeon enough to accept that it wasn't a lack of skill, but your specific physiology. What has led you to choose FUE over FUT?