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  1. The best thing we can do as patients is to constantly tell our stories, loudly, on every platform.
  2. I feel like we keep getting side tracked from this central issue into debates about overall quality — which are valuable, but not as important as figuring out what the hell happened to Violinist.
  3. Buffalo it sounds like you’ve made your decision, so I’m going to bring the thread back to the earlier topic. I really appreciate the folks in this thread who are pushing hard for the truth here. The story can’t end with just what the surgeon tells Melvin in a phone call. The photographic evidence needs to be addressed. This has nothing to do with the quality of Violinist’s end result, and everything to do with the way the donor was harvested + Dr. Diep’s response to the patient (as documented by @LonelyGraft) I’m glad that Melvin has reached out about that specific issue.
  4. That is absurd. Cancel the surgery ASAP. Wait a bit longer, go with a more reputable surgeon, and thanks us all later for the rest of your life. Like, I’m not sure if you need a kick in the balls or something but just cancel it.
  5. Basically agree with this. Diep has some awesome results on YT, but he is riskier and you don’t get any do-overs in this industry. To be clear, I am someone who GOT surgery with him. I’m not just some random shill one the internet. I am actively seeking repair work right now for my February surgery.
  6. Doctors change over time and the results I am currently achieving with Dr. Diep have been described by a HW associate as “pre-2000s” in terms of appearance. Another surgeon said that I needed 1000 grafts to address the bad angles and grid like appearance. I can’t in good conscience recommend him.
  7. I know you’re here for me Melvin the work you do is immeasurably valuable and the last thing I want to do is discourage that in any way. You’ve been for me here as a resource for over a year and we’re critical to my selection of Dr. Diep as my surgeon. I suppose this brings me back to my original point though. The thread with the truly damming evidence of ethical issues got removed, so there is no way for us to continue the conversation in terms of honesty and ethics with Dr. Diep rather than results. Because to your point, there is no waiting for the facts. They got deleted. What
  8. it doesn’t matter if Diep was the one who did prince harry’s transplant. And ethical lapse of that proportion is not recoverable. It’s the ethics that I take serious issue with. Not the results (though my own are bad enough that I am already scheduling follow up repair surgery). Melvin, none of your responses so far have addressed the ethical component of this. More the fact that Dr. Diep can produce good results. I love what you do for the forum, but what you are implicitly slaying here is that if a doctor produces good results, it’s okay for them to be ethically questionable.
  9. @Melvin-Moderator the issue isn’t whether Dr. Diep delivers good results. The issue is whether he lied to a patient, where there is very good evidence that he did so. I’m surprised and saddened that people are missing this nuance.
  10. If it were up to me, that alone would be grounds for removal from the list of recommended surgeons. But since the thread is gone, I guess there is nothing we can do now....
  11. But guys, if you are reading this, please be careful when considering Diep. In the thread that got removed, there was a very good case to be made that Dr. Diep lied to his patient about the number of grafts he tried to extract. Claiming 802 grafts when someone manually counted at least 1400 incisions. I truly wish there was a way to get to the bottom of that incident. Because it’s pretty obvious that Dr. Diep either lied or was intentionally vague. A good doctor would have seen a 40% transaction rate and stopped the surgery. Dr. Diep not only continued the surgery, he also wasn’t hon
  12. I have heard that threads sometimes get pulled as part of an agreement with the doctor in order to get a refund. I don’t think people here fully appreciate how “wild west” this industry is sometimes... NOT saying that is what happened here. But when you have $15k on the line, the right answer isn’t always obvious.
  13. Yep, totally agreed. Mentioned earlier in the thread, but it really does feel like they were done by different doctors. No other way to put it.
  14. Yep, it's definitely a waiting game. I'm excited to see how your results turn out. In the meantime, I will keep you all updated with my progress.
  15. @hybonix good luck, for what its worth I think you probably made a good call. Dr. Diep may well have given you an excellent result, but it's important to keep in mind that you don't get do-overs when it comes to transplants, and you really need to be managing your downside rather than maximizing the best possible result (especially with 3500 grafts). One thing that I've heard H&W do well is place the hair at more natural angles. This tends to be more difficult to do, but it has a pretty big pay-off in that it creates more of a visual appearance of density. People tend to talk more ab
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