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  1. I would like to say this is a nice result, but, the after photos are deceptive. In the before photos you crop the hair together at the frontal third to show of the level of hair loss but in the after photos the hair is longer and styled covering the hairline and temples. I would suggest posting photos of this patient results with recipient area shown properly.
  2. Trial results at 6-months are not really impressive but I’ll hold judgment until they release a 12-month result.
  3. Hey man It might be helpful to you if you posted some photos showing the current state of your hair and some information ie age/how long you’ve been loosing hair/on any medication for hair loss? Maybe add Demirsoy at ARMAMED to your list as he seems to be giving some good results to recent patients on here and his price is competitive.
  4. Hey man, any update not that you’re past your 18-th month post op? Are you still considering going back for another smaller Ht?
  5. Hey man, sorry for your distress, this is an unacceptable result and failure that deserves a 100% refund of your money so that you can go to an elite top doc to have this repaired.
  6. Hey man, to be honest, your hairline looks somewhat pluggy especially on the right side in your photo, other than that it looks pretty good.
  7. Very good result, and it’s probably due to the age appropriate height of the hairline, not teenagerish low but a good mature one.
  8. I’m thinking of getting back on the minoxidil train, I found an unopened box of Kirkland brand 5% minoxidil lotion and I’m thinking of using it, i purchased it last year and it has an expiration date of 02/2019 so expired by a few months ... would it be ok to use it efficacy-wise for a week until my new order comes in?
  9. Meh. Im not much impressed with the few case results I’ve seen from Baubac. I would definitely not classify him as a master at hairlines and naturalness, one case I saw the hairline looks pretty unnatural and obvious. Personally, I don’t care that a surgeon is in “Beverly Hills”, that doesn’t mean what they produce is equivalent to what they charge or the “prestigious” location they choose to have their clinic. If you don’t see many patient posted results of his work and only 10-year old ones from the clinic then that to me speaks volumes, i’d save my money and look elsewhere.
  10. This is absolutely not acceptable. This is a poor result and still will be at 12 months. Dr Erdogan must respond candidly on why this is happening and how he aims to rectify it, otherwise he will loose lots of potential patients and they will either go to other better clinics in other parts of the world even if cost is higher or to his much cheaper competitors in Turkey.
  11. Shouldn’t be an issue but the only concern would be the acne spreading any bacteria to the raw recipient area causing an infection but that’s probably rare.
  12. Looks good coverage-wise and possibly more improving to come. Also, remember that you did not receive 4,500 grafts just in your hairline and frontal 1/3rd, which was pretty much bald except for the center island and you probably got somewhere between 3k-3,500 there and the rest in your temple triangles, which look very dense and nature considering that not many doctors and clinics can pull those off.
  13. He won’t be able to answer ... he’s busy with a line of gals outside his bedroom door waiting for their “answer”. 😂💪🏻🤙🏻
  14. Work looks very good. What size punch was used for the extractions?