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  1. I understand that, but, my criticism was with the creating a zigzag hairline with the grafts, to me it just looks unnatural. Although, like I mentioned the density looks good and with time probably great.
  2. Money well spent! Congrats! Continue to update monthly if you can . 👍
  3. Dr. Yaman, Was this patients first procedure of 5,300 grafts you did, done in a single day session or over the course of 2 days or more? If this first procedure of 5,300 grafts was done in 1 day, how many hours did it take?
  4. Density looks good man, although, in all honesty, the zig-zag of the graft placement in the hairline just looks a little pluggy, especially when a persons hair style is showing off the hairline. I don’t understand why doctors choose to do this, there’s no reason for it it almost always just gives the appearance of toy doll hair, isn’t the reason for FUE to get away for the old pluggy look of techniques of old?? ....but a touch-up of adding single-hair grafts between the gaps can resolve this.
  5. Results look fantastic and natural! Just like to add...not all that necessary but...a touch-up to bring down and fill-in the temples and temple triangles just a tad bit would make this even more perfect...nevertheless, still a success. Nice headshot as well 👌🏻
  6. Best of luck! Looking forward to updates and photos. 👍
  7. It might still be a bit early to call it....but...I’d say your HT has been a big success so far!
  8. If these new photos you’ve posted are without concealer then I would say it looks to be improving, which is always a good sign.
  9. That’s great! Best of luck! Hope you keep updating your progress or start a new post with 2nd procedure updates.
  10. Should you choose to go for another procedure with another clinic after the 12-18months from this procedure has passed, it might help answer some questions with this procedure. 1. If you go to another clinic and get another procedure and experience similar results in the similar time frames, then, you just might come to see that it is the possibility that the lackluster results from both procedures is due to your biology and not the fault of either chosen clinics. 2. On the flip-side, if your results are obviously much better from any 2nd procedure at a different clinic and at similar growth and healing time frames, then, your original concerns from the first clinic definitely show merit and you deserve a proper resolution. But, i really do hope that things do turn around for you in another 4-8 months time with much better results, and hopefully makes you happier.
  11. Reputation is EVERYTHING, especially for any Doctor or Surgeon. If that doctor or surgeon chooses to make a quick buck $$$ by purposefully sabotaging his or her own reputation then he or she deserves all the negative comments and bad reviews he or she gets, as well as loosing any future client business especially if they’ve caused damage to previous clients. There is NO such thing as a minimum amount of time passed in order to regain lost trust and reputation. My same commments about ‘Reputation” above, ALSO applies to websites and forums that aim to be and maintain being unbiased and trustworthy.
  12. Fantastic results for 18months! Congrats! Are you planning on doing any other future Ht procedure?
  13. Very well written! Procedure(s) outcome from the post-op photos looks clean and great! Happy Growing!