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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    In the last 10 years
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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  1. Your donor area looks obviously very sparse from over harvesting, so not good at all. As for your frontal area, I don’t really see it as “botched”, lacking some density sure but given that you did not do enough research on a proper clinic/surgeon and this was from an “unknown” tech operation, I think you got away lucky that it was not way worse in your recipient area. Although, it’s hard to tell since you haven’t posted a before photo of your frontal area / hairline you had before the procedure....I’d suggest doing so.
  2. Thanks! You should be very happy, looks great man!
  3. Just curious, would you say you saw much more new hair growth the months after your 6th month?...or was more just maturing of the growth that already happened? Thanks!
  4. 1. Wow, fantastic looking results! Congrats! 2. Wow, thanks for the super fast reply! Cheers!
  5. Hey man, your 6-months results looks very good, any update?
  6. @JeanLDD Dude, it’s quite obvious you need to get your ASMED bias checked. You’re calling my response to you “Long winded nonsense “? LOL The bloviating JeanASMED pot calling my kettle reply black...err long winded nonsense. 😂 Your arrogance is hilarious. Stop trying to belittle other people’s opinions...that’s not your job, you are not ALL-Knowing, it shows your maturity level...err...immaturity. Just. State. Your. Opinion. and move on.
  7. WoW! Fantastic density for only 8.5months! Any updateD photos on any further improvement since September?
  8. Each transplanted hair graft has a mind, blood supply, timing of its own for healing and growing, but, from your photos all looks normal man, good luck!
  9. Hey man, any further improvement for you? An update would be great. Thanks.
  10. The coverage looks good, although, if I’m being honest, the density looks lackluster, but given the needed coverage area it’s understandable and a big improvement from your pre-Ht photos, and you might even see better improvement from months 13-18. Thanks for posting!
  11. Tens of thousands have done just that by going overseas just prior to a booked procedure via online...many with good results. But...you make a valid point, and if someone is in close proximity to a reputable surgeon then absolutely get an in-person consultation and examination.
  12. Hey man, I hate your hair....because ...It. Looks. Fantastic! and wish mine was the same, haha Just discovered your thread/journey posts from this update, very helpful, thanks for sharing!
  13. Hey man, I would suggest sending current clear photos of all sides of your head to all the Doctors and see what their opinion is, as well as graft and price estimates, then compare them, then check for their patient results on this site as well as YouTube. Good luck.