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  1. Where is the evidence for most of these people...? Tiger woods?? I doubt that.
  2. I'd listen to Sparky dude. Did Bosley even mention propecia?
  3. I am having a procedure done with Dr. Charles in a couple weeks. He does not require you to shave but also doesn't do huge megasessions. I think he's about $4 a graft... Message him on this and he will respond to you, he in on here regularly.
  4. I like the presentation of the pictures. I wish all the docs on here would follow suit.
  5. Yes, I guess it FUE since they are only taking the two hair grafts out of my hairline..
  6. RCWest, who punched yours out? How many did you have taken out?
  7. I am having the procudure with Dr. Charles. I don't have the larger, older grafts... just two hairs in the hariline that need to be taken out.
  8. ...Mine is 9mm in some places. Consider yourself lucky! I'm going to have a revision in 2 weeks.
  9. How wide does your scar stretch? Does it stretch more and more each surghery?
  10. How long after punch outs on the hairline do they stay red and obvious?
  11. Man, I just looked at your web blog and your first hair trasplant looks great!
  12. Yes, my HT was made to look very mature. I just couldnt stand the sides...
  13. After 6 months I would think you should have more growth than that! What has your doc said?
  14. I took the meds for three years. Had a hair transplant but had to stop because of the sides...
  15. I understand you will always need more HT's but I did not think this guaranteed a stretched scar? What if your origional scar streched?
  16. So what Doctor Feller is saying is "An area of stretched scar on a patient who is having a second procedure, particularly a repair patient, is prefectly normal and expected." ... I would like this explained. I have heard it is possible, but unlikely. Now it is expected? Why would anyone have a second procedure if a streched scar is expected?