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  1. If only part of my scar has stretched, is it better do only revise that part rather than the whole scar if only part has stretched? Does this leave less tension on the scar as it is not as long?
  2. I just booked my appt with Dr. Charles for the end of July! I am excited/nervous at the same time. Excited because I want my hair fixed, nervous because I didn't have much luck with my last doctor. I will be posting pics from doctors office.
  3. Can you plant other grafts around the ones punched out at the same time or is that too much trama?
  4. So were your punch outs still pretty obvious a week after surgery?
  5. If I am having grafts FUE'd out of my hairline because of their wrong angles, how long do the scabs normally last? Will I be able to go back to work after 5 days?
  6. Quite a few... but they are spread out so I think adding some around the ones that I leave will help hide them...
  7. I am going to have my HT repaired this summer. It isn't bad, just misangled hairs on hairline that need to be FUE'd out while adding a few more hairs and fixing my scar. I've seen a couple docs is Florida, I like Dr. Charles, but is he the best for this? I can't shave my head so that is a big factor in choosing him.
  8. I am sort of a repair patient that is going to need some larger grafts FUE'd out of my hairline... I have met with Dr. Charles and am confident in him, but I was also confident in my first HT doc who didn't do such a good job.
  9. Haven't heard much about Dr. Charles recently. I am thinking about going forward with him... Any thoughts?
  10. Any way to see pictures of what a procedure like this looks like after a week? Also, why does he need more punched out of the hairline? It looks good after this procedure.
  11. I had a HT when I was 22. I rushed into it with an unknown doc who gave we a fairly wide scar with 3's in my hairline. I have continued to bald and am going to need a 2nd HT in the near future. Luckily my hairline was put very high and I don't have any completely bald people in my family. I would say if you go to a reputable doc who thinks he could do good for you... go for it. Just be conservative.
  12. How did you hide the transplant with your head shaved? What did people say?
  13. I think it looks great. Very natural. Have you thought about going for a second?
  14. I need to go have a second surgery. Main concern for this HT would be to fix the scar on the back of my head and also to punch out a few two's and three's on my hairline and replant those further back. I want the scar taken out and maybe also 3-4 hundred grafts as well. Who would be the best US doctor who doesn't require shaving for this?
  15. I have asked the same question. All my hairs grew, but they all stand straight up unless I style them. Kind of annoying.
  16. Try to post some pics... You will get a better response.