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  1. Thank you for the replies. aaron, I have followed your progress and when my hair is combed back my desnity was similar to what yours was. I am hoping you get a great result so I can look forward to a second HT sometime in the future to help improve mine.
  2. Yeah, the scar isn't pretty, but is covered up by my hair pretty well. I doubt I would be able to get a mega session with the scar being so wide and low if the doctor is trying to keep it from stretching more.
  3. Did you try taking the propecia every other day?
  4. I am 24 years old. I had a transplant a year ago of 1600 grafts. I think they are micros and minis from what I have learned on this site. I wish I had found this site before my surgery but oh well. I had my recessions filled in and the new hair stand out because unless I style it, it basically stands straight up and is very sparse. I stopped taking propecia after my surgery and began to lose a lot more hair. I have since July been back on it with no signs of new growth, my hair seems to be getting thinner. My scar is also pretty wide.. almost 9MM is some spots and is below the ridge. I have attached pictures. I am contiplating going for another surgery but don't know if I should rush into one. I am worried I will loose the rest of my hair and the new hair will stick out and look weird. I have done a lot of research and would consider going to the best docs, even if they had to remove some of my previous work.Please give me your thoughts.
  5. To be honest, the only time I think about it is when my hair is short and wet. IE getting out of the shower or swimming, and I have never had anyone say anything to me. Keep in mind I have a very wide scar too.
  6. Yes, I would like to see some pics of FUE into Scar. I will try to get pics of mine.
  7. I have thought of FUE but I will need more HT's in the future and I would probably wait till then.
  8. Here's the guy that I got it done by... www.youvegothair.com
  9. I'll try to post pictures. They are not pointing backwards, just seem to be pointing up when it's dry. Almost at like a 45 degree angle forward I guess. It's pretty obvious to me that they are transplanted hairs just because of their angle. Besides that they look good...
  10. I have been told by a couple doctors that my scar is too low (below the octipal ridge) to try and revise. My question is what about revising the two ends of the scar and not touching the part that is too low? Is this possible or is the only way to revise a scar is to do the whole thing? Is it also possible to get some grafts while redoing the two ends of the scar? The widest part of my scar is around 9mm. Thanks
  11. I had my recessions filled in. Those hairs seem to stand straight up while the hair in the middle falls down. If I comb it sideways or back it looks ok, but I can't comb it down dry because those two areas stick up.
  12. What is the cost to have the removed? Does it scar? Were they replanted?
  13. My hairline is pretty high, it wasnt lowered at all... It looks good when I comn is back or to the side, but when I just leave it alone those hairs stick up and push up the native hair around it so it looks kinda funny.
  14. What is the correct angle for hairs in the front of the head? Mine seem to stick straight up...?
  15. I'll be honest, I think you look great! I don't really see the problem at all...? Maybe it looks worse in person?
  16. I had a HT 2 weeks before my 23rd birthday. Yes, I have more hair and that is great and all, but I still worry everyday about the future... Get on Propecia and see how it works for you.