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  1. I don't think it's bad. You're never gain to have thick hair, just work with it. Comb is forward and to the side a bit.
  2. Looks like you had quite a bit of shockloss under the scar... I wonder why this is.
  3. I don't know what is going on but it seems there have been quite a few sub-par results posted lately. Yes, this is only 7.5 months, but I think you should atleast have a little growth by now. What does Limmer say?
  4. I'd say at least a month.. It will still be numb for awhile after that too.
  5. Regardless of whether or not the HT has fully grown in, the scar on the back of your head is very wide. I am curious what can be done to fix this as I myself am in a similar situation.
  6. Devin, I feel the same has happened to me. Started in June and seem to have lost more hair than ever!
  7. Thank you, Dr. Tim as I missed your response. My hairs arent too bad, mostly 1's and 2's that just don't fall like the natural hairs. They point up but when I comb my hair back they look fine. I just need a plan for what to do when more native hair falls out.
  8. What a great friend that seems to care a lot about you. He brings up some good points. I don't know how bald you are or what your expectations are, but there have been many that have been let down. No one can change your idea about this.. It's up to you. I hope you are going to a great doctor!
  9. Yes. If you are talking about Proscar...
  10. Also, did you get your sex drive and everything back to normal after stopping proscar?
  11. Your hair looks great after a year, then I don't understnd how it gets so thin all the suddon? Then those last pictures look great again. Is it the lighting or angles?
  12. He may think there is reason to believe if he uses the same scar it may stretch? That's my guess.
  13. Shanti, Sounds like what I am going to have to do. How many hairs did you have with Jones and how many with feller?
  14. Try sending these pictures to some of the doctors on this site and see what they say. You look like you may benefit from a HT. Are you on propecia?
  15. I must say, yes your scars are really bad, but if you let your hair grow out they will be hidden and you wont be in that bad of shape. It could be worse man, you don't look that bad at all. Don't let this consume your life, it will ruin it.
  16. What did your previous work look like? How wide was your scar and how much did it stretch after your second HT?
  17. So would transplanting hair around these hairs look odd?