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  1. Hi guys, it's Joe Tillman. As of July 29th, 2014, and after a LOT of careful consideration and soul searching, I have chosen to leave Hasson & Wong and will no longer act as their representative. From now on I am only a Hasson & Wong patient. I am now representing Rahal. There's good news and bad news that comes with that. The bad news is that, as of this post, the Jotronic name will be officially retired. I wish I didn't have to do that, since I was Jotronic even before I was a patient at H&W, but it is what it is. Unfortunately, I can't answer any questions as to
  2. Bumping this up because I found something interesting. Ten years ago I took a series of photos of my own hair to experiment with flash. I was several months out from my second procedure with Dr. Wong where a total of 4831 grafts over two procedures had been placed over my entire NW6 balding scalp. My hair was damp and combed backward. The hairline without flash shows how see through the hairline is and you can even see the outline of the top of my scalp. The photo to the right is with flash taken only a few seconds later. My scalp is completely hidden and you can only see a small amount of sca
  3. This patient had a need for general thickening in addition to hairline/temple work. Dr. Hasson and his team transplanted 4005 grafts in a single session with the result shown being 20 months post surgery.
  4. Questionmark, Please keep in mind the context of my post. I was referring to the statement made by s2thoudriver where he said that strip is old and how no one should be performing it.I'm not debating the merits of either technique, just refuting silly statements like his.
  5. My own case for one. I was between a NW6 and NW7 and have had multiple procedures with strip to repair my older 1990's work and then subsequently to add more for enhancement. I've had nearly 10,000 grafts via strip only AFTER having two failed previous procedures and TWO donor scars combined into one. With FUE I would look like a plucked chicken before I would get to half that number. FUE is great. I like it but I'm also realistic about it.
  6. There are many cases where strip will always be a better option. My own case illustrates this perfectly because no FUE practitioner will claim that a result like mine is possible with FUE with head hair only. I've had 9500 grafts with Dr. Wong via strip AFTER I had two previous procedures where 800 mini grafts were supposed to have been taken (only 300 grew). I'm not anti-FUE but I am against the idea that FUE is the only option. This is a statement made by the uneducated or those that work for FUE only clinics. It's one thing to say FUE is the only option, it's another thing entirely to back
  7. KO, Good question. There is evidence to suggest that finasteride can indeed help women and in cases like this it should be safe to take.
  8. Search for "Biscuit". He's been a member for years and he had a procedure with Dr. Wong, 4000 grafts (plus or minus) and he has not taken medication. From the sounds of your situation though you don't need Propecia. You are 45 with minor loss and back in 2010 you said the hair behind the recession was "very thick" with "no problems there". Has anything changed? You've been asking about Dr. Rahal for six years now. Have you even spoken to his clinic?
  9. Me too... http://www.hairtransplantmentor.com/hair-loss-information/diet-and-hair-loss/
  10. Yes, shooting flash from on the top image can be more harsh but slight variations in the angle can turn the effect around 180 degrees. Flash is tricky which is why it should not be used in general unless of course like I was saying where the flash is pointed up at the ceiling to help illuminate the entire area. Most clinics don't use a DSLR and then most don't have an add on flash that has the ability to pivot the angle of the flash up or down. I can take a shot of the top of someone's scalp looking down (chin to chest) and take the first shot with flash and the second shot without and pa
  11. Females make up a far lower percentage of patients than their male counterparts due to several factors. These typically include DPA (diffused patterned alopecia) which can affect the donor zone. Very tight scalp thereby limiting the amount of hair that can be taken and the thread of ongoing loss since most women cannot take finasteride thus they are limited to minoxidil. This patient did not have the traditional limitations that most women have that are experiencing hair loss. She had a defined pattern similar to that of a NW6 with plenty of donor density and sufficient laxity. She came to
  12. Thanks guys. I like this result too as it demonstrates that one doesn't necessarily have to have high density to get a dramatic improvement in one's appearance. I think this would give hope to more patients that have a large area of loss as they can see how a compromise can work out for the best. Thing is, if the patient wants to get some more density for the hairline, it is easy to achieve because the ground work has already been completed. Anything else is gravy.
  13. I was going to put together a list of clinics that do use flash or have unfocused images but I think putting together a list of those that DON'T use direct flash would be less antagonistic.
  14. This patient had a large area to cover but wanted to forego density to cover as much scalp as possible. He asked Dr. Wong for hairline work, mid-scalp as well as crown coverage. This is a tall order for sure. The result shows what even a lower density hairline can achieve as the frame for his face gives him a younger appearance alone. The coverage from front to back is light but very effective. Results shown are 13 months post-op. Singles - 1680 Doubles - 2602 3/4 - 135 4417 Total Grafts
  15. Hairyjoe, It is true, indeed and unfortunately many of the recognized "experts" on this and other forums are not really experts. I'm not being negative or condescending, just realistic in that they are sitting at their keyboards making judgments and giving advice that unfortunately have a real world impact on the decisions of others. Some are really smart guys, no debating that, but I refer to my Porsche kit car reference. One can't really be blamed for this however as there really is nothing else to go on aside from photos and the occasional video because we can't expect the average
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