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  1. getting fuller and thicker. happy so far. im starting to wear it brushed back and it still looks a little thing but hairline looks good. a 20 year old girl thought i was still in college yesterday (im almost 28), so im very happy about results.
  2. still not as thick as my other hair, but making good progress overall. thoughts?
  3. one last thing: intermittent fasting: leangains.com paleo: marksdailyapple.com
  4. same experience. my hair is so much fuller/healthier and i really haven't lost any since i switched to paleo and intermittent fasting.
  5. Sorry forgot to mention. Dr Bhatti didn't shave my head since I was only doing my hairline. He shaved part of the back, but did so in a way that allowed me to completely cover up the donor area with existing hair. Similarly, on the front Dr Bhatti showed me how to brush my hair to completely cover up the transplanted area. After just two weeks I could walk around without a hat and no one had any idea I had done anything. The attached picture of me in a white suit was after two weeks.
  6. Hello, I wanted to post an update as to my experience with Dr Bhatti. I went through with the procedure on April 5th. I was originally scheduled for the day before, but my flight was cancelled. Dr Bhatti was very understanding and managed to convince another patient (who was extremely nice) to go a day early so that I could fit in on the day I arrived. Dr Bhatti sent someone to pick me up from the airport on the day of the procedure, and since I had already met with him in January we went over my hairline and a couple other things before starting the procedure. I got 1900 grafts to lower my hairline. The experience overall was a very good one. The clinic is clean and professional. Dr Bhatti is a great doctor, very helpful with my questions and concerns. The procedure itself was easy. The only difficult aspect is the first 20 minutes or so are a little uncomfortable, and then when the grafts are being inserted it's like getting a haircut for a couple hours, you have to keep perfectly still. Obviously in the grand scheme of things these two points are almost irrelevant and happen no matter where you do the procedure. I stayed in the hotel Dr Bhatti recommended which was easy walking distance to the clinic. It was cheap and clean. There are a couple good restaurants near the hotel and you can order food from the restaurant below to your room. After the procedure I got my hat to cover the site and hung around the office for a couple hours. Dr Bhatti got me some lunch and then it was back to the hotel to rest. I spent the first week (Dr Bhatti recommended the first three nights if I remember correctly) sleeping upright in a chair. After two days of rest I returned home. I would recommend you bring a laptop and a bunch of movies to watch, or a good book to read. Dr Bhatti arranged for me to be driven to Delhi for my flight, very convenient. I told security at the airport that I had been in an accident and skipped all the lines. You get a lot of weird looks from people (especially during my layover in HK) but who gives a shit you've got a new head of hair. Overall Dr Bhatti made everything extremely easy. You get a booklet and a bunch of easy to follow instructions about how to maintain and treat the planted area. Dr Bhatti and his team have done an outstanding job of addressing all possible concerns and making the process as straightforward as possible. Their experience really shows. Anything you might bring up has been brought up before and so frankly it's kind of hard to come up with a question that they haven't answered in either their face to face meetings with you or in the instruction booklet you're given when you leave. Dr Bhatti also responds to emails with any questions in a very prompt manner. From being picked up, through the procedure, the rest days, and then being dropped off in Delhi, everything was handled for me in such a way that I really didn't have to think. I will be recommending Dr Bhatti to a couple of my family members and my friends without hesitation. Couple side notes: I had no shockloss. I attribute this to two things. The quality of my surgeon, and my diet. I eat a paleo diet, which means I cut out all the shit: no processed foods, grains, sugars. I only eat veggies, grass fed meat, fish, eggs, some dairy. I also do intermittent fasting and lift heavy weights twice a week. I healed up quickly and have had good growth at only 3 months. I'll add some pictures at 6 months for comparison, but please find some pics of my progress attached. Forgot to mention, I didn't take propecia or rogaine. I supplemented with vitamin D, fish oil, biotin, and a men's multivitamin.
  7. Hey there, first time posting here. I wanted to relate a good experience I recently had with Dr Bhatti. I decided to undergo a HT procedure with Dr Bhatti a few months ago. I did a lot of research on this site and was excited to see so many good reviews. I live in China and the price and relatively easy accessibility, along with the seemingly high level of expertise attracted me. I contacted Dr Bhatti directly and we went over the procedure. He answered all of my questions in a very timely manner, including dozens of emails. After getting to the point I felt comfortable with having the procedure, I decided to book my time with Dr Bhatti for this month. As the day of the procedure got closer, I got a little worried, and asked Dr Bhatti about whether he thought I should wait or have the procedure now. My hairline has always been high and it started receding recently, so I was worried about how it would look as my hair loss progressed. Dr Bhatti, to my surprise, told me that I should wait until the pattern was more clear so that the surgery could be maximally effective. I decided to delay the procedure until my hair loss has developed a bit more. At this point I had already made my deposit, but Dr Bhatti quickly refunded it. I am still traveling to India to have a face-to-face meeting with Dr Bhatti and plan for the best time to have my procedure. I wanted to share the fact that Dr Bhatti actually recommended that I delay the procedure until I was 100% comfortable and the hair loss was greater. I don't think many doctors would make that type of recommendation, and it gave me more confidence than ever that I had chosen the right surgeon for when the time is finally right.
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